Monday, June 20, 2011

The Real Side Of The Moon & The Bro Hymn

Im getting old. I noticed my life is going down a different route than it usually would. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I like the fact I am getting older. I like the fact Im hitting 26 soon. Its a great moment in life when you see change and notice wiser actions going on in your choices. I feel horrible about the blog. Since becoming pregnant, knocked-up, preggo, or whatever you want to call it, my priorities have been on other things. My money has been falling into the pockets of Babies R Us and Walmart cribs. As it should, given the fact I will be a Mom soon. But it leaves out the whole reason why I created this blog. My closet is packed with greatness and maybe I should start digging. I know I have something with tags still on it. But my usual outings to Torrid or Hot Topic have been slimming down. Because now I shop not only for the future, I shop for a new person.
I miss my Torrid runs and I am going to try and see if the 4th of July sales could regenerate some of the old me. I would never dare walk by a Hello Kitty purse that is on sale and NOT buy it. But now, I walk pass it. I guess this is a good thing. But what about the blog?
Im sure once I get things set, I'll get back on track again with fashion.
But my bucks these days are falling into the pockets of Carters Baby stores.
You feel me?

Most likely, I will be doing more outfit of the day type post.
Im growing everyday and my cool bad ass grey pants are looking at me like "bitch, its only so far you can roll down the zipper, give it up".
Maybe they have a point...

I love Batman. My favorite superhero I must say. There is a lot of superhero things going on like Green Lantern and Thor, but Batman was always my favorite. And Im talking the old ones, like the very first Batman with Jack Nicholson. When I was younger I thought he was sexy as the bullshit. I was a weird kid.
Thought I would reap Batman today..

Any other updates?

Super 8

This weekend I finally saw Super 8. It was cool. I thought that it was, okay. I enjoyed it and it did make me jump. Next in line is Transformers, Greg will not let me even think about missing that movie. I want to see it as well. Looks good. But Super 8 was decent, it did remind me of E.T/Goonies...what have you. But I thought Dakota Fanning's sister Elle Fanning did an amazing job.

Greg's Birthday

Greg was born on the 4th, lucky asshole. He will always get fireworks...I am going to keep it simple. He says he is already getting his gift with his child so he is good (aww..done gagging? LOL!) So I will do just that and keep it simple. Im going to get him a cake and get some people at a restaurant to sing to him. He always looks over at people in restaurants and laughs at them when its done. So this time, the tables will turn. I might just record it..LOL! Can't wait! This year, my little bugger will be 28.

June is pretty much done with. But I have to say the mega fashionistas this month were these top three women. And its kind of a surprise given the fact I rarely post them.

Junes Hot Fashionistas

Number 3:

Usually Lala is never on my list of hot foxes but she has proved me wrong. Her shoes have been on point as well. I fucking love this outfit below. Hot damn.

Number 2:

She has been doing great in the fashion era, she has been out of the woodwork since she has this new album coming out (it sucks to me) and has been doing the damn thing. Mainly the shoes though, I wish she would do something else with that hair! Please!

Number 1:
Kelly Rowland

Hands down. The best dressed celeb of the month. And I don't know where the fuck she came from?! She looks amazing. Her fashion game came out of nowhere! Her shoes came is crazy. I just fucking love her right now.
She looks so pretty in this picture:
No ones fucking with Kelly right now...sorry Bey...

Ultimate Want:

Can I please find a blazer this color? Or any off color? All my damn blazers are black and grey, I just want a hot pink or mont green....This is to hot. This is gonna be on my radar.
For sure...

Last Update & Shout Out:
A cool friend/ friend of a friend just gave birth to her son.
I wanted to say congrads to her. Her story was amazing. Its almost something out of a book. Basically she was told she could not conceive, and well, she did....
Congrads to you Jenn!

Celebrity Candy:

Kat Von D:
Love her leather military jacket..I love it...

I'd kill for this jacket, what the hell!

Nicki Minaj:
I like her hair short. Loving her neon shoes by the way....

Selen Gomez:
Hot. Hot. Hot. She looks amazing. Love the shoes with this as well...

Damn it...whats her name..
I forget her name? She is on Pretty Little Liars... Damn it!
Either way..
She killed her look...

Amanda Bines:
Umm..okay, I think she looks...interesting..I think celebrities need to give those shoes a rest...seriously...

Liv Tyler:
Love the print, extra bad ass...

Tara Lynn:
How hot is she? I need shoes like that!

Sad News:
Where do I begin. I watched Jackass for awhile, but I became more of a fan of Viva La Bam when it came on MTV 2. Those who knew the show knew Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera for being extra close and real close buddies. Ryan Dunn died this morning in a car crash. I am still shock because from watching all those shows, I felt I actually knew the guy. Bam must be, fucking destroyed. From the footage and news coverage it seems like he was pretty wasted while driving his porsche down the road. It sucks so bad. I just am at a lost for words, even now. It must suck to lose your best friend.
But I have to admit I view death in a very different way than most. I don't see it as much of a "Oh my god, lets cry our souls out and think about our lives" type girl. I am the chick thats like "Hey, lets play a song in their memory and remember what made them rad. I believe how the mexicans believed it, day of the dead style, lets not mourn, lets rejoice. Because when your time is up, its up. No matter what age, race, or religion.
There is a song that reminds me of just that, called The Bro Hymn. Its about a good friend dying and you hear a group of dudes singing it out for their friend who passed. You would think you would hear organs or sad violins, but instead, you hear something different. Press play if you would like.

This goes out to Ryan, thanks for making us laugh....this ones for you...

Mwah You Guys...


  1. I'm also turning 26 this year. Girl its out if you don't post OOTD. Also they nothing wrong with remixing your clothes. I do it all the time. which it is fun to do and help save money. Do you know what you are having yet. Girl or boy.

  2. I'm away right now but I promise I will catch up when I get back!! BOO is growing up!! Yep when you get pregnant ERRRYTHANG changes girl!! You become self-less and that is a most def...GOOD THING!!! Greg is a sweet-heart and he is are giving him the most precious gift ever! P.S. let the gray pants go until after the bun is done in the oven!! LOL Speaking of buns being done in the friends baby is BEAUTIFUL! Kiah