Friday, May 13, 2011

Safari Khakis & Gaga's Three

What a day. I was so pissed that Blogger was not working. It was so weird it not being available. It really showed how addicted I am to it. Well, any who, I spent too much money today as usual. Some stuff I needed and some stuff I did not. Greg said we should be okay in the bank. So Im not gonna trip over it. I went to Baskin Robbins and got us some ice-cream for tonight, for some reason I do not want to see Priest the movie. I just want to lay in the bed. Sounds horrible but I do, normally thats not me on the 13th of a friday. Maybe tomorrow.

This outfit is from Ross, very safari.
I loved it and it was on sale for five dollars...
Five freaking dollars.
Belt and boots from expensive ass Torrid...
I want more belts...

I was thinking about flying to maryland and staying for a week. I hate leaving Greg, I hate it. But I think it would be good to visit my mom and dad so they can see my pregnant. I can tell my mom wants to be involved. I kinda want her to see my belly as well. As much as this was not planned, its still a pivotal moment in my life, and I do want her involved...
Even though she calls me 24/7 and expects me to answer every fucking time....
drives me bananas...
But yeah...
Heres my dress on the hanger...

Yep I did.

While on Twitter I noticed that Kat Von D does this thing where she sketches once a day in a journal. Like a drawing diary....
It inspired me to do one as I bought a new sketch pad and some pencils..
Its time to create.
So, hopefully, I have some good shit by monday.....

Rose's Make Up Haul
lucky bitch
Rose got herself a good deal on makeup at Rite Aide. Im not sure where one is around here, but I would like to find one eventually. She found so much stuff. I couldn't name all of it if I wanted too. She almost got shot there. A man in a zippy wheelchair was apparently harassing women....Good thing she is still here with us.
By the way, Rose passed her final this friday!
She celebrated and went to lunch and got drinks..
Wish I could have been there.

nice job

I told Rose she should start wearing really red lipstick...hopefully she gets there...
Heres all her stuff:

I think I might try V05...
I need to go to Rite Aide Immediately...

Celeb Candy:

Jennifer L.
She looks perfect. I mean amazing..I can not lie. Her body is the truth.

Amber (my boo) Rose:
How cute does she look. I love her glasses, to me she is the prettiest I swear...

Hannah from Pretty Little Liars:
Dress on swag..

Aria from Pretty Little Liars:
Best dressed, hands down...I miss the show...*sniff sniff*

Kourtney K.
Love the bow...

Angela Simmons:

Hayden P.
She was on the View with this pretty

Rachel M.
Ugh..I can't...beautiful

Kelly O.
Why is she hanging with her..? Ummm..

Lady Gaga on V Magazine:
She looks so amazing on here. I love her look. I like how they gave her split personalities with the different heads. She looks amazing.
Can't wait for that album!

Gaga was in london the other day...ummm...
what the fuck Gaga? lol!
I love this picture of her, she looks perfect, and normal....and innocent.
See ya'll later
*wink wink*


  1. Super cute dress and great find.

  2. I love the dress! I don't know how you wear a belt being pregnant cause my tummy was so not happy about belts lol. Amerie (my daughter) kicked when I even put on a jean belt, much less a waist belt. I love the Celebrity Candy, especially Rachel and Amber. I dream to have a body like Amber lol

    Sarah Jane R.

  3. love arias dress from pretty little liars!!!

  4. Love the dress, the style is perfect! Also you know I love that onesie so cute.

  5. Girl yo dress is "BANGIN"!! I have a cute black safari dress that I haven't worn in a minute...think imma slap that thang on this weekend!! lol You and Rose get on my nerves always finding these KILLER deals on stuff! I mean $5 for a freakin dress? Really? $6 for that last black fabulous one? Really? I know this much...I'm hittin up ROSS on the real this weekend too! We don't have Rite-Aid here in Dallas tho. Rose seriously scored on all that makeup and nail polish. That blue polish looks amazing! Thank you so much for your sweet comments girl. You are such a funny chic. I LOVE your blog!! I am obsessed with it. It is like my on-line PEOPLE magazine! When I need to relax and unwind and hear some "REAL" talk...I go to your blog! Love ya girl!