Friday, July 1, 2011

Cuba & Low On Suga

went to a yummy resturant!
The Cuban restaurant was pretty bad ass. It was so quaint and authentic I loved it. I had Cuban pork, which was yummo. I loved it. Cuban food reminds me of jamaican food actually. The plantains and the beans. It was very good. Thought I would share some pictures of our time there. He took me here once before on Valentines day which was awesome as well. We always seem to have a great time together. Love me some him.
I really do.

I got some yummy pork...
So Yum!

The Husband human of mine has many faces...
I thought I would share all of them.
He's such a goof.

And scene..
Oh wait...
One more....


Im pretty inappropriate...

Check out this bad ass shirt I did not get. My stummy (stomach/tummy) was way too out there for it. Maybe another time. Man that shirt was cute. I got something else, which was more practical. I shall post it next week.
Love the!

In baby news the stroller came.
Im so happy I pretty much have, well, everything. Im stoked. Last but not least I need a tit pump. A good friend of mine gave me her info on a good pump that was only 60 dollars and she said it works great. Yeah, I decided to boobie feed. My mom keeps telling me how she wish she did that for me and that she is super proud I am doing it. I feel its not a big deal but for some reason she says she feels like shit because she never did it. I feel she feels bad only because she can't teach me anything about it. But its cool. I want to breast feed because I heard it brings a connection to you and your baby, which Im down for. So thats whats next on the list..
titty pumps!
I can't believe Im having a girl. Me?

I watched Beyonce's Documentary last night...
I like her. Their is something about her that pure. I like it. I love her and Jay Z's relationship even more. Its interesting. Maybe because she hides it, but I love more when she is open.

Tonight I am seeing Transformers.


Celeb Candy:

Emma Watson

Teyana Taylor
I love the slight purple in her hair

Jill Scott



Bey In Awesome Print:

Rachel Berry her!


  1. I have missed reading your updates; exams can go to hell!
    Omg you're having a baby girl? Belated congratulations!!! :) x

  2. i can't believe you haven't mentioned the leaked pics of your girl amber rose, LOL! i saw it on tumblr and instantly thought of you.

  3. Cute Outfit. I love the name you picked out for your daughter.

    Have a good 4th of July and Happy Birthday to your Hubby.

  4. You look too cute. I teared on how cute you are. I know im a fucking idiot!! I can not help it.