Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pale Pinks To Violet and Splashes Of Canary

This week is going slow. I want it to end. I actually want it to be payday which is Wednesday so I can get a good cooked sushi kick. How I miss the raw fish, but that will do. I finished my long ass paper, finally. Makes me gag that I had to site everything for that damn paper, it took so long.

Greg has duty tonight. Barracks Duty. The house is all mine. I guess I'll make myself a nice dinner and find a good movie. I should redo my hair, I love the curls. Hmm, maybe thats a good idea.

Ohh! This weekend is the Days Of Art in Oceanside, Im so going! Should be interesting to see.

I found this shirt in my closet and I had bought it a long time ago. Don't you love that? When you find something in the back of your closet that you totally forgot about? Best. Day Ever. I forgot how good the shirt looked on. Its an all pink pastel shirt. Very flowing and comfy. Its from Old Navy when they had a great ass sale. I was shopping with Rose at the time in Maryland. And of course my splash of yellow...tee hee

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Torrid
Bag: Wet Seal
Necklace: The Icing

"Comfortable In Violet"

Hey what can I say, a girls got to be comfy from time to time, especially walking about on campus. I thought i'd post the not-so-put-together look of me heading off for school. Sometimes I like to rock my stretch leggings and my stretchy top with my comfy Coach shoes. Jeans can smash my pelvis and some shirts make me feel like about about to pass out... Sometimes you wanna look cute and be able to walk from here to there...

Campus Walk Look:
Top: F21
Cardigan: Torrid
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Coach from Marshells

Thought I'd show off the jewelry as well, Rose actually gave me the bracelet...
Check the back of your closets ladies or in the back of your draws, you might find something you have been missing...I sure did...

My True Bleu Boooo!
Rosie Baby

Rose had a nice weekend filled with shopping. Unfortunately, I am never there. I swear this is bothering more and more. I wish we didn't live across the damn United States for once, but I better get the fuck use to it right? Sigh, anyway...
She went to Ross and got this awesome sexy dress for 10 buckaroos! Ekk! I love it. Thought I would share it with everyone...

She did her hair in curls as you can see...nice nice :)
Im not sure if she wore them on her date or not, either way they got sweated out Im sure...

OPI Colored Nails:

Here are her other purchases...

Laptop Case: $10
Jordans with sparkly laces..
this is so Rose...
30 bux at Ross

"Celebrity Bitez"

emma watson
Looking stunning as usual... she can do no wrong...

Jennifer Hudson
She looks a little funny smaller, but she looks amazing in this picture...amaze...

Kylie Jenner
Wow..love it

Solange Knowles
Rose thinks she looks a mess...

Jessy J
She looks great...."I can do it like a brutha, do it like a dude.."

Hayley William from Paramore

Im feeling her...

Solange Knowles
She is stunning to me. Oh man. Love her look, soon to be a carbon copy

If I Were A Boy...or If I Had A Boy
They say that you can't make boys look cute and there are no cute clothes for boys. Umm, shall I say "bullshit". I thought these were cute, thought I would share. Obviously my kids are not gonna be asian, lol! And I have no clue why they are all asian, but these boys look extra fly.

How fucking cute...



  1. ummm off shoulder tee in the back of the closet, i wish! my favorite thing right now is to give 'em a lil shoulder.

    this is totally a look i would style for solange!

    also who is the guy in the last photo?! sooo my type!


  2. Great Outfit. Those boys clothes are super cute.


  3. Lovely outfits, love the length of your posts and the content! Emma is my favourite as always, Solange looks amazing and I think Jennifer has gone a bit too far with the weight loss, she was stunning before! Great post :)