Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Name Ann, First Name Raggedy: Hair Dayz

Today was hair day ladies and gents. And man did I need it. My edges were so bad and near the back, my hair was clumping together. So I gave myself a good was and did my hair in curls. Im not sure how this will turn out. Because I have locs/dreds it takes my hair 2 days to dry. I used pipe cleaners which makes me look like a doll baby, better yet, I look like Raggedy Anne. I will take it out either Wednesday or Thursday.

Here I am after the wash:

I tried bleaching my hair but it did not get as bright as I expected. It got a little but brighter but nothing spectacular.

Here are my pipe cleaner (curlers)

All the products I use when doing my hair, can you tell Im a fan of Olive Oil??

My moms birthday is the 13th, so I got her some jewelry. I need something else. But she is so hard to shop for.

Here are one of her rings I got her. Beautiful right? Should have gotten this for myself.

Rose did her hair in balls all over to keep from curling her hair every week with heat.
But eventually she gave in because she thought the curls came our pretty wacky...

Rose and her Chipotle chips..yum!

Personally I was feeling it, but of course Rose and I have very different taste, the fact we are friends boggles me.

Celeb Fashionista Of The Week:
Hayley Williams from Paramore

I love two things on a woman, short pixie hair or red vibrant hair. Its a year to celebrate the gingies and the pixies. One red head I love is Hayley Williams. She not very well known for her style given she is usually in punk Tripp pants and a tiny tee on stage. But when I saw her on Cosmo I flipped. What a makeover!

Other Celebz:

Rihanna at The Country Awards looking wow...

Ashlee Simpson:
Theres something about her...

Celeb Missing In Action:
Nicki Minaj

Where the hell has she been???
Usually she is like my Rihanna or my Amber Rose where I post pictures of her every week. But I have not seen her too much. I know she is on tour, but I can not stalk her fashion like I use too. Plus she slowed up on the magazine shoots. Nicki come back!
She has been in some stuff, but not a lot. But I do miss looking at all the wild shit she use to rock...

Random Thought:
I cant believe Brad Pitt use to date Robin Givens...oh the sex...! Can I be honest? There is something about a white guy humping a black girl. Its just super sexy to me. When I go on base or off and see black chicks with afros holding hands with a tatted up white guy, I always look back and smile. Why?! I don't know! I think its hot. I have no clue why. Maybe because if I saw a look alike of myself walking pass me with a Robert Pattinson look alike boyfriend, I would cheer in happiness..because I KNOW look alike is fucking a robert P wanna be...
Ohh how the stars aline.

Musically Challanged:
I use to be a Britney Nut, but ever since she left Justin, its never been the same. She can't even dance now. People asked me left and right if I am going to get the new album. No. I'll bootleg it if anything. I hear its good. But then I saw a clip of her latest performance last week and wanted to die. She became a horrible dancer. What the fuck happened? She use to own the stage and own the dances. Now, she barely can keep up and just spins and rubs her tits on stage. Bitch I can do that!
Im glad I converted over to Gaga. She is just right for me. Brit his full of shit. She needs a good guy in her life. Better yet, she needs to retire. Im gonna eat my words when her album comes out I am sure. I keep hearing its a monster if you like dance music. I don't know though...
I still think she kinda fell off..
But eventually I will review it...

(bet this smells amazing..)
If you are wondering about the title of my post, I got it from Nicki Minaj's diss record to Lil Kim. I really wish she never addressed Kim but I liked it either way. Its pretty short though. I though it was just a snippet or maybe it is. But I liked the verse "Last name Anne, first name Raggedy!"
Check it Out if your curious....

I love mean Nicki, fuck teeny booper Nicki...I like "Ima Bad Bitch, Ima Cunt" Nicki...


  1. Cute post...All your posts are so random..yet well put together! love the hair..& I love Ashlee SImpson too!


  2. Cute wait to see how you hair turn out. Make sure you check the link I sent you on twitter b/c I know you will like it.

  3. I just know that your clone is somewhere hugged up with a Robert P. look a like!! lol
    I can't wait to see your new "DO"! Kiah