Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hair Blondiez & Pure Ice Polish: Short & Cute!

This post will be kinda short since Im watching my "Movie Club" movie of the week. Yes, me and Rose have a movie club. Its called Follow The Profit. Pretty wild so far! Not to mention a papers due soon. Also Greg is on is way home and that means its time to watch our Heros marathon...
(such dorks..tee hee)
My hair turned out pretty great. I love it.
I love the whole Marilyn Monroe with dreds look. I hate the process of drying my hair. I slept with these damn pipe cleaners poking the shit outta me! Ouch! I love the turn out though. I will like it more once its more wild and drops. I noticed you can see more of my dye job here. Its kind of a rustic blonde but either way, I see the color more now that its curled.

Also, here is all my nail polishes. Not all of them. Im sure there are some under my bed and some in my closet I can not find. I thought I'd use my coffin purse to hold all my nail goods. Nail in the Coffin right??....HA! get it?

So I was thinking about a new look. I know Im already past the 25 year mark for new looks but I think we all have that moment to change our swag a little. Greg changed his look when he was 26. Rose is heading on changing her look to be a red head for her 26th birthday if not sooner. Even her boy toy is thinking about cutting his hair (he has long braids) for the new year. I feel maybe I should too. NOT CUT MY HAIR, but to infact look a tad bit different. I never thought I'd say this but I really want to start looking more afrian-centric like. Kinda tropical urban african hip hopish look.
Freaks me out because this sounds like something my mom would do...
But, not too straight forward, but very rasta...
Do ya'll get what I mean?

Check out Teyana Taylor's look:
(this is what Im talking about...she nails it)
She looks stunning.

I know I been posting a bundle of african prints and looks lately. So Ima go head and say this is the look Ima go for these days. Im not to into buying clothes these day because Im preggers and whats the point when Im kinda getting a gully. But I will be rocking this look in the mean time. "I can be fly and a mom" - Kendra

I have no clue who this chick is but, god damn she is EPIC!
J-Hud looking very nice in her tribal dress...

Yaya DaCosta
I reviewed this polish...if your bored or wanna know what I sound like press play sexy...


  1. i love your hair and that lip gloss! also i thought the photo of j-hud was brandy...yikes!


  2. Girl yo hair turned out supa dupa fly!! I loves it darling! I have gotten so much inspiration from this post filled with great fashionistas. Thanks for sharing. Kiah

  3. Your hair turn out great. You look so pretty in the first picture.


  4. Love the hair, the color came out so pretty!!

  5. Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I love how your hair is! The color and curl are fab :) and I love the hello kitty pic. It's AWESOME!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Plotting on getting braids again myself... Some really nice long ones... I can't wear my wigs with them in though that sucks.

    Great hair, I imagine the pipe cleaners would be hella uncomfortable.
    We gotta do an art collab one of these days; maybe a big poster on the crazy shit we dream about.