Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life Is A Peach & Bittersweet

"Bittersweet & Peach"

Your girl finally came back with a new outfit of the day. This week is horribly slow and awful. I hated it. It was just a "bla" week. I wanted to see Super 8 this weekend but that might not happen. I gotta save some money. I get paid next week but still. Got to be responsible. Plus I am still supporting my Chipotle addiction. I was super lazy this week. I really was. Since school is over I have been lounging around. My hair needs to be done asap. The living room is looking, god awful. I am losing touch with the up keep of this place. I need to shake the lazy off.

So the outfit of the day is this new blouse I got from Torrid around the Memorial Day weekend.
(Yeah, I know, I went to Torrid even though I said I hated it...)
It was mainly because Greg and I went to a new mall downtown Diego and there was a Torrid starring at me, with their 50% off clearance...I had too.

Pretty Simple, but I love peach or anything kinda bright yet soft...Plus gives me room for the belly..
Shirt: 23.99 on sale, then take 50% off...
Thats how much I paid...
I like the grey blazer with it. I want a sharp colored peach blazer personally, but I always find black blazers or grey.. *sigh*

Total Outfit: All Torrid Clearance...
(You can't see the damn shoes, which sucks, there leopard print, I wore them before...looked great...)

Close up of the shirt:
Close Up Part 2:

The B.f.f Is Back:
Rose is officially back from her vacay. She had a great time and wants to go back. She got me a cool postcard and I am pretty stoked for it. She looked so cute. I think her and her boo had some great bonding time. It sounded like they got real "close". Relationships need that close alone time, vacation time for couples always make that fire spark don't it? Im glad she had a good time.
She even said when she was in Vegas she got laid in the best way...
Holla at your girl...tee hee
My Buddy Rose driving to work this morning in Maryland:
She is so cute..

Tribal Ravez:
I don't know if Im just turning into my mother, who loves african/aztec fashion or is it just"in" right now. I feel it looks so good with my hair. I love it. I went on Torrid online today and noticed they have a tribal look-book. I thought to myself "What the hell? Is tribal in?" I think it is. Just when I thought I was being different...just a bit...

Nia Long
Zoe Salada

Heres more Tribal dresses I want to wear. I love all this stuff. I want, I want, I want!
Check out the looks:

for that blazer...damn!

Celebrity Candiez

Dakota Fanning's sister...I have no clue what her name is.. I think its Elle?
I have no clue...But she looks cute...
And she is in Super 8...
Damn it, I wanna see that god damn movie so bad...shit! This being an adult shit is crazy...

Hillary Duff
Now this is what I am talking about! I love her blazer. I would rock this all the time.
I like the top and shorts with it as well.
See, sharp blazers can make an outfit look more bad ass than it is...

Raven Symone
Yeah she lost all her thickness, but she looks super cute with natural puff.
I love when girls go natural. Its bad ass and different.
Love her hair so much!

so cute:

Daisy Lowe
Love the dress...wurk!

Charlize Theron
She always looks cute...always...I like her style...
Kirsten Stewart
Even though her personality is fucked up, I like how her style is going more fem.
She has such a cute body, Im glad she is showing it.
But she needs some personality skills, somethings wrong...

Ah man, this post is winding down. Im craving ice cream right now. Pretty Little Liars is coming back on soon. I think next week. I can't wait. Isn't shit on these days.
Will be tuning in next Tuesday..
Ohh, and yes I will be watching the Kardashians because I have a love/hate relationship with that family...

I love this quote Pink said about two years! Check it out...

"I hate how when your married and shit, everyone expects you to get knocked up. Me and Cary (her husband) wanna wait for awhile. Hell, we might not even have kids and thats my business. I honestly could not see myself as a mother. I curse, I spit, I hardly wash, Im just not Mom material and maybe I will never be..God forbid I have a girl..." - Pink

Pink and her daughter Willow Sage
Funny how life, deals the cards...


  1. oh man....that yellow blazer....fuck that shit is SEXY!!!

    You are aboslutely glowing my dear!! Is your hair growing super fast? All my sisters and cousins hair grow like weeds when they are carrying!!

    Hope you are well xo

  2. First, I have the same freaking necklace you're wearing in your photos and I love it! Second, you're going to be an awesome mommy. You shouldn't even worry.

  3. Super cute outfit. Chipotle is so yummy. I just had it last week.