Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Girl With The Most Cake: Liv Thru This

Chillin, listening to Courtney Love. Thanks Jackie. She started it. She wrote a lyric on my facebook wall. And it was Courtney. And I melted.

Right now, Im listening to Jennifer's Body right now. It just came on. How have no idea. Maybe I should listen to the lyrics...
"Just relax, just relax, just go to sleep..."

Pieces of Jennifer's body...

Basically, reality hit me in my face again today. I do not live at home with my rich family anymore. Its just us. Oh, don't get me wrong. Me and the hubbers are happy. Still in love. But I just still have a hard time living "life". I still have that vision of the "bubble" I always lived in. I know it will take years for me to understand life and all its fucking terrible splendor...I wish I could escape, but maybe thats the problem. I wanna escape so much. Im losing life in between my fingers like sand. Im falling apart yet Im standing tall. Who knows what the fuck "strong" means anymore. I give the fuck up.
Basically for new readers who read.... I think I gained a follower or two? But anyway, I am one of those middle class kids who lived a real pampered life. I won't say rich. Paris Hilton is rich. But I lived a cushioned life and now that I moved out and moved across the country to Cali...And Im seeing what life really is like..
on my own...
Greg lived the opposite of my life. So he doesn't trip like I do. He grew up in the streets. South East D.C actually.
Beautiful california....ugly teachings...

Before I hated my life like I do today, I bought this bad ass purse. Yeah, it looks trashy and tacky..but it makes me melt.
Its Mullberry By Target..
The knob on the purse so I got half off...tee hee!

very Betsey J to me...
So my best friend in the whole entire world got me into this youtube make-up blogger
Brittany Gray
How beautiful is she?
Well, I learned alot of new tips and buy advice for cheap make up! Oh man! Rose and I already bought alot of shit just from watching her videos. Ha! So I asked her on Twitter if I could feature her and she said yes. You gotta ask these days...copyright :)
Check out her channel and this cool video:

Her smokey eye is the bomb. Rose always said she is way too light to rock the smokey eye, but Brittany shows that it aint true. Anyone can rock it!
I bought shit!
Rose got hip herself and got this amazing color! Wow!

Honestly yes...

Nicki Minaj In V Magazine:
I love her, so enjoy..

this is my favorite one

Her body make me cry

In good news, Jersey Shore comes on tonight..
Thank god...

Music 4 Day:
I been listening to Elton John and Courtney Love as well..

1.) Goodbye Yellowbrick Road by Elton John
2.) Jennifers Body by Hole
3.) Violet by Hole

Its a sad day for me...
but I promise I'll try...


  1. I think I know what you mean about the "bubble". I'm still happy in mine but I don't know what I'm going to do when I move away to university.
    The bag is tacky but I sort of absolutely love it at the same time. I could never pull it off though!
    OMG Nicki Minaj's boobs ♥! x

  2. I love you purse But you Hello Kitty is off the hook still. Hugs. Everything will be fine. you just have to give it time.

  3. THe make up person I watch on You tube is Michelle Phan and Candie C. I watch a couple others but I like Michelle Phan because I love some of the looks she makes and I like Candie C. because she's my complexion. Gotta find tips that work with my skin color.

    Strength is being able to deal with all the shit life throws at you, and still smiling. It's being able to laugh at life when everything seems to want you to cry. That's what it is to me anyway. You can handle it Tia. You are a lot stronger than you think.