Monday, January 31, 2011

Pockets and Roses: February Dresses

Back and kinds better than ever. Im not gonna lie I was so over blogging for about a day. Then I felt the need to express myself to whoever reads. Im gonna make this quick and not all about me. For once this post is about my fashion, my friends and my pictures.

Dress: Torrid
Boots: H&M
Tee Shirt: Torrid

This dress is so beautiful. The material is soft and silky. I love the floral cuts in it. It HAS pockets which makes me wanna die. And also, its skinny strapped and can be played down or dressed up. No end to the possibilities. Sorry it took so long to start posting. Being sick back and forth with school an be a bitch.
Dress was 48.99
Went down 37.99
got if half off that for
17.99....or something like that?

Here is the dress without the shirt:
Valentines Day Night Maybe???
love this dress...

My Weekend & My Days:
(picture of Me and Rose's boo boo our last night in Maryland)
I think he smelt good :)
So this weekend was relaxed, surprisingly. I did feel a bit spazzy. I hate that. We ate pizza this weekend (New York Pizza) and it was so good. I want some now but Im gonna waiting to get paid.

Good Food For Hair:
I always use Olive Oil Treatment. I twist my hair with it, I spray my hair with it and also I use the shampoo. I love Carols Daughter, but there shit is expensive. So in the meanwhile, I rock Olive Oil Hair Products..
Here is my Oil sheen that does wonders for my dry ends...
Rose did a hot oil treatment last night with Olive Oil an look at her juicy ass head...

Shes cute in this picture
Nice smokey eye right?
She used E.L.F makeup

Here is her new stash!

She better be happy I don't live near her...

So, Rose went to H&M and got this shirt...

She bought it and noticed on the tag that its a child shirt with the size 12 to 14 YEARS!
She bought a kids shirt!
The best part is she fits it and kinda wants another one...

Artistically Not Challenged:
This guy named Greg Simkins inspired me to draw, so I did. I turned on Howard Stern and started sketching. Then, the picture became for dominate. It became very personal. So personal, I did not want to post it. I drew alot of whats going on in life with me. It became, a journal. A book of confessions.
So I left the picture of the drawing out...

Here is Greg Simkins Drawings:

Here is a small piece of my drawing...
more Greg Simpkins:

A friend of mine Crystal, who is back in Maryland got inspired to do a video of her purchases. The funniest mall back in Maryland was always Arundel mills. She shows her buys and purchases and shows what Arundel Mills has to offer. HUGE MALL! I miss it already.
Check her out below:
and tata!

Arundel Mills Shopping Spree from Frankie on Vimeo.


  1. Even the small piece of your drawing you've shown looks so good. I wish I had an ounce of your talent! And you're looking veeeery nice in the dress! Bargains like that are the best x

  2. That dress is super cute.

  3. gimme that dress i want one like that but they never have it n my size i think my eyes turned out pretty good im trying to step my game up next imma try to whole face :/ I'm scared

  4. I adore your dress! I love florals so much :) You have a gorgeous blog. Following

    Love, Vanilla

  5. thanks for stopping by! I usually don't complain this much about the winter, but all this gray and ice is making me miss the warmth and the sun!

    I love that dress. The floral pattern is so romantic, and I loved that you paired it with edgy boots.

    Your drawing looks fantastic! You should show us the whole piece!


  6. great dress, great boots, and AMAZING make up collection! i'm jealous! i want that palate!

    thanks for the comment...follow each other?

    amy leah
    the coquetiquette

  7. You got a good deal on that dress, and it's gorgeous! You look great in it! I had to laugh at your friend buying a kids shirt on accident, but it is cute! And your really good at drawing, that drawing is amazingggg!!!

  8. isn't it great when dresses have pockets??!! that's a totally oomph-worthy detail that i look for!

  9. That's a lovely dress actually it suits you. I WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICTURE!!! (T_T)

  10. love that floral corset dress on you! totally perfect for the upcoming valentine's as well... ;)

    in her stilettos-an austin fashion blog