Monday, February 7, 2011

Target Rocks Again: Shoes Dreams & Life's U-Turns

Just because your boobilicous does not mean you can not wear sexy shit. Fuck that. Most hide it or try to accent it but I do not. I mean, I don't have my boobs just out and open. But I am not shy to showing a tad bit of cleavage. I just don't. Im down for looking sexy, especially for the hubbers. So when I saw this shirt at Target I really wanted. I looked at the cups and thought, "whoa", but then decided to buy a camisole for it. Greg and I went some where and I wore it that way after I bought it. It honestly made me look very ... very...
So I decided the next date we went on, whether it was a walk on the beach or dinner, I would rock this more sexy for myself. I felt weird with that camisole smashing my dear old boobies. So I switched it up and got this more..."sexy" camisole that looks more like a bra and decided, I'll rock this the next time I rock this shirt. And honestly, I liked that look better.

I geared down the outfit by wearing some regular all black cargo pants from Torrid to make the outfit look less racy. If you have alot going on at the top, I think its okay to be simple and relaxed on the bottom. Hence wearing a skirt with this would be fine but, if I wanted to just go to the mall, I would rock some ripped jeans or these cargos instead with some flats. Its always nice to rock a nice top in the day and wear relaxed pants and then when it hits six or seven, date nite time, you drop the pants and just slip on a skirt...always convenient.

shirt: Target pants: Torrid flip-flops: Marshalls

Back of the shirt:
Fav Torrid Bracelet:

Other news:
My best friend Rose is coming to California to visit me! How random! I love it. She will be coming pretty soon and i will have awesome pics to post. I am pretty excited about it. I miss her everyday. She is all the way in my hometown Maryland. Its a pretty long flight but she said she needed a getaway. So whats better then going to California and having your bestie live there? You gotta ask her.
(If your wondering how I get these photos from Rose, its because we picture-message each other 24/7...we use to be the closet shopping partners so now, since I moved, we email or text each other our purchases..)

Rose's New Shades for the sun: 3 dollars!

Roses Bag:

Her i.d holder..(cute right? lucky bitch..)

i am not a whore - ha! I love Jersey Shore

Shoe Dreams Are Made Of These:
We all have them. "Shit we can't afford" dreams, here are mine...
Gun Hoe:
I love these so much....

Chiffon Breeze:
Im really getting into bows...
Kick Your F$@%& Ass Boots:
I honestly think every girls should on a pair, you don't know whos balls your gonna step on..

Tiny Patz:
cute, simple and shiny

Service Members:
Could you imagine is the military let girls rock these in formation? Just sayin...

Gothic Hems:
Nice, very Kim K though...

Daringly Different:
What Would Gaga Do?
Farmers Daughter:
The bows once again are killing me soflty...

Celeb Iconic Fashion Moments:
BITCH WURK Award of the week

Mila from Black Swan

Amber who plays Mercedes in Glee
How can you not love somebody, no matter if your tall, skinny, fat, or petite....that loves there body. You can tell she owns it and I love that..
Bitch work...

Vanessa Simmons:

Right now, Im in a funny place. A place I have never been mentally or physically. Dealing with lifes U-turns. Its hard to explain, yet its not. I am up this morning at 4:00 am. Thats the time my eyes pop open and I lay there thinking. Thinking about my life and where its headed, or better yet, where its taking me. Its funny how sometimes you just can not control your life. You just can't. Its funny how if you have a plan in life, "life" or "god" laughs at you and gives you another plate of something, you maybe did not expect. So when that happens what do you do? What do you do when all signs of life is telling you to go a certain direction...when you wanna go some where else. Whats does that mean? What happens when your walking