Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pretty Little Big Desire: The Editorial 1.11.11

Im chilling and watching The Game. Its a show Rosie Poo put me on. I like it. I watching the marathon now. I would check my status on my classes for this season but, I honestly do not feel like it. I wanna chill today. No cleaning and errands to run. I just wanna sleep all day. I missed the Bad Girls last night! What the hell! But I did not miss Pretty Little Liars! Oh man it was good. I love shows you have to pay attention too. Greg watched it and well, he calls it his undercover show. I get it. Most guys wouldn't admit to watching it. But he does. Thats a good thing.

My mom got me this shirt before I left. I know she got me this shirt out of guilt. What happened was we went to Saks Fifth Avenue and were shopping. I picked out a similar shirt and got it line with her. Once we got to the register I put my shirt on the counter with her stuff, figuring she was treating me. Needless to say, she was not. She gave me the eye and said she already "bought" me stuff and I was being greedy. Which was fine. So I put back the shirt. Then walked back to the line where she was ringing up her stuff. She noticed I put it back then changed the whole story by saying.."Just get the shirt, next time, remember I am buying you other stuff." I then told her "No, Im good." I guess she was expecting me to have a break down in the store.. (my mom thinks I am a 11 year old spoiled brat)..but I didn't. We walked out of the store, meeting up with Greg and my dad. She kept saying I should go back and get the shirt but I kept telling her no. I could tell she felt guilty for not getting me the shirt even though she is already a freakin millionaire...(just sayin)..
But I told her to not worry about it and it wasn't a big deal..
So about 2 days later she bought me this from TJ Maxx...a shirt that resembled to the one in Saks. I completely forgot about that shirt...but she got it for me..
Thanks mom.

*sniffs pits*

For lunch. I know what I want. I hope Rose is not reading this. Otherwise she would light my ass up. But I have an addiction. I am not lying nor am I trying to be funny. I have an addiction to sushi. I really do. Its a problem. I find myself counting change just to get some! I found out yesterday that Harney Sushi (my favorite sushi bar thats just one minute from me) has lunch hours. So I am getting lunch from there today. Omg, so yummy!

Here is me at the bar waiting for lunchero!

Oh yeah..
remember that diet Im on....?

So in other news, I been trying to convince Rose to dye her hair a amber red! I think she would look so beautiful with it. I actual dreamt it. She would look amazing! The bitch said she aint dying her hair this year...
(what a weirdo)
Can't you see Rose with some messy red hair on her peachy skin? Yes!
I was thinking this color.
She would kill this!

Back to people I don't even know in real life...
Angela Simmons:
I love Angela. I been watching her reality show way before she came out with Pastries the shoe company. She is so real and she is a goodie goodie which I love. I always loved her style on the show and was pretty bummed out when they canceled Daddies Little Girls..a reality show about her and her sister Vanessa. I loved it. Her style is sick, and she just dyed her hair blonde. Thats usually what happens when you stay in L.A. But for a black girl, she is rocking it well! I love it!!!!

Heres a photo shoot of her looking fab as always:
photos from Necolebitchie.com

Angela should be illegal...

Who watched Pretty Little Liars last night?
I know I love tis show and say fifty times a day. But I must say, the fashion on here is no joke. Especially from Aria. She is the character played by...
Played by...
I don't know. But she is the actress who plays Aria Montgomery on the show. She is the one who is banging the teacher Mr Fitz. Tee hee! Every episode this chick has on something hot! I love it! I could not find my favorite outfit that she had on last night, I could only find one. But any who, check her out.
Thats her name! Lucy! I thought it was Luna for some reason. This bitch is bad. I love her style and her bags on the show make me wanna jump off a building. I love her look! Gah! I want her closet and a seamstress to make the shit fit on my ass.

This was Aria last night...bad ass!

This dress was a killer...Holy fuck!

Hope you enjoyed the looks I posted.
Check out P.L.L. if you can, its a good show.
Bout to watch The view whenever my remote decides to work..
I never explained how Black Swan the movie was. Rose and I did see it. It was...
Rose posted this video on my facebook wall and it pretty much explains how I felt about the movie. She nailed it. Check her out:
Taa Taa!


  1. I love Sushi too. I don't get it that much. Also cute Shirt. Also those are very cute looks.


  2. Sushi is my thing, I actually might get me some this weekend. Great post!

    Stay gorgeous!