Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Big Fat Rant & The Killer Of The Fashionable Ones

Hey my peeps. Back in action. So I was saying on my last post that I have no clothes to post. I have not been shopping at all. Then some cool bloggers of mine told me to just remix it. I have so much stuff and so many clothes. I was going through my closet and noticed that I do have some things I have never posted. But basically, Im gonna change it up and do Outfits of the Day. Before I would post things I have bought every week, but thats so changing. So I will post what I leave and go out in. And not just the new stuff.

But I noticed while looking through my old pictures that I can't find shit!
I looked through all my macbook pics and saw things I haven't seen in a year! Where is my stuff! I can't find my Hello Kitty Nerd shirt, I can't find this cute shirt I got from Target a year ago. What happened?! I lose shit so much, then again Im super messy. Maybe its my fault.

So thats gonna be the change.
I will do Outfits of the Day starting next week, better known as OOTD

I gotta take more blood test next week. What the fuck. Apparently for pregnant chicks they want to make sure all your shit is up to par. I have to take more blood. Because Im black and plump,they say that I am more prone to diabetes so I have to take all these glucose blood test..what the fuck. I hate them, I have to drink this weird shit and wait a whole HOUR before they take my god damn blood. Im so over it. Im so tired of these blood test. What the shit. I have to pick up the lab paper thingy soon to take it over AGAIN.
Geez let this be over.

Besides the constant poking, life is good.

So I was saying how I was looking back at past pictures, and wow. My apartment was so much prettier. I swear, Its not as nice now. I don't know what happened. But I loved the way it use to look. I found this old picture of my bathroom. How cute!
What happened...

Pictures are from Ikea:

My vanity was so organized, and I can not find half those earrings...

Again, where are those earrings?
Wheres all my stuff going?
*side eye*

Celeb Candy:

She looks amaze with red hair. Most lighter complexion girls do. It should be rule. Nothing light bright cherry red hair. I love it.
Im feeling the dress as well.

Katy Perry
Speaking of red heads, Katy went red! I love it. I have a thing for red heads I think! They are something else. Love it on her, I was getting tired of the black, honestly.

Emma Browning
Okay, so Sucker punch the movie was pretty "ew" to me. But I find her so beautiful. I want to find some red lipstick like that. The kind that looks more like paint than gloss. Its so 1950's and I want it. She is so hawt. Love her short dew as well.

Kelly O & Ashlee Green from Twilight
Kelly can do zero wrong, and Ashlee's dress is too cute. I adore it.
I love Kelly's print...Ughh, this makes me wanna shop so bad...

The Gaga
Usually I find most of her style very...."different" and nothing I would wear in real life. But this time I think she has me. I like this outfit. Anything with gold or shimmers always drags me in. And I still love the blue hair.

Gaga via Japan Music Awards MTV

The Killer Of The Fashionable Ones:
Kourtney Kardashian
When I saw her outfit I almost died.
Kourtney's Fashion is hands down the best. I love her look every time I see her.
I must say she killed it. I love the shades, I love the shirt, I ADORE the wedges...
She is just fucking perfection at its best! Wow...
Love her style so much...
Check her out:
The shades are a killer as well...
Ugh, there is nothing I do not like about this look. I love the necklace and the bag, but who made those damn god I am in love!
*heart sinks*
Im done drooling...

The Smallest Rant Of The Week:

Okay, so I was on Twitter the other day and I saw something that made me think. Someone said, and I quote that "There is a huge difference between thick and fat or curvy and fat." And that people should no the difference and that if you have a gut, your fat. This came from an actual person that I know. Shall I say a friend of a friend. It stuck with me and it made me think. I feel there might be a difference but honestly...who cares.

I hate weight. I hate losing weight. I hate those damn commercials where the girl is starring at the fridge debating on whether to get the nasty ass yogurt or the damn cheesecake. I just hate all of that shit. I respect anyone who goes on diets or wants to make a change but please leave me the fuck out of it. When I am ready to make a change I will. I just hate watching people be so stupid for a damn goal. I just will never understand it. I know why I feel this way and its because of the household I was brought up in. Now diets and dumb shit makes me wanna throw back a valium and go to fucking bed.

Another thing I hate is when people use the damn "health" card. Hear me out, I get it. Some people actually mean it. Your weight has to do with your health. I get that. But when people use the "health" card sometimes I feel its just a cop out. Like, its a safe way of saying "Im disgusted by your looks" or "You would look so much prettier if..". Its easier to say "I want you to be healthy". I hate that. Because half the time people could give a shit about your fucking health anyway.

I know how this is sounding. And I do not promote fatty foods or obesity. But I do promote self-love and being a bigger size and loving it. I love a good salad. I love tofu stir fry. I am all about working out if thats what you wan to do. But its another thing to be obsessed with it. Whats wrong with being in the double digits and being okay with that. Being a size 15 and being curvy instead of some asshole calling you fat because you have two fucking rolls on your god damn back. It gets me heated.

I have smaller friends who are a size 5 and agrees with me.The main thing that bothers me is that this is pressure amongst women. Men don't get punished as much as a female for being overweight. And we as woman keep putting these damn ads out and models and keep making ourselves believe we should look a certain way. I seen it up close and personal what weight obsession can do to people and its stupid. We are taught if we look a certain way we WONT get guys, we Wont be happy, we Wont have friends, and we Wont have good careers unless our body is right. I say bullshit.

I think we all should just love ourselves.
Fuck what people think.
And please don't think just because your a "big" girl you wont get dick..
Cuz someone gonna love dat ass...


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    1. Me too...mmmmm.. me toooo :-*

  2. I always love your posts! :) Cute outfit pictures and I love your little rant! <3 :)

    -Principessa Gabriella

  3. Cute outfit. I hear you on your rant. I used to get mad because people would tell me how skinny I was but you would never go up to a fat person and tell them how fat they are it rude. I feel If you feel good in your body that's all that matters.

  4. I love this post! I love your rocker close-up :) The celeb candy is great. I am thinking about going red with my locs but haven't decided yet. I agree, there is a difference between fat and curvy but I think that either way, confidence is key. I have a stomach but I still have thick thighs and a full bust. I have a little curve in the back, but still, I feel pretty curvy. Great post again!

    Sarah Jane R.

  5. It is true that women of a certain size will not be hired for jobs. Women they think are unattractive will get passed over for certain positions. I've had it happen to me.
    However like you say they scream "health" because they don't want to say "I think you are unattractive."

    What really bother's me about the 'health' line is that skinny people eat the same high octane crap that big people eat and are at risk for high blood pressure and diabetes just like fat people. But they get ignored because they are still 'pleasing to look at'.

    If you're going to be concerned about health, do it all around.

  6. Amazing post i loved reading it :)

  7. i loved that outfit and those striped shorts!! u are working it. Now following:)

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