Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Silver As Lillies

"Simply & Breezy"
Outfit of the day:
I kept it very cool and simple. There was such a nice breeze today. This shirt is another grab I got from Old Navy. I paid about three dollars for it. I bought the biggest size because I love button down shirts big on me for some reason. I rocked normal jeans and gave the outfit some jump with some accessories and white earrings. Rose and I have the same white earrings as well. Along with the white feathers I rocked the all white nail polish. I love it. I think it makes my hands look futuristic. Greg liked pink better which suck because I wanna change it back now. But I will stick to the all white for now.
Necklace is from NY & Company:

So I said I kept it simple, but I guess not too simple since I rocked my skull jeans with this. I love them! I love anything that is stuck on my butt in jeans. I though it might bring out more of the white. Tee Hee! Love theses.
Very simple and soft today. Check out the back of the jeans:

Quick Makeup:
I been using my palette a lot. I need some new brushes. Better yet, I need to organize my whole vanity. I am such a junkie person. I really want to get over it. But I never see it coming. I have so much makeup thrown around and crap hanging everywhere. Today I couldn't even find my camera. It was stuffed somewhere! I need to get ahold of myself. Anyway, I used my Mac Palette. I officially do not need anymore makeup!
I do kinda need lip gloss though...

I got addicted to The Sims 3 again. I have no shame. Its so fun. I have to go grocery shopping even though that means cooking shit and cleaning. Which I kinda do not want to do. But I have too. Saves money. Also, the fridge is crying for some food. So tonight we make a food run. My folks asked Rose to babysit the dogs (they have three) while they go out soon. My mom and I talked for 2 hours about Rose coming over and showing her what to do. I wanted to rip my fucking hair out. My mom can be so...
I also mailed my Dads gift. Hopefully It get there on Sunday, or at least Monday. I love my Dad. He is like, beyond a father, he is like Zeus to me. Or whatever greek God. I adore him. I always make sure he gets a great gift for either fathers day or his birthday. He is that awesome.
Oh! And for those who did, thanks for watching the video! Cool comments. I always enjoy a nice box of goodies. Who doesn't right?

So because I was poor last weekend, I could not see Super 8.
But now! I shall!
I go see it this weekend. Rose told me it would be stupid and no she never saw it, and after hearing that I kinda relaxed on the topic of seeing it. But then I read my girls blog from IBLEEDPINK and she said she liked it a lot. Me and her both seem to be on the same page with movie taste so Im gonna go for it. Plus Greg really wants to see it as well. I hope its good.
*crosses fingers*

Celebrity Candy:
Kelly O.
I haven't seen her in awhile. But its nice seeing her. Love the bag, love the skirt, I love her in general. I wish I was not so blind because I would so rock those cat shades!
Grrrr... (contacts scare me)

Jennifer Lopez:
She annoys me but she does look bad ass right now, I can't lie...And that new song of hers is growing on me like a damn fungus...

Lady Gaga:
being Lady Gaga....

Fresh faced and out in an african/tribe-like printed dress?

Kelly Rowland:
Skinny, so so skinny, I wonder if she is okay? I don't know she always been pretty small. Looking fab as always. I love all the shoes she ever wears...I swear...

Tiki Sumpter:
I hear she is on Gossip Girl. I don't know her but she be doing it ....
*jaw drops*
Tamara M.
Love it.

I hear Rih Rih and Drake was dating. Or at least together in Canada fooling around. I think she should date him. He seems so smooth and into her. I love him.
Sorry, this has nothing to do with fashion...
Just gossip...
But hey....
Side tracked again...

Amber Rose:
Can I just say, she is something else. Hey! Everyone has their girl crushes. I just think over all she has a beautiful face and awesome body. I admire it! She looks great! I think her face equals total perfection, no bullshit. Yeah she jumps on rappers penises a lot, but hey. She is different. There is something about Amber Rose!
Oh My lord!
I wish my tits looked that good in a white shirt and no damn bra.....

Alicia Keys:
Speaking of perfect figures. Look at Alicia rocking the skin tight dress. I want one! Post baby of course. Love the color as well

I saw Pretty Little Liars last night! It finally premiered. I loved it. I want to read the books so bad but then Greg will be left behind. And yes, Greg actually watches Pretty Little Liars with me. He started liking it by default actually. I was watching the marathon one day and he just so happened to keep looking over at the t.v. because strange shit kept happening on the show! After awhile, I found him sitting on the couch next to me waiting to see who the killer was. HAHAHA!
I know he is not proud of it but hey, girls get guys into weird things....

We'll I am about to sign off. Soon I gotta get ready to go and be Martha Stewart..better yet Rachel Ray. I have no idea what next weeks and this weeks dinner is going to be...
Its gonna be a long night for sure...

By the way, I was on Tumblr last night and laughed my ass off when I saw this children's book. Narrated by the on and only Samuel L. Jackson. My mom would be so proud of me if I bought this one!
Im being very sarcastic. Tee Hee! Check out the Audio! Its great! Now this is my humor!

Mwah! Blog To You Guys Soon!


  1. I love your outfit. Can't go wrong with a white tee shirt. We make a weekly menu up for dinner and it help a lot.

  2. You looks so summery fresh! I need to look fresh and summery...I feel like I am sweating like a damn pig! You beautiful thang you!

  3. I think you guys will really like Super 8. Do you know I have not seen X-Men yet, we never got around to seeing it, buts in my list!!

    Also the boy showed me that samuel l jackson video with him reading the book, I was cracking up!!