Monday, June 27, 2011

Ink From The Tulips: Weekend Fun & OOTW?

It is Monday morning and all I can think about is friday. Greg's birthday is a round the corner. Im very excited! I want to pull off my sneakiness as much as I can. For one, I have to buy his gift which will be Independence Day on Blue-ray. He has a grand obsession with that movie. He is very good at not knowing that he is dropping hints. It sounds super small right? He doesn't own it and watches it every single year as tradition. Also, it only makes since that his birthday is July 4th. So he gets fireworks all the time on his birthday, literally. So I have to plan out what I want to do and on what days. I want to take him to his favorite restaurant (Red Lobster) and have the servers clap and sing, which he totally hates but I think he secretly likes. I wanna order him an Oreo birthday cake from Baskin Robbins. I have to plan and and make all this secret. I want this to be a fun and special birthday. I truly do. He will be 28 this year. Almost thirty. I can't believe it.

So Im looking at my post so far, and while putting it together I am realizing that this is an Outfit Of The Weekend. Im wearing this shirt today as well. So Im guessing this counts as my outfit of the day. But I wore this Sunday. Today Im relaxing this outfit with lose lose jeans and thats it. Nothing special.

Heres The OOTW
(Outfit Of The Weekend)
Pretty simple. I love to throw a wild bag in there when I am wearing black and white. I always do that. Makes the outfit fun! I love this bag so much. It matches my ballet shoes as well with the pleather strap. The shirt is from Target, which I love.
I got the shirt on sale for 5 dollars. Simple and chic, great relaxing beach wear.
Top: Target
Bottom: Target Leggings
Shoes: Hello Kitty Ballet slippers
Bag: Up Against The Wall....I miss that store, not in the west-coast...and I think they went outta business? Damn shame, they had the best bags..ever.

Nice day yesterday! The tide was huge thought, I kept getting splashed...
Love this shirt...

Closer shot:

Every time we take pictures someone always asks to help take them, EVERY TIME! Which is very nice of people. This chick took this one while walking her dog by the pier. They get us every time.

This weekend was not lame, it had its moments but I made sure to jump outside of the house before life got dull. Greg and I got Baskin Robbins (Greg is having a fetish for their ice-cream, and its creepy) and chilled on the benches downtown Oceanside and relaxed. That was fun.

melted into soup....*sigh*
On the other side if the world...

Rose The B.F.F
Some got their brand new wig this weekend!
One thing I miss and adore about Rose is that she willing to try anything. She loves a new look and is willing to try it. I love that about her. She ordered this short wig the other day and its made in a mohawk type of style. I did not think she would actually buy it but she sure enough did. Rose has to have about four wigs now total if she did not sell them all on e-bay.

Heres the first look of the short wig she purchases!
Love the color!
She looks so different!

Side View:

Top View:
I adore the color.
Rose is gonna be dying her hair red soon. I don't know when. But when she does I will post. Her hair is changing more than seasons. I love it.

The Rest Of The Weekend:
Greg wanted to go to Burlington Coat Factory this weekend, but he did not mention it was because he heard their was some great deals for kids stuff inside. I was going for the clothes myself. We walk in and man, so much cool stuff. Great for gifts. I had no idea Baby-Phat pacifiers existed. I was all for it. I mainly rolled to the back to check out comforters for the crib given I don't have one yet. Target and Walmart's selections are very..ummm, okay. They had all types at Burlington. Really great store if your preggo or buying for one...

They had a lot of themes. I do like the animal themes but of course they had something I wanted much much more...

Of course. Hello Kitty themed comforter.
My heart melted. It sunk down in my soul and made me jump for glee.
Then I thought to myself, "eghh"..I don't want to shove it down her throat. I don't wanna force it on her. Not that she would even know who the fuck the Kitty was. But I thought about it and it feels like, I dunno, I should stick yo something mutual. I don't wanna "hello kitty" her too bad. I don't know, I would feel like I am forcing this...and thats not who I wanna be..
Do I make any since at all?
But god damn I love it, and its not pink..its is becoming kinda pukish...

I likey this one as well, which will probably be the winner given my strange fear of making her like something I like. I don't wanna be that ...person...
(I think this goes deeper into my childhood then I think..)
lets move on to candy...

Short and Sweet
Im going to keep this one short. Im going to be posting a lot this week, no need to ambush myself. I watched the BET Awards. Very normal, nothing special. Im surprised Greg watched the whole thing with me. And I loved how they said Beyonce was performing but she was not even there! False advertising. I dunno. I kinda hate those awards. Its so... ugh.

Nicki M.
I kinda liked this look. She looked cute. She should stick with the bob.

Alicia K.
Winner for BEST HAIR! My opinion...
Its funny because on Facebook last night everyone was saying how "ugly" her hair looked. I loved it! It was tousled but fresh. I see fishtail ponytails all the time arounds here. I loved it! I thought it looked better than your average straight hair style or same ole curly dew.
Her hair was fab!
What you think? Am I tripping?

See that was short.
But never fear, new post tomorrow.
Today before school I shall clean up and fold all the clothes n the house and organize the closet. I have too. I cleaned the bathroom last night. Basically, its a tidy up day. Im tryna get this whole place spiffy by the four day weekend.
OOOooooh and I got a new album!
Bon Iver...
I love him. Well, at least I think I do. Im going to check him out and get back to you guys. He has great music. He has a song on the New Moon soundtrack that I always have on repeat. Plus, he has worked on Monster by Kanye West and other bad ass song from him. He's eclectic, and I love it.
Check ya'll Later...Mwah!

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  1. I glad to hear you had a great weekend. All the baby stuff is so cute. I can't wait to have a baby one day.

    Have you pick any baby names out yet. I would love to hear them.