Saturday, April 23, 2011

When Did I Become A Ghost: Life & Cali Dreamz

Drew a little today but never finished because of the need to study.

Life is boring these days for me. I want to explode at times. Days go slow, and the mind goes faster. This post is not my normal fashion post, but we all have off days and need to vent about real life.
I can't be "on" 24/7 as much as I want to be.

I think its funny when you have bla or boring days, or then again what they call "bad days" and your not allowed to talk about them. Maybe you guys can, but Im not allowed too. I always have to be "Tia: the happy, bubbly girl that everyone loves" or else Im being a whiny complainer...which sucks. I can't call my folks upset, it just scares them, like its not normal to have a fucked up day. Or a fucked up anything. Yet they tell me to call when Im down or sad...
Im speaking about one parent that does this but, whatever...the other doesn't trip..

Said to much...
On a happy note, Im drawing again more. Though its hard to find a subject to draw. Its not as easy anymore. I get bored easily. I should go to Michaels and shop for junk, just to make me fucking draw more, because its not the same..
Okay, can I tell you the weirdest thing about this drawing below?
I had a wild dream one night, and the dream was focused on me having a kid. My own kid. It was so vivid and so real. I woke up with this strange feeling. I knew the feeling was a leftover memory from the dream. But the feeling was this huge "protection"feeling. In the dream I was a mother, and I was keeping my child safe. The protection feeling was strong and I made sure he/she was safe. Like a lion to her cubs. It was amazingly strong and very weird once I woke. I rolled over and told Greg about it and he told me to "draw what I felt". I drew this picture below to show my emotions and my protector feelings toward this mystery child. And two months later after I drew this, I was pregnant.
True story.
I signed it at the bottom and named it "In Dreams, I Love You"...
Tell me thats not weird...

Rosie (B.F.F) Boo

Every time I talk to Rose she is at Ross the department store. Ha! Im going to start saying everything she buys is at Ross. For those who don't know, Rose lives in Maryland. I live in California. But we shop together with our cell phones. As true shopoholics we give each other the digs on what we buy. And her cell pics are subject to come on my blog from time to time.

Nice nails...

So Rose KNOWS I been on this tribal kick and sent me a picture of this sweet ass dress that goes down to the floor. This dress blew my mine. And what makes it even more surprising is she did not get it from Ross! She got it from Avon!
Call your representative because this shit is hot, I love it...
Love that quick color in the dress
The print is to die for. Im guessing she will be wearing this on her trip to vegas. She got a winner with this one.


The Random 10 of Me:

1.) Welp, for one, I will never understand why people expect you to be happy all the time...suck my dick.

2.) Music makes me happier than people at times, because to one singing "gets it".

3.) Im starting to vomit at the people who lose weight and then all of a sudden their a fucking pro, makes me want to freak out...just...weight lose in general with people is driving me kinda batty...especially when these fuckers need to fix their personalities first...

4.) I gotta go see an Opera one day! Ekk! Or go to a broadway show..
there are some around here but ehh..I dunno.
5. I want a clean closet but its not in my dna to have one...
6.) Blogging is my close to being one of my most favorite things to do. I get to vent, meet amazing new people, and I get to show my fashion...I mean, thats awesome.

7.) I want a blow fish. Just for myself. I want it in a small fountain in my room. Is that a little much?
8.) My neighbors grandma next door is Mexican and literally knocks on my door and feeds me amazing food, and I want some more... :(

9.) I feel me and Howard Stern are alike....

10) The one thing I should have done before I got pregnant:
Not travel, not to go clubbing more, not the usual wants, I should have smoked hella weed. I swear to you. As for parties and clubs..eghh, been there done that, and I preferred Karaoke Bars or Concerts...and I wore out my concert card a long time ago. After I seen Gaga live...theres nothing but down for me. As for traveling, my life is a plane ticket...I mean fuck..I be on planes more than anything....Im not missing out, at least not to me.....
But weed....?
I think I missed out.
At least the fake weed like Salvia or spice...
Either way, not your typical wants. I travel enough as it is and Im secure with my partner...
but I really wished I would have puff puff passed...

Demi Lovato
I watch the disney channel and I feel so bad for her. I guess if you don't follow celebs as hard as I do then you won't know who she is. She is apart of the whole pack of Disney people like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros, Selena Gomez etc.
But she was the one that cracked.

