Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plucking Feathers


So far life is still good. I had the worst sleep in the world last night. I must have peed over 8 times and I am not even being a dramatic. I feel good. I still think a lot. What else is new. I kinda wanna go out today, my sleep was so bad, I just wanna stay out the house longer. I might download this singer a friend told me about, her last name is Gouding I think...and her first name is Ellie..
Matter of fact, let me download her right now while I type this blog, hold on...

Its pretty ironic she told me about this artist because she played at Coachella 2011 (for those who don't know, its a music festival). She told me to download her immediately, and me and hers taste in music are so similar they might as well fuck. I am listening to it now. More about Coachella further down..

I noticed Greg turns 28 in a few months, not even that, in three months. I know what I'ma do. We'll I have an idea about one thing. I wanna take him to a restaurant and have the people secretly come up to him and clap and sing happy birthday. He thinks its so funny. So I wanna do that for him. Thats one thing down... Our anniversary is coming up as well. It will be 5 years married. It seems like such a short time. But we been together in all for 9 does not feel that long at all. Greg is big on the anniversary stuff more than I am. So most likely we will be traveling somewhere, we usually go to Palm, we will se what he has planned..
I love feathers, I have many post where I have pictures of fashionable women with feathers on. Feather dresses, feather gowns, feather bags, and most of these things I can't even afford. So when I saw this belt, on clearance, It was mine. I got it for ten bucks, which Im proud of. It fits pretty awesome and it looks great over a lot of my shirts.
All is from Torrid, besides the peacock earrings.
Those were from the Art Festival I went too.
Thanx Greg!
Here is the belt up close..
Peach Ring with turquoise beads $10.00

Peach Poilsh from Torrid called "Just Peachy"

On sale as well, this flowing shirt, loose in the belly area...and damn cute...10.00
All Together:

I love my all black leopard leggings...can you tell? Lol!

This pregnancy aint fucking me up too much, right?
tee hee..

Celeb Candy:

Did you guys hear her new single...
Eww..I hate it.
But her video will come out and then I'll love usual....

My Fashionable Kardashian
Kourtney K
Her shoes...*sigh*...I love when there is a splash of color...

Beyonce's Sis
Rose thinks she is a hot mess. Hahaha!
I love Solange so much, well, at least her fashion...
I think she looks amaze-balls right now..

So its like the mega music event, and celebs actually walk the field like they are normal people. The fashion there was so boho/hippie or punk...
All the celebs seemed so out of their element, and seemed very normal....I love it...
Check out the Celebs @ Cochella 2011

Kelly O:
Oxfords? Winning!
Kelly always looks amazing. This was a three day event, so Im guessing this is her two outfits on different days... Fierce bitch.

Ms Dita Von Tease
nuff said, its Dita for God sakes..

Nicole Ritchie
Nicole can do no wrong. She looks fab.

Rih Rih
I love how everyone wore really short ripped shorts...

Alessandra Victoria Secret Model

Dita Von Teese
Ughh, Dita, your killing me you epic bitch....

Whitney Port
Love the shorts Whit, even though it could only fit my arm....ekk!

Kanye West
Hands down! This proves if I was a guy I would be fucking Kanye! His fashion is so mine! Plus we seem to have the same taste in women..."Hi Amber"

Katy Perry
Love it Katy, so hippie!

Dita Von Teese
I can't get enough of Dita, sorry...

Vanessa Hudgens
She looks good, Im tired of seeing her vagina on the internet though...

Solange K.

Chanel Iman
Very cute..
So I been typing while listening to my friends suggestion of the artist Ellie Goulding, and I love it. She reminds me of....well....I don't know. Its very airy like she said. I get a Sia feel when I listen to her, even though they both sound totally different. Very indie. So far I am already listening to this song on repeat already, its called "The Writer"...

the worst...


  1. hey! I love your ring! its gorgeous. Ya i heard beyonces new single and it really is awful but you might be right with the whole loving it when the video comes out...we will seeeeee. ugh dita does look so amazing in these..but she would..wouldnt she..
    hope you sleep better tonight (I almost wrote, "Hope you pee better tonight" which is not what i want for you, its just all this pee talk!) :P

  2. Thank you for following...I'm now following you.

    Btw, either I need to borrow your top or you need my wedges!! cute!

  3. ooh i just love kourtney's shoes & kim's jumpsuit/romper. and omg dita's jacket is cute..with the bows and all..and i like rihanna's get up. your ring is cute too (:

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! FYI~~~ not me with the soda cans, its my hair stylist KeeKee! She is beautiful and talented!
    Great blog love the feathers...

  5. You look super Fab. Also I have been with my hubby for almost 9 years too.

  6. umm why does jay-z look like a lost child behind beyonce? lmao!

  7. Well now....look at you in your lovely outfit...That belt spunks it up so much!

    Thanks for following my blog...Following you right back!

    Much Love

    Mele, Australia

  8. I want that belt and i want it now! Oh i LoVe your blog thanks for following mine i'm definately doing the same xoxo

  9. I love that belt, it's so cute & can be worn dressed up or dressed down. I too love a splash of color I think of it as an accessory, it just makes the outfit that much better...Now following u, hope you can stop ny and follow me.

  10. I'm in love with your belt and earrings!

    Thanks so much for checking my blog out.


  11. Girl you need to gimmie that dog on belt! That thang is just fierceness!! LOVES IT! Sorry I have not been on here in a camera broke so I have not been blogging much but I got a new one last night so it is back to business as usual! ;-) I thought you were playing about the bun in the oven. Seriously, you know how you do! lol Congrats Honey...that is such a marvelous gift! I also did not know that you and Greg were married...I thought that was your new boyfriend. Girl I know..I'm buggin fo real! I am with Rose...Solange is a hot messness! I love her hair but some of the stuff she wears sometimes it just a cluster of randomness. I love Beyonce. I think she's so sweet. What is Jigga Man's hair talking about these days??? As for Kanye...I'm just smh and saying umm umm umm he's hot mess #2!! lol

  12. solange´s style is amazing, i love the pics !!!