Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Blue Navy Days: Kourt, Kelly & The Government Hooker

This weekend was...
I don't think I want to talk about it.
It was that lame.
But thats life right?
I went ahead and put all my Old Navy deals in my closet (finally) and saw the shirts I forgot to post. They were not anything "va-voom" or special, but hey. This is a blog to show your great purchases. The tag said $6.85 but take 50% off that, I suck with math, so...Im guessing I paid three dollars? Please don't laugh. Tee hee.
So Sundays outfit of the day was this. I felt like I needed to ride a horse.
I rocked the knee-boots and my famous military jacket. It was very cute on.
Because I have a more protruding belly these days, the string on the shirt was battling my bump. It was kind of annoying. The picture below this one shows my stomach pushing out because of the string. I hate that damn string. I might cut it off.

Here is the shirt without the jacket. I bought it because of the cute sleeves.
Closer Shot 1:

Closer Shot 2:
On The Hanger:

So, the best part of the weekend was I got boxes sent to me from family. I consider Rose family so she is in this category. Rose sent me a box of all these nice things. Im going to do a video of it soon. Maybe even today. But in the box she sent me these cool ELF palettes that she didn't use. Someone junk can be another treasure. Lets be honest, I do not have to go makeup shopping again. I mean c'mon. But I love these shadow books. So amazing.
Here is one of the open:
Rose's weekend actually was not bad. At least I don't think so. She went on a crazy shopping haul. Nothing expensive, and purchased a lot of nice things. She was bored and needed to get out the house.
She posted a video of all her grand purchases.
Check it out below:

This top was 5.99 at a store called Gallos, I can not believe she did not buy it...Crazy woman..
*shakes head*

Celebrity Candy:
I know everyone has seen Beyonce's spread in Dazed magazine so Im not gonna post her pictures. They looked awesome. But Im sure its been on every blog in the world. I am feeling her style but I wish she would change her hair color. Can we do black maybe?
Top ladies of fashion last week for me:

Kourtney Kardashian:
Can we all agree that she is the best dressed damn.
She is so tiny!
Love the red lips:
...I want that blazer...

Kelly Rowland:
I said it last week and the week before that, Kelly Rowland be doing it. This photo shoot is to die for. She looks stunning. And kinda Gaga esk with a spoon of normal.
Check her out:

Bad ASS!

The Gaga:
I have to say, she looks so beautiful in this magazine cover. No strong makeup, no funny business, its just her in the flesh really. I love this look on her. She always looks better to me fresh faced. There is something innocent bout this.
She has been rocking the blue wig lately. I don't mind. I found the whole black and blonde hair so gross and trashy. Even though that is the look she goes for. I love her government hooker looks but, this blue hair kind of tones her down.
I love it.

I love it... she rocked it this week.

I need new tunes! Immediately!
I checked out one of my favorite bands Paramore's new single for the new Transformers. I think its pretty good. I need to listen to it more. Im ready for a new album from them. Im down.
Download: Monster
I love Drake, and Im not a big rap/hip hop head. I love Drake so much. He is so smooth and relaxed and I love is freaking voice. His new song Marvin's Room is pretty good. It has to grow on me as well but I love the beat and his voice in the song. He is like a smooth Dr. Pepper. If Sade the singer turned into a rapper, she would sound like this. He reminds me of Jazz with 16 bars. I..can't explain anymore how good he is..
Im dying for his next album..

I listened to her whole album last week. And, I thought it was terrible. I did not like it. And I actually thought I would like it more than Lady Gaga's album! Mainly because I was disappointed because Gaga had no ballads. Beyonce had a lot of them. But the song were all so..I don't know, just weird and weak. I think I liked one song. Did anyone else hear it? It was so not good to me. But Im sure she will work her voodoo and put out a video for a new song and then Ima be singing the shit out of it...
Starting summer school, not sure if I signed up for the right reasons...I start today.
And so my life doesn't blow up in shambles, Im buying The Sims 3. I miss playing it. Im gonna get it tomorrow after class. I was so bored this weekend. I needed this game.
My life is a whirlpool right now mentally.

Love Ya'll. Mwah!


  1. Cute outfit. I like lady Gaga with Blue hair.that was nice of rose to send you the palettes.

  2. I freaking LOVE that Drake song!

  3. Awwww look at the boobooski peeking out a little in the tummy shot, haha!! I love that jacket, it's a killer cut and the buttons are da bomb. I'm LOVING that gold dress on Kourt, and the jacket sets it off perfectly, but Khloe is my favorite Kardashian fashionista. Kelly been doing it up here lately although I have her singing, she's murdering the fashion game right now. Booo to Gag-a, she looks like she wants to coax little children to her gingerbread house on that album cover. I haven't heard Bey, but I fux with her so I'm always willing to give her a chance, but I loathed Sasha Fierce and all that tomfckery. She's taking some kind of creative twists and turns that I don't particularly care for.
    And I hate Jimmy/Drake. Ha... I hate everything, don't I. A MESS!!

  4. Your military jacket is DA BOMB!!! I agree that Kourtney is the best dressed Kardashian sis but I love Khloe!! She keeps it real!! Gaga looks so much better with her natural face. She just be wearing "MESS"!! lol You look great! Kiah