Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes In Stripez

I think hair has moments..and I like my hair at this very moment. Right when the curls fall and are getting loose, close to becoming straight again. I think my hair looks the best when its falling apart, if that makes any sense at all...
Today was a conservative swag day. I love strips. Even though they say thick chicks should never wear strips unless they are going vertical. I was told to break all the rules. I see that I have been on a Old Navy kick lately, so far I been rocking a lot of stuff from Old Navy. The shirt was a discount of 3 dollars. Rose and I always raid Old Navy when there is a super sale going on. Oh, how I love a super sale.

Blazer: Torrid
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Torrid
Boots: H&M

Im so ready for the weekend. Its gonna be relaxing more than anything. We plan to still go downtown Oceanside to relax and chill at the "Days Of Art" fair they got going. That should be super fun. I should have dropped off our Netflix movies so we would have something to watch this weekend, but I didn't. Oh well. We have Heroes to watch anyway. Im not sure about Heroes these days, but I'll explain more later on...

I feel amazing these days. Less worries, more "don't give a fucks". I like it. I feel so great. I wonder why? I wake up so refreshed and ready for the day.
Im getting use to the reality of things.

I was thinking about the pregnancy and everything. How it use to scare me. I keep wondering why that fear went away? Why all of a sudden Im ready to do it now and embrace it. When a few months ago I was shitting my pants. I do look at what I have. I look at Greg who is just..ughh...I can't express anymore about that guy with this pregnancy anymore. Its almost unreal how he is. Maybe its the support I have? I don't fear the "mom" aspects of things. It I feel I just have to handle my business. Weird.. because I always wanted to be a "stay home" Mom for the beginning of my kids life. I always said that, even when I was sixteen and did not know shit. Thats what always bothered me the most. I did not want to have a kid and have to throw them into daycare "if" I did not have too. Some people have no choice. But how my stars aligned, I have that chance..
I can do that....
So, I will.

Some people I wish were more (fill in blank)...people change when life changes...but...
Surprisingly, I saw Mary this week, someone I never see anymore. It was fun, and nice to hang out with someone with a vagina again. She has been busy with work, so we never see each other anymore. So, I can't fake, it was refreshing.

Mary's Daughter Alexa

Life's Splenders
this picture shows our personalities so have no idea! LOL!
Rose is still working on the blanket. She made pom poms and showed me the colors she is using. Its a soft mint green, very pretty. Im actually pretty excited she is making it for me. It makes me happy she cares. I think its always sweeter when someone makes you something from scratch, its more love involved. Im excited to see how it looks like. She told me though that it might not be done, or, something like it might not get done....but thats cool. She tried.
I love how this broads nails match her shirt...she looked awesome...
if you look closely you can see her boots... cute!
So, Rose's nail polish was getting old so she put Crackle on it to make it last....
Love this Crackle polish...

Celebrity Bazaar Candy
Lady Gaga
I need her album to come out, now. I can not wait to hear her new single Judas. The video should be pretty dynamite. Im not feeling Britney's cd very much, sorry. Im ready for the Mama monster come and blow everyone out of the water. She is the queen of dance music to me. Come on Gaga, Im ready for you!
Here is her on the cover of Bazaar magazine for May 2011...meow

New Celeb Im Feeling
Eva Simons
Not sure who she is, i think she is a singer and she does dance music. All I know is that I have a soft spot for red heads. And her hair is super hot! I love it. Every time I see this girl, I see a nice outfit and wild fiery hair. Finally, I was like "Who is this girl?" She is now on my "hot bitch" list...


Rihanna On Idol
Like I said, I got a soft spot for red heads. She is so sexy and stunning. I did not see her performance but, hell, look at her.

The Fashionable Kardashian (in my opinion)
Kourtney K

So far, Heroes, the second season...
has been slumming to me...
It not hard for mutant people to become have to do it right in order for it to be believable...
Hopefully it picks up...I miss really really good addictive shows! There always the best. There are only a few shows that bring me back for more..
Here are some:

One of the funniest shows, I swear. I don't know anyone who thinks this show is stupid...

I have no clue where their going with this, but I noticed that it got canceled. I am really shaky how this is playing out...
*side eye*

For me this is my favorite show, if a show gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up, then you have me sold. Greg and I would run around, pop popcorn, get the lights dimmed just before the show started...amazing show, comes back on Halloween. It has Greg's beloved Zombie's and my beloved drama...we have a winner..

but, of course, nothing will be like..
I miss Lost, but I have to say The Walking Dead is the only show that comes close. I loved it so much and actually broke down on the finale. It makes me sad that its over. Rose and I were talking last night about LOST, how its so easy to get attached the to the character. If you have not seen LOST, check it out on Netflix or your local Redbox....if they even have it...
classic show..

Sayid, my man candy on Lost

this picture makes me so sad...
I miss this show so much...
Have a great weekend you guys...

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  1. I love old navy sale's. Have fun at the art fair. Also what a great idea with the nail polish. I will deferentially use Rose idea.