Thursday, April 28, 2011

A French Connection: Ohh La La Thursday Nitez

I think I need a baguette?
Got this really cool military jacket that I wanted since forever! Geez! I always have to wait till hot shit hits the sale racks. Sometimes I wanna buy on sight. Oh well, we can't all be rich. Im glad I finally got this jacket/blazer. Its very light as well, not heavy. All from Torrid of course. I thought I looked very french today.

I might wear this on date night tomorrow..not sure...

I did not know whether to wear my sparkly hat or my sparkly bows....
Either one would have worked good I think...

The Friend Connection:
Those southern tornados were not playing! Back home, from what Rose told me, the weather was kind of rough. Sounded like it rained more and got cloudy a lot more often. Beautiful cloudy sky. I hardly see anything like this these days, living on the west side. The doggie in the picture is Rose's pup Zues. I miss him.
Rose suits up for Vegas soon. Omg, I can not believe I am not going. It bugs me that she will be a few hours away and I can not even say "Hey". Well, there is a reason for everything, just have not figured out that one. Rose sent me a picture of her at work today, I could not help but notice her flashy nails. That pink thing hanging from her phone is cool is that?
nice tits, I mean, necklace....
By the way..
Happy Birthday to Roses Boyfriend, he turns 26 today...
Here was the polish she used, nice silver color...very sassy and shiny!
BAM! I love it..
color: easel come easel go...

The "I Want" Connection:

Marilyn sweatshirt
Dunkin Donut Shoes

Vintage Sparkle Dress

Harlem Pants
I want one more pair with design please!

Color Print Crop Shirt
*died a little*
Chiffon Clutch
I can't even....

Mickey Mouse (anything he is on)
why is that so hard to find?
Shimmering Shirt
Kate Moss Sweatshirt
The Celebrity Connection:

This might be the best she ever looked, honestly...

Kourtney K.
My favorite fashionable Dash girl....

Whoopi And Amber
Two woman I just respect all together...
One I see as a powerful woman figure and the other, I just wanna touch....

Jessica Alba
looking bad ass I must say....

Kelly O.
dressed down for once, with wicked shades...she isn't fashion bumping right now but its Kelly O. and she can do what she wants...
Alexa Chung
I know I know, who the hell is she? Apparently she had a t.v. show on MTV but I think it got canceled...I liked her look though, so...thats why she is on here
Kurt from Glee
Ughh, if I was gay, this outfit would be mine.

The Movie Connection:

I saw Tangled and it was pretty bad ass. I loved it and I almost cried, but I didn't. Such a sweet movie. Greg laughed the whole time! The movie Fast 5 comes out tomorrow, if this weekend is easy I might blog about how it was, we will see.
Very crazy week...
Emotional beginning at that.

You know, I was thinking. Life is suppose to be a bitch right? Life is hard. Everyone says so. So, just because you get a hurdle or a shove down does not mean that you should cry about it. Its what is suppose to happen. Your suppose to get that bill you have no money for. Your suppose to hit that person with your car by accident in front of you. Your suppose to go on that date and that guy not show up. Other wise, it would not be life. It would be a fairytale.
Im learning...
By the way, its a! I soooooo didn't think so...
Mom, you were right.


  1. WOW!! I always feel like I can type forever after seeing your post! I love them all so much! You look hot in this outfit with that hat! I love it! I love Rose's nail polish...that is the business!! That clutch..."WINNING"! You are right, this is the best Trina has ever looked. AWE...Congratulations...its a GIRL!! How cute! Kiah

  2. I love it all!!!!!!!! SO much to respond to so Ill just keep all of my thoughts in my head. BUT I must agree - Trina rocked that look....
    S Nicole

  3. I just knew it was a girl! Good thing too, or your boy would have been wearing the HK suit I just bought, lol! <3

  4. "If they can't handle you at your worst, they sure as hell don't deserve you at your best!"

    Those are words to live by!

  5. That jacket is very cute, it definitely can be used to dress up or dress down. I wonder if they have them in orhter colors?

  6. I agree with S much to say....lets keep it short and sweet by saying you look absolutely B E A U T I F U L in your outfit post....I <3 following:

    The pink Dunkin donut shoes
    The bold print and colour cardigan
    the clutch

    Mele, Australia

  7. I totally have that same shirt...well its slighly different, but has the same design on the front. I got it from Forever 21 and thought it was so cute!!

  8. wtf 2nd time I have been wrong!! Well i should have known because you are always dressed. I was too with my daughter, when i was pregnant with my son....i was a fucking bum!

    You look great!!! I WILL BE SENDING U SOME STUFF!

  9. aww cute outfit that jacket is on point, totally date night worthy all you need is some hot red lips to take it to paris oui oui! congrats its a girl! xoxo

  10. Congrats precious girl on the way!! I love those jeans and that colorful jumper! Gosh I died a little too!

  11. Congrats on going to have a girl. How fun. Also cute outfit.

  12. Your blog is soooooooooooooooooo Cute! I subscribed!