Friday, June 3, 2011

ELec-Tric-Ity: Lemonz On Fire

The week is finally over. I had to a bit of running around in a sense. But everything is done. I got the mail yesterday and got a bill of 52 dollars (thats not bad, but still) about a bill thats overdue. How come I always get mail that says shit is over due, but never when its actually due? Story of my life. I also realized Im so done with "outside" food. Pretty much the McDonalds, The Subways, The Jack In The cost so much. We'll it cost a lot to be lazy and not just make your damn food. But sometimes I just wanna go and pick something up. Basically, this morning I went to Jack In The Box and got a medium sized number 7 and paid $9.50 something for the fucking meal. Am I just being cheap? I feel Im getting ripped off by the world. I cringe everything I see that stupid bill I have to pay. Don't get me wrong, I have the money and its not gonna kill my account, but what the shit! Bills, Bills BILLS! I just got over being in the hole, NOW, I got a 52 dollar bill to pay for...
Sounds to me I just can't handle the real world. That scares me about myself. Bills scares me, money scares me, the future scares me...Is that normal at 25?

Also thanks to everyone who commented on my post about being in the hole a week ago. It was very uplifting and I actually felt I had another family here on this blog. It felt super nice to here everyones experiences and advice, and it felt even greater to know Im no the only worrier, and Im not the only one who hates asking their folks for money.
You ladies are the best, I swear...

We'll enough about getting ripped off from fast food, lets talk about how I made out like a bandit at Old Navy. I swear I bought over ten shirts there, I still have not been through the whole bag. But one of my favorite shirt I snatched up was this lime green one that was 6 bucks on clearance..and an extra 50% off that!
Not only that, I bought this super tribal purse with it! EEEE!!!!

Outfit Of The Day:

Love the neon in this shirt. It matched the new purse very well, and my nail polish.

Heres the tribal print bag, its was 13 dollars on clearance, and an extra 50% off that.

Close Up:

Love the colors!

So, I kept it simple today. Nothing to out of the ordinary, and no leggings.
I was all yellow besides my jeans which were grey.
I was pretty bright and I loved it. The weather is perfect today as well.
God I love that bag.

....Yesterday after I got my stupid bill in the mail, I noticed something came for me!

Rose bought me my own palette. I always wanted my own! She finally got me one on Ebay and sent it straight to me! Yay! I think Rose was tired of me begging for her Coastal Scents Palette and her E.L.F Pallette. So she shut me up by buying me my own! Yay! I shall play today!
Now, Im not exactly sure if its actually M.A.C. but...
Even if it isn't.. I love it!

Whoa Buddy!

Now this will go in my messy collection of makeup on my messy ass counter top:
(Im glad my Mom does not read this blog...she would kill em for the mess)
Can't wait to get started!

Celebrity Candiez:

Im kinda excited for Beyonce's album. I mean Im not a huge fan but I have to admit, she brings in a crowd. There is something about her. Maybe its her innocents. But she is a very strong female. I agree with one of my followers named Crystal (thats my girl!). She says Bey is kind of a "swagger jacker", someone who takes stuff and is not fully original. I dunno. Everyone has their opinions about her. As do I. But there is something about her...
I just can't put my finger on it..

Alicia Keys
Rocking the Tribe look...

Leona Lewis
Hot. I mean, she is killing it...

Eva Pigford
Apparently she goes by the name Eva Marcille now but, chick, you were on Americas Next Top Model as Pigford, so Ima call you Pigford...
she looks bad ass hands down..

The Most Fashionable Kardashian:
Kourtney K.
I want that bag...

Best Dressed Celebrity This Week:
Hands Down..
Kelly Rowland
Her fashion game went up sky high. She very tiny. The dresses she wears be so on point. She actually won over Rihanna for me, and that NEVER happens! Kelly did the damn thing, and is still doing it. Maybe its because her new song went number one?

Plans For Tonight:
So excited about X-Men first class. I hope its good! My girl from IBLEEDPINK should be seeing this as well with her boo. I never met a couple who went to the movies as much as me and Greg did, but now I found one! Lol! I hope she loves the movie!
Can't wait to check it out. FX channel has been playing all three X-mens in a row all week, and yes, I watched them all... Yay!
Hopefully it is good!



  1. You look really cute in neon! and that bag is super cute! I love your nails. And look at your belly you're growing nicely.

    What a great best friend you have! What an awesome surprise!

  2. I am getting so excited for our movie plans!!

    That was super sweet of Rose to send you that palette.

  3. Love those colors on you! I agree with your Beyonce thoughts....I don't love her 100% but at the same time, I love watching her!


  4. omg.. isnt old navy the best! ive been rockin my old navy graphic tees all this week and the xxl fits my plus size ass.. so excited

  5. The yellow is HOT!! Sounds like you tore old navy up!! lol Can't believe those deals! Rose is such a sweetheart to think of you!! That makeup palette looks amazing! Yes, Eva looks beautiful! WOW! Kiah

  6. Cute Outfit. That was nice of Rose to buy that for you. Fast food does cost allot. We use to eat it a lot when we lived in are apt. but now that we have a house it a once in a blue moon thing. We did eat a lot of chipotle but now that hubby is on a diet it is once in blue moon thing.