Saturday, April 2, 2011

Howdy Days: Drawing, Movies & Life In A Nutshell

A lot of errands to run. Because its the weekend of course. My moms birthday is coming up so I have to go to Encinitas to get her some jewelry. Greg had to work this morning, Yes, Saturday morning. Someone fucked up the formation, so of course, if one fucks up, all fucks up. Boo! But he is only gonna be there for a few hours. Still blown.. But we had a good friday.
And we are cheering up little by little.

Okay, so Vegas had gone down the damn drain. The good thing is I have been calm and chill, even though I wanted to see my god damn bestie! What the hell! To make matters worst, I went on Twitter to see my our other "mutual" friends took Rosie hostage and was having fun with her at Ruby fucking Tuesdays. I got kinda sad and jealous because she is MY friend. Hey, Im the only child, Im not a fan of sharing. And after hearing Im not seeing her for a while, the bad timing set in.
Lucky broads I swear!!! Waaaaaa! *baby cries*

Here is my outfit for this wonderful busy Saturday:
All from Torrid..

I stole these comfy shoes from my mom. They are from Marshals, one of the awesomest department stores...Eeee!

Artistically Challanged:

I created my second piece of work. I like it. its not finished which seems to be a trend of mine. I was inspired by a statue, that I forgot to
The sculpture was called Cupid and Psyche..
And I drew the pose they were in...
I'll do it next post...*sigh..*
A lot of the same elements from the last drawing are in here.
I guess the girl is suppose to be me (it is) and Greg should be the Day Of The Dead guy holding me up. Someone helping someone up when they are helpless and around negativity. Im surrounded by graves of fear and worries, he is picking me up, and pulling me away from those thoughts...
I have no clue who the woman with the filled tits is, she is still not fully finished. I was deeply influenced by this woman named Heidi Taillefer (Jackie, please look her up) and she influenced a lot of the subjects in the drawing.
As for the pig again, it represents something deep for me...I like how you can't really tell if the pig is helping me out by taking the arrow out of me, or sticking it deeper in. I drew it to show that the pig was helping me, but now, I see the pig is still against me...
The pig reflects so much..
And to everyone who said my art rocks in the comments, thank you. Because you seriously are the driving force in me creating..mwah..

unifinshed Owl...

More of my pig, who hates me...
but yet has a halo over him...
(The pig is a representation of something/someone I love but hates me)
full drawing (so far)

Rose Clothes:
I forgot to post Rose's little outfit before she went out on her date to Olive Garden. She looked stunning as usual, even though she did not wear any of her go damn wigs.
She went to Sears and found a lot of great buys. Yes, I said Sears. She was shocked as well. She sent me these shirts that were only 5 to 10 dollars...bitch...
It was 50% off clearance which is always an shoppers orgasm...

Blazer was 10.99
She did not text me the amount of these, but I love the cross over in the back..
love this...

The Meaning For My Obsession...
Oh my God....
This movie can not come out any sooner. Oh my lord. I love Robert Pattinson. And to see his back stroke is just, oh my my! I love it. I can't wait to see it. I can't wait to buy the dvd so I can pause at this exact scene. Oh my lord. Look at him!
*fantasizes about me in Kirsten Stewart's place*

Celeb Candy

Kim K
Her body is a mad house in this picture. I can't.

My Lesbian Lover Amber Rose:
nipple rings!

Solange Knowles:
amazing, I was just talking about her...

Remember her? I like the fact she got meat on her ass these days...

Kourtney & Scott:
I love them for some reason? Can't figure out why...

Katy Perry:
Looking swank as usual, love the glasses...
Willow Smith:
at the airport with orange and pink hair? Nuff said, she is a G.

Movies That Ran It & Movies That Canned It:
(no spoilers)

I will finally speak about this movie. I saw it last weekend. I did not like it. I could not even. I figured it was going to be about women kicking ass, but I expected more of a damn storyline. Its all in the mind of the lead girl "Baby Doll" as she escapes her tragedy and her situations with her brain. Kill me. It was weak. I mean, it was not for me. All the action was pretty grand. But I looked over at Greg who loves action more than I do and he did not even make a sound. I knew then, we was not feeling it. I found myself looking at the EXIT sign to distract myself from the idiocy of the film.
Ima say see it if you want, but I would not recommend. Basically, it was not for me.

Finally, I can finally say it. Insidious was a GREAT HORROR MOVIE! They went back to the 70's and got the old horror movie swag and stirred it up into this massive film that scared my panties off. I was terrified and I DONT get scared easily. I usually know whats gonna happen every turn and every door closing. This time, I had no clue. It was scary! Greg jumped back more than I did and Greg NEVER jumps! I hid my face alot and even men in the theater yelled "OH SHIT!" Amazing! I loved it. For those who love a good story line, you might not be too impressed, but if you want to leave your light on because of fear, this is your movie..
And yes, I slept with the light on.
Greg agreed to leave it on as well....

Love Ya'll..
and one more glance at Bella getting that good d%$@!


  1. Hey! love the outfit you have on in this post! i love that color combo, i wear it all the time too! And wow your drawing skills are amazing! good job! Also thanks for the Sucker punch critic, I heard alot of bad stuff about it from the online critics and it was good to hear a similar opinion from you aswell, now im really not going to go see it! :D


  2. Oh my word there is just so much in this post! I could write a book in response!! LOL
    1st and foremost....I LOVE YOU! I LOVE your blog! I am so serious. Every single time I read it I smile or lol. Your outfit is cute. I love the gray pants and Marshalls is the bombdigity girl. I live there with my daughter! Your artwork is amazing! You have a gift girl. I envy those that have been blessed with artistic ability because it is such a great way to express yourself...a sort of therapy. Don't give in to negativity girl. Stay encouraged and surrounded by those that love you for you. Haters gone always hate no matter what you do or say. Rose looked super hot for her date and I'm with on being upset she didn't wear her wig. She seems like such a sweet friend. I love everything that she purchased. So sorry you are not able to be with your homies right now but you always have us cyber homies. Willow's hair is the business and Will Smith's son needs to hurry up and grow up so I can see if he gone be hot or not! lol Kim's body is sick and Amber is simply beautiful. I mean have you ever seen a bald woman look that delish! I'm not even going to go there about Rob and his most luckiest girl on earth friend! All I know is I'm feeling a bit warm and now I'm looking for my husband!! lol Kiah

  3. Cute Outfit. I so can't want for breaking dawn to come out. That was my favorite book.

  4. I think the woman with the full breasts is also you, another side of you. I only say that because the baby looks as though it doubles as her stomach while still connecting to "Psyche" (one of my favorite greek myths by the way so I totally approve). full breast equal perhaps that's the side of you excited to be a mom. And perhaps that pig is helping you by killing the side of you that is afraid. Psyche had to die to grow in her tale, perhaps that is something you have to do too. Perhaps that is why she is being rescued by "Death". So you can become what you are supposed to.

    Of course you would know better than I would hun. That's also a painting... Eros and Psyche I mean...