Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gloomy California: Music Today & Curvez Going This Way

Today is such a music day, I have so much to download. I want to play The Sims 3 while I listen but apparently that game hates me and won't work they I want it too. I might give it another go for the hell of it. I went on I-tunes and looked around a bit for some new tunes. I noticed that Otep came out with yet another album that I have missed out on. It came out in April. What the shit! I consider myself a hardcore music fan, but I have to admit I have been slipping on my Metal/Rock/ Alternative music. Otep use to be my favorite band. Now I barely remember if a cd comes out. I feel like such a sell-out.

Sorry I been out sight, for about two days. Taking pictures of my outfits will come in do time. Maybe this friday. I swear I be looking at all these other chicks blogs then looking down at my wardrobe, like what-the-fuck. Im going to post more, just this week has been odd and weird. But Im still breathing..

Greg had duty last night. It was like being in the Twilight Zone. He had duty from 12-6 a.m.
So we went to sleep around 12, then I wake up to piss around 1 a.m and he was gone, then around seven thirty I woke up and saw him passed out in his uniform....weird...Ha!
Life of the military...

So Im going to be getting some new tunes for my playlist today. I will download Otep's new album today, if it works. For those who don't know me from the past, I use to be very into heavy metal and rock. I wore all black a lot. I went to concerts more than clubs. I head-banged with Greg in the front row and got my head jabbed by shoes from crowd surfing. I lived in Hot Topic. I was your typical emo black girl with dark make-up and chains. Greg was more extreme than I was. He had a mohawk and piercings everywhere. Man did we change...
So when people ask did I feel I lived my "life" post-baby to the fullest...
I remember the booze, the concerts, the screaming, the crowds, the heavy guitar blasting my ears out and seeing all my favorite rock bands give me the devil horns...
I sigh and say..
"fuck" yeah...

Me (2011)
Me ( circa 2004)

A picture of Otep at a concert I went to years ago...I was pretty close...

Black nails with the lime green ends....(circa 2005) kinda miss my nose ring :/

Greg driving me around looking homeless.. his lip ring was out at this!
(circa 2006)

Curves This Way
I love a woman with curves. Thought it would be epic to have a editorial of them all in their glory. Sometimes I scroll the internet and I see awesome styles from the thick chicks, and feel I have to post them. Check out these fashionable hot mommies for your Wednesday eye candies..

Black & Sassy Wittle Black Dress

Blue Hot Jumper

Monster Shoe Killerz

High Waisted & Wide Legged

Perfection In Floral

Laced Worship

Hawt Grey Jumper

Romper Stilskin

Celebrity Candiez
Here is some quick celebrity candies that made it to my blog today. I must say Kelly Rowland is going hard in the fashion world these days. I mean she is really killing 'em.
Im starting to be a huge fan.
Check out the good, the bad, and the lame...

Kelly R.
Love her shoes with this whole makes the whole outfit work...

Nicki M.
I love the top but all I can focus on is her brand new boobs. I hope she is not gonna come out saying these are real too. Lord knows these are very plastic...very, very plastic...
She looked beautiful but come on Nick...but the scalpel down.


Lady G.
We all know what to expect from her. Crazy wacky ass clothes, but i actually fancied her in this dress. It was very her yet very classy in a way. I still think she is on drugs...
Now I do not know what the fuck this is about, but, like i said, Its Gaga....

Kim K
Umm, your late with this dress Kim. Already thirty celebrities have wore this dress...I posted like three people with this dress. Try again woman..
Your tardy for the party..
(and scene)

So I was thinking..
I have changed so much. But I do still love listening to Metal from time to time. Just last week Greg and I was driving from the movies and singing Mudvayne the whole way home. It felt just like old times like when we first met. I loved it! And it made me miss the music...
Here are my favorite Metal bands...Hey, trust me...
Metal is not for everyone I know...but you never might dig it..

(me in a Otep shirt)

Why There Good: Most of their music was about how people suck. Best album for me was the one called Vol. 3 Subliminal...I think? I don't even remember the title its been so long. They were very romantic, in a way...
Best Song: For me..was and always will be Vermillion
Top Songs To Download: Pulse of The Maggots, Duality, and Before I Forget
Why They Are Good: They are very hardcore and the lead singers voice (Chad) is just amazing. A lot of their songs are uplifting if you can believe it or not with songs like "So Fucking Determined", good work out song if you wanna get motivated.
Best Song: Hands down..World So Called
Top Songs You Gotta Download: Death Blooms, Dig, and Dull Boy

System Of A Down
Why They Are Good: Reminds me of watching cartoons, but just with your ears. They are characters, but a lot of their tunes have deep meanings about politics and world news. I love them, they have to be one of my favorite bands ever. The only band I DID NOT see live, but man, I bet live their amazing.
Best Song: Its between Aerials and Spiders...or Sugar
Top Songs You Gotta Download: Sugar, Toxicity, B.Y.O.B
Still my favorite Metal Band, and won't change..
This is her newest album I have yet to hear...I feel so ashamed...
Gotta get it today!

Why They Are Good:
Well, the band is named after her..but she is good mainly because she rolls with all the big boys. She creams like a man. Like a real loud angry large man! I kid you not! She had a very deep deep scream. I love her. She is like the metal lady gaga. She is a lesbian and is all about gay rights. I love her! So many song from her changed my life, or helped me in some way.
Best Song: Bloodpigs...
Top Songs You Gotta Download: Filthee, My Confession, Ghostflowers
Shes so hot.
I love her.
Im glad I saw her live...she lives on in my metal heart...

Bout to check out Bey's cd now..
(what a transition from Mudvayne to Beyonce)
I have a eclectic palette I must say..
Music is Music
Has anyone heard Beyonce's new album yet, is it good??

Love You All Very Much!


  1. Its fun to look back at ourselves isn't it. We change so much every 5 years!! lol I love all of the beautiful blog pics! Man those girls are fly! I have never been into HEAVY METAL but I did like lighter metal (i.e. Metallica). My sister was really into the heavier stuff. Change is good. I mean you can't very well be a drunk pierced up momma now can you? Baby come out talkin bout..."where the liqa at"!! lol Beyonce is beautiful. I love her personality and her music. Jay-Z is one lucky man! I died at your comment about Kim! Boo you on the late freight!! lol Kiah

  2. I love your shoe. Hubby and me Have changed out over the years too.

  3. I love the way you take your blog pics, they look so fun and nonchalant. I love your sneakes in first pic and I think you're very cute!

  4. You look really cute in that top pic! LOL at tardy for the party.

  5. Otep's cover of Nirvana's Breed is one of my favorite things she's done.