Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Glory: Girl Crushez & Coconut Slushez

Greg and I was craving good burgers. The best burger place around here in O-side to me is Rubys Diner. Its in the ocean, literally. You have to walk all the way down the boardwalk at then end of the dock at the end of the...ocean, literally. It sounds crazy, but you are surrounded by water and its very nice and romantic. The best part is that Rubys is not expensive given where its located. Its literally right next to my favorite restaurant Harney Sushi (which is expensive). But its a regular burger place anyone can afford. Pretty much, if your reading from the east coast, its like a Johnny Rockets.
(The waitresses actually dress like that chick on the menu, kinda porno kinky..)

Good good weekend. We had a ball together, as usual.

This kid stole the shot, but it shows the body of water we were around...pretty snazzy..

The one thing about Oceanside is that you always see something beautiful, everywhere you look is a snap shot or a postcard. Its a very content place to live if you love vacations and tranquil days. Perfect place to be. You do not need much here, everything is down the street. I love'd here, the next destination is a mystery which is pretty cool and fun. Tee hee! But if we did get re stationed here, I would not be too unhappy. I prefer being closer to family, hands down. But there is always something about driving to the grocery store and seeing the pacific on the right of you, waving...

O-side Beech

So Greg and I finally finished season one of Heroes. I loved it. We bought popsicles like I said, and we laid together and had fun. We bought this AMAZING gelato ice cream called Creamy Caribbean Coconut....and god damn! It is so good! We went back and got more... Its kinda pricey but, oh well...
Greg was my genie...
tee hee!
Ughh, the best!

Rosie Baby
Rose is literally working a sweat shop in her room. I was laying around this weekend and got a text from her saying and I quote.."I hope your kids head aint this big"...and she snapped a shot of a baby hat that she knitted on sight. And wow. It was perfect. So she is making beanies for herself and me, but I thought her knitting was awesome given her first try. I am really happy she is there for me. I love her.
I told Rose she should get more yarn. She talked about doing baby socks which I think would be really cool. Even Greg was surprised how good she did for a first try.

Rose's weekend was fun filled as well. I will post her date outfit tomorrow. She went to Crackle Barrel, this new restaurant down in Maryland. Its a big east coast chain, mainly in the south. She said she hated it and her and her boy toy both rated it a D-! Geez! I have a feeling they just went to a bad one. Either way, Rose had a good weekend and got her bra strapped broken...
whoops :)


Kendall & Kylie
They are the youngest Kardashians even thought their last name is Jenner. I still have not watched Khloe & Lamar yet. I have it recorded though. One thing about Kris Jenner (Kim K's Mom), she does make pretty babies, all of them look like super models. I mean, Khloe was not the prettiest kid, but, she is winning more than the prettier sisters...

Angela Simmons
Always a fox.....
Amber Rose it just me or did Amber Rose's fashion went down hill since Kanye stopped swiping his card? Yeahhh... just saying...

Ashlee Simpson
My favorite white girl, well one of them! :) Love her...

Solange Knowles
I .Will. Look. Like. Solange. One. Day....

bad bitch no matter what...nice nude shoes..

Girl Crushez
I always post chicks on here I admire or think are fashion icons. But I think I should let everyone know the ones I have respect for, and ones I would so go gay for. LOL! I mean, at least I am honest. I have a very very short list but I thought it would still be entertaining to show my girl crushes, even though Im sure you ALL know who is number one. For example, I LOVE Lady Gaga but I wouldn't date Lady Gaga. Or I love Angela Simmons and think she is really pretty but I don't "crush" on Angela Simmons. But there are some famous chicks who are the shot and would re consider my sexuality. Yay! Heres the list.

Dunn & Bam

5. Kirsten Stewart
I like butch Kirsten Stewart. Not "Bella" Kirsten Stewart. Watch the Runways, she has swag for days. I love it. I have no idea what it is. But she is pretty awesome. Girl crush!

4. Kat Von D
I love her body, and her talent make her a freaking fox. I love her. I admire her and crush on her half and half. But she is pretty awesome. She pulls off being feminine with tats. Hot.

Now...its gets serious.....

3. Rihanna
It was hard making her number three. But based on video I just saw, she is gonna take this number. She is alot of peoples girl crush. Her body is insane and....yeah...
I'll leave it there...

2. Nicki Minaj
Nicki is a straight up in the closet lezzie. But thats fine. I rather her be open like Gaga, but Nicki is amazingly pretty and my girl crush is on cloud 9 with her... *sigh*
Watch below at this lucky chick... I got jealous! LOL!
<object width="448" height="374">

Number one AMBER ROSE
Now this is serious, because this is the only woman I think I would have actually dated. I mean, oh my god. She is just everything I love. Bald head, good teeth, real woman's body, I love her! I actually questioned my sexuality for real when I saw her! She is sooo bad ass! Her face is flawless to me! Omg! Most of you knew that, but now its official... I would be her bitch.

Musically Challenged:
I have been listening to Drake like crazy all over again. I swear his style is rap/soul. That man made a whole new genre. Back to my grown woman shit. Tee hee! I also downloaded Denise Williams "Free" song, which is pretty old...But the song relates and related to me. Because I want to be free all the time.

More tomorrow peeps!


  1. Look like you head a great weekend.

  2. That resturant looks AMAZING!!! I wish we could have dinner by the ocean.

    We have cracker barrels here and they are just OKAY, nothing to get excited about. I do love their biscuits though and they are super cheap.

  3. Rosario Dawson is the woman I'd turn for. She is beautiful to me.