She was on Sunny With A Chance. She went into rehab for a bi-polar disorder and eating disorder, also she was a cutter.
Can you believe she thought she was big?
I think all the pressures of course, being on t.v, dating one of those Jonas brothers....
I really think he had something to do with it...
He seems like such a douche...
Im glad Bieber washed them assholes away...they were toxic to those Disney girls...
Her best friend Selena Gomez...
And Im sure being next to Selena her confidence always went weary. Look at Selena, she like fucking perfect. And everyone is saying she was the skinny cute one...and standing next to her all the time, Im sure got Demi alot of flack...
Either way, I wanted give notice to her, because she beat her disease. And she is still working on her insecurities. Being in the spot light is a fucking bitch obviously, because people have such nasty things to say. But I have to wonder sometimes with people. People who think their so fat but wear a size 6 or 7 pants or LESS. What the fuck does that make me when I wear a size 18? I hate society....

Celebrity Fashion:

Solange K.
I know, I know ladies! LOL! Solange be a hot mess sometimes! LOL! Love it!

Her weight just fell right off her. She looks so tiny....

She was kinda thick in the middle but that was it, guess its gone...
something still me

Nicole Ritchie

My (girlfriend in another life) favorite Amber Rose
Beth D.

Nicki M.
I can't tell if pictures of her are new or old these days, but she looks flawless in this...
Kim K.
Beyonce K.
That is one bad bitch, hands down. Jay Z is something else, he must have a big penis because...
geez...not cute...ewww

Guess Who:
She is so hot, wow!
Wiz & Amber @ Coachella the other week. I heard drama popped off between him and Kanye backstage! Im such a celebrity whore...
But hey, what can i say...

So today, I got a couple of things I gotta do. I need to stop being a punk sometimes. Im so glad its the weekend, and Greg is off on monday...!
So we get to chill an extra day.
Hope you have a good Easter peps!
Signing Off!
By the way...
Listen To Cudi...


  1. I loved this post...You had me giggling gurl! I feel you! Im totally bored atm... Im away from home for work and its like seriously out in the desert....this post just made my day :)

    Mele, Australia

  2. Its so nice to be able to read a post without skipping through, wow you have soo much to say i love it! Plus you are a super duper talented drawer maybe one day i could get you to draw a tattoo i have in mind i would gladly pay lol

    I know how you feel when people expect you to always be happy! I always smile so thats what people expect of me the day when i dont smile people think i have a problem and i'm like damn my cheeks hurt i need a rest! I'm Not a RoBoT! xoxo

  3. I'm sorry you have no one to vent to. I have my MIL to vent to and my best friend to vent too. If I didn't have them I would go nuts.

    There tons of picture of Demi Lovato in the new issue of seventeen in an article about addition .

    I love this blowfish.

    I have always got told the average girl is a size 14.

  4. I feel so bad when I hear one of my favorite bloggers is down. Girl I know life and its dramas bring you down sometimes but you have to keep your head up. Happiness is a state of mind. You have to stay positive no matter what comes your way. Always concentrate on the good things....that is what will keep you going! Your artwork is AMAZING! You got mad skills girl. Isn't it crazy how dreams come true! WOW! Those pictures are surreal! So glad you and Rose have figured out a way to keep in touch and even do things like shop together from across the map. That is a special friendship. Rose seems like such a sweetie. She really hit the jackpot with that Avon dress! Rose...honey your girls are looking FAB in that dress too!! lol I love Solange's hat. It is da bomb! Amber Rose is beautiful but she is catching a bad reputation hopping from celebrity bed to bed! Keep your head up girl and if you would like to call me when you are down I will inbox you my phone number! Kiah

  5. I think we are all entitled to have a bad day or two...Honestly I have them once a month. Sometimes I just need to call in from life and stay in bed all day, its my right, my perrogative.

    I truly feel bad for Demi, I've seen her show and actually like her music, but I can't imagine going through all that, especially in the lime light.

  6. I always thought Selena and Demi looked alike. I thought they were cousins or something for awhile. Disney does that to all their girls. All of them come away with some sort of complex. It always seems like only the guys come away okay. Think about it.
    Brit- Crazy
    Christina Aguilera- Crazy
    Miley- crazy
    Jessica Simpson- (who actually didn't make it on to disney) Moderately okay

    Disney is hell on it's girls.

    About the bad day, everyone has bad days. EVERYONE. You are no exception. You are allowed to wake up and feel blah, and want to rant and kick shit over just like everyone else. Parents want you to call when things are bad because they worry. And they worry when things are bad because they are your parents. They want to be able to help you when you need them and it scares them that you are so far away. Whatever problems you have with her, you will never stop being her baby girl. You'll see.