Friday, April 8, 2011

Navy Layered & OutSpoken

"Totally layered.."

California is pretty hot. I can't take it anymore. I normally don't rock skirts with my legs and thunder thighs sitting out. But I had too. I rocked my normal scarf even though its hitting the 80's. I layered my shirts and threw on a washout vest. Common and simple, yet kinda fashionable. I love my hair more now that its kinda lose and Farrah Faucet. My hair looks so much better when its messy, I guess people call it bed hair. I can do that with these dreds.

Great morning. I got my boxes from my Rosie and my parentals (Mom and Dad). Im listening to Howard Stern as I do every morning when I start my day. Watched more Heroes last night and Im glad its picking up. Greg and I found a new show again, which I love, because we won't leave the house and we watch it cuddled up all day eating popsicles. Which means no money being spent with driving around and going out to eat.

Scarf: World Market
Black tee: Old Navy
Blue Tank: Old Navy
Vest Torrid
Skirt Marshalls

the legs are out...I like my legs alot...
I love scarves, it could be 100 degrees and I will still rock an 100% cotton completes me...

Sometimes I wonder why the fuck Im still here. Im close to the finish line so there should be no excuse. I find myself kinda zoning out, wondering about Math. I did not take it this semester. Its so hard for me. Why? I will never know. Its like I have to find a reasonable teacher to fucking pass me. Anyway, Im thinking bout taking math again this summer. Kill me..

Being Positive

Its going better. I been trying to stay focus on good things and being around positive people. I want no bad vibes. Even though sometimes I get low. But I think thats normal. I was listening to Howard Stern talk about how he goes to therapy. Not because he is crazy but he wants to figure out why he hates people so much and put most friends on such a high pedestal. I think it should be mandatory for people to go to therapy for at least a year..I think people would be surprised what they find out...or then again, people are too afraid to find out whats fucked up about themselves...


When I first found out I was completely terrified and scared out of my mind. I was not the same person I am now months later. In the beginning I lost sleep, thoughts were manic and I felt like I did something very wrong. Now, these days, I feel fine. Im not worried. I feel nothing in my life will change but my responsibilities. I feel that its time to have more responsibilities these days anyway. When you look in the mirror and realize your 3 to 4 years from thirty, you think maybe something was bound to change whether I liked it or not. My thought process had changed tremendously. And I like it. I am nervous. Because none of this was planned. But as everyone has told me "you tell life you have a plan, I'll show you life's face when he laughs at you the hardest.." I remember telling my dad that I was not ready for kids at the moment. He told me in response.."Who the fuck is? Obviously something did.."
I love my dad...

Art & Creativity

Im drawing still, but I find myself wanting to write as well. Ugh, thats a pain in the ass because I really feel I suck at it. I just wanna express myself so bad with a pen. But I feel its such a waste (goes back to being positive..). Oh well. I find myself sitting in my car or driving, thinking about things I could write, but for some reason I don't believe in myself in that department...

I miss Maryland at times, and its always nice to open a box from home. Especially from loved ones. Rose got me some brand new perfume! Outspoken by Fergie! I love the smell. It smells so good. Thank you Rosie!!!
cute bottle, its so me!

My Mum sent me these flip flops, so sweet of her! They actually fit as well! I wore these today, I could not help myself..

Rose sent some great smelly goods, there all in my bathroom now, I can never get enough of smelly goods.

I collect postcards from Rose, hell, anything Rose sends me I save. I always like post cards from museums she goes too...So their on my fridge.
speaking of the bitch...

Rose got all creative with her nails. Her ideas are pretty out there and I love it. Here she did clouds... beautiful color blue as well... My favorite nail design she did was the bee. She even creates the bee lines. Love it. Mariah...
she makes me wanna vomit...

Celebrity Fashion Candy
I find it funny how I was just bringing up how I never see Nicki Minaj anymore because she is on tour. Now she is on Elle magazine (the music edition) with Gwen Stefani. What the hell! I must have predicted the future! I love her and I kinda missed her wacky fashion. So she is back, kinda. She is still on tour. But anywho, enjoy my favorite celebrity looks...

Mashonda (Swiss Beats Ex Wife)
Her ex husband left her for Alicia Keys....Well, she won't have a hard time finding a man. Not with that bod. I love bathing suits like that, that go up the thigh. So hot...

Kerry Washington
She is so pretty and love the dress! EEE!

Sanaa Lathan
her face annoys me...
Maybe because she always plays he bitch, right? Love her dress, she looks epic...

Angela Simmons
(the fashion love of my life)

I would kill to be her friend. Yeah, I would be that flunky saying "thats so fetch" tryna make it happen, and she would be my Regina from Mean Girls. Thanks a girl I wanna roll with. Seriously...

Nicki Fucking Minaj
The Queen Has Arrived
Umm... fierce.
Thats all...

She second after Amber Rose on my list of girl I would like to be "close" with...
Video below!!!!
I love her hair this way..
Im not tired of it....


I watched Britney Spears comeback episode for MTV for her new cd Femme Fatal. Im over that chick for real. You all should have saw my walls in high school! COVERED with Britney Spears memorabilia! I lived for her when I was sixteen. This broad had fell off the wagon for real! No offense Brit but sit your ass down. The cd might be good (which I heard got good reviews) but your performance on that show made me wanna gasp for hair my damn self. She seemed so bored and tired. She seems like a mom who just came from home. She is not Britney anymore. At least not the Brit I grew up with...
The songs are catchy but as a performer, christ. And dye your hair pink or something Im tired of that blonde! Evolve Britney! And why the fuck was she wearing something from Chicos in the interview??? Im done.

more Heros for me and the Hubberz tonight, and more popsicles in bed!
Mwah to my followers!

My new favorite quote....


  1. Are you guys going to go and see Hanna, I think its looks A-MAZING!!

  2. Im glad I finally got on here.... :) I am now following your blog and I can relate on math im a business major in school and Im retaking calc this summer so I know omgee cant wait to be done :)

    love your posts

    cara :)

  3. i love this outfit! and i wear my scarfs in doors when lounging, so i definitely feel you on that one.

  4. Source Code looks good too. I tell the boy all the time there are too movies and no time...ha ha. I am on the fence with that Royal highness movie, I love all the people in it, but the concept....on the fence.

    I totally agree that we would have a blast, we have way too much in common! You need to give me your email address!

  5. I love Hero's. Cute outfit. I love getting Gifts for home.

  6. i love the hair, i can totally see baby in your face now. I bet if you give me some cravings and any disconfort, I can guess the gender!