Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Murder Of The Crow: The Power Of Velcro

Today sucked. I felt I had no time fore me. And when I did. I kept getting sidetracked.
I had a real screwed up dream last night. It was pretty fucked up. So fucked up that if I said I would feel bad for saying it and think people would suggest Im crazy. I woke up with the "what the fuck" face. Dreams I been having lately have been pretty interesting. Almost scary. Funny when I went to my first doctor appointment when I was in my first weeks, the doctor said "Do not be alarmed by your dreams, they mean nothing." Funny, because now Im dreaming the most fucked up weirdo psycho shit.
I need a book. Something to read. But Im tired of these dumb books I always end up buying and not finishing. I saw a friend at the grocery store today, it was awkward and I hate when shit is awkward. I want today to be over. Its stupid and I feel off. Everything feels wrong. Even the sky is gray. Maybe its me being paranoid. I can't freaking tell at all.
Something in the air, and I don't like it...
Maybe it was my dream that has me this way....


Outfit Of The Day:
I kept it simple as usual. Being preggo and getting bigger leaves limited choices.

Ughh..side tracked..
Can we have Girl Talk..?
Don't you hate when you run into a friend and you tell them something and they tell you "they know already" because someone else ALREADY told. What the fuck is that shit about?
Im not super close to the girl I ran into at the grocery store today, but she seemed to already know my whole life and story because of a mutual friend. Not my whole life story but...certain details. Like seriously, what the fuck. What if i did not want her to know asshole! Not that I care, at least I can trust this chick I know but what if i didn't..

I will try to stay on track, I am so sorry...
Top: Papaya
Leggings: Walmart
Belt: Torrid
Blazer: Torrid
Purse: F21
Oh...shoes from Torrid as well...
Blazer Off:

The Belt is Velcro!
Many people comment and ask me how I can rock belts being pregnant and its pretty easy and they do not hurt me or the baby...

Its adjustable and I think its super dope looking even while being pregnant. Torrid is great with that. Its not an actual belt. There is no tight grip or buckles. Just a stretchy band and velcro snap...It feels great!

My mom being the krazy kook berry she is was paranoid I was wearing a tight ass belt over her. But I get it I guess...

Here is a close up of the shirt and the cool cheetah on the side:

I did my hair this week, mainly for Greg's birthday weekend so I can be cute. Plus so much is going on this weekend. I thought I would flat twist my hair.
Not so bad...right?

New polishes!

Sorry for the ranting..
So much is going on. I feel awkward all the time. I hate feeling awkward. I hate tip toeing around people yet I do not understand why I do it.

Celebrity Candiez
Thought I would start off celebrity candy colorfully today. I still have not posted anything from those damn BET Awards except those two beautiful ladies Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj but I think Im good. Not much was popping on that show.

Christina Hendricks:
The baddest red head if you ask me...Love her look, its cute....

Latoya Luckett:
I love this, anything with a bad ass pattern Im all for it! Love the way the upper half looks..

T. Sumpter
Again, I don't watch Gossip Girl but this chick is killing it....every time....I might start watching that show for these freaking cute outfit ideas...

Nia Long
A lot of people are giving her shit because she is preggo and not married or in a real relationship. Who cares. Rock your bump and do you! I think she looks stunning...

She looked so pretty on Piers Morgan last night. I watched it and it was a great interview. I love her hair like this, more natural and vibrant, she glowed last night...

Miley Cyrus
I love the boy jeans! She looks fucking hot! Love it Miles! And with those shoes OH MY GOD!

So I want to see this movie called Yelling At The Sky.
Another Indie movie, yet another movie I will never see because theaters don't play it...
Zoe Kravitz and Gabby Sidabae is in it....looks so good.
This does look like Precious, just another version...but it looks cool...
Plus I love Gabby and I am starting to fall in love with Zoe...

And I checked out Bon Iver...
Every song sounds the same and I can't really get into it. Maybe it does have to grow on me. Or maybe I just can't appreciate it. Who knows. Every song sounds like Im in a truck with a trucker traveling down the backroads of Arizona and Colorado...Its just...
Man, I dunno...
It took me somewhere and I was bored.
Hopefully tommorow, will be less weird and antsy...
Love you all, Thanks for reading... Mwah!


  1. So sorry that you are having one of those days!! If its any consolation...when I was preggers I too had crazy dreams and felt just blah sometimes. You will feel better tomorrow. I have a book suggestion. I know you are not super religious but the best book I have ever read was called "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. It is based on the biblical story of Hosea and Gomer, the marriage of a prophet of God to a prostitute of Israel. It is FANTASTIC!! It is a love story based in the 1950's. The love that this man had for this broken woman is so special. You will cry your eyes out! Kiah

  2. Sorry to hear you are having a werid day. You look great.


  3. I hope your days get better, nothing worse than going through a horrible week!!

    I am glad I am not the only one who loves Miley. She is getting kind of trampy, but I kind of love it...LOL!

  4. wow beyonce looks incredible!!