Monday, January 17, 2011

Its Oh So Surreal...

What. A. Weekend. You couldn’t imagine. I mean, totally crazy. My life is changing so fast and Im not sure if its a good thing or bad. I wake up in panic. I know the reason why. its be not knowing the future. Do you know what I do, honestly? I compare myself to everyone. Not in a jealous way. But I look at what everyones doing and try to see if I am doing the same thing. I look at people success and make sure I as well is on that path. Its a stupid way to be. I find myself becoming sad or down because I have not got what I wanted in life. Sometimes my mind shoves me and says “Bitch, you can’t have everything!” Which is true. I mean, you can..but you will always want something more. Life is such a world wind. A constant crazy roller coaster ride. For me it is such a scary one. I woke up in panic. I woke up in worries. I need to fucking draw. I need to get this out. Fuck The Sims today. I need me to come out. My talent. Something I know Im good at. Something I can look at and say, “I expressed that”. I need a way out. So here it comes.

Me and my bed became friends
Im sure I posted this before, but..damn thats sexy
I want! I bought a cake over the weekend and it was so gross...Im sure this would do the deed..
*licks lips*

Rose Plater My Bestie With Huge Testies:
Rose did nothing this weekend, what a loser, but she managed to spend 75 dollars on makeup!
Hot diggity damn!
She ordered from E.L.F and got a nice palette I hear...
Rose cleans her face with these after makeup usage...good plan!
Rose got a new makeup box from ROSS:
Rose could have actually bought the 7.99 one which was bigger but she decided not too. Her makeup looks better then mine. Mines fucking everywhere.
Rose & her so much jewelry!
Rose in her fav new color Revlon Lilac Pastelle
And because Rosie is such a good business woman, she got this charm bracelet
And yes she is at her desk.
I will try the best I can...

The Golden Globes:
I said I would not talk about the Golden Globes. But I had too. The dresses were a killer.
Christian Bale one a golden globe! His performance in Fighter was, epic! He torn that shit up! I love him now because of that movie. Please see it, Its like your there in the movie with him. Amazing!

Sue and Beast:
Love it!


Jennifer Lopez:
Beautiful & at least to me! Alot of people said they did not like it. She looks stunning!

Finn, Mrs Pillsberry, and Britney:
Yeah, yeah, Im using there casting names but hey, thats who I fell in love with is...
wurk it Mrs P!

Christina Aguilera:
Wowzers, I like her bigger. She gained weight...

Ughh, no babe, don't like it....

Fab. Don't lie, she looks bad ass!

Angelina Jolie:
This is not because I am obsessed with her face, lets be honest, Angelina looks fearless! God damn! I never seen anyone with that many tattoos and look that classy! She was fucking stunning!
Must be that Brad Pitt dick.....

Brad & and her...

Damn damn damn....
bad bitch...
Yeah, its Brads Penis cardio work-workout!
Rose said that...

Otep Shamaya:

Otep. My favorite band. My rock star band. I fell away from the heavy metal scene awhile back. I will be honest. When Lady Gaga walked her ass on stage I knew I found the next best thing in pop music. Britney Spears and all those pop icons were my addiction in high school, but they were all being made fun of by everybody. When Lady Gaga comes out on the scene...she gains respect. Yeah, she gets laughed at because of her weird outfits, but thats it. Not one person, AND I MEAN NOT ONE PERSON, can say they do not like her music. And if you do not like any of her music, I bet a million dollars you were in the shower reciting Pokerface while singing into the showerhead. Im not stupid. C’mon her shit is catchy.

But when she came and when rap made a comeback. I fell away from the metal music. Kanye made me fall in love with rap again, and Nicki Minaj...I mean...well, look at her. I just dispearred from the scene.

For some reason on friday, I go on Itunes to see if Otep had a new album and of course, she did, and I heard nothing about it. I felt ashamed, honestly...LOL!

But to make a long story short. I got the CD “Smash The Control Machine” and wow....


One of the tracks, touched me in a way nothing has touched me before. It does not even sound like her at all. I had to double check when it came on because it sounded totally like someone else. A piano was in the background for god sake! Im use to hearing Otep growl and snarl and scream on a track. But here she was, innocent and soft. It was beautiful. And call me cliche, but, i feel I was suppose to hear this album NOW. Not then, it wasn’t meant for me to hear it then...

It was for right now. At this moment.

The song is titled “Ur A WMN Now”. And if that wasn’t a call from somewhere. I felt something. I knew something. It was like I was a bird, and she opened the cage for me to fucking fly. Sounds dramatic but thats what it was. It changed me, it was meant for me to hear, right now.

I stand by that. I believe that.

Music Listened To Today:

1.) Oh So Surreal! by Otep

2.) Smash The Control Machine by Otep

3. Do it Like A Dude by Jessie J

4.) Ur A Wmn Now by Otep

Im so drawing today:

and it will be fun..

Bored? Why Wait:
And fuck you Vimeo! I will not pay you for a membership! youtube it is...

Fashion this week by the way!
And happy MLK Day!


  1. Glee girls look great, Lea looks beautiful shame the dress is a bit OTT.
    Ella Jasmine

  2. okay bitch Im not a loser when u work fifty hours n a week and shit u need to rest ASSHOLE noone wants to hear that otep yelling shit

  3. I love your new bedding.

  4. Holy shit, I thought you knew about that cd. I had no idea you had stopped listening to metal. Weezer and Disturbed miss you so, lol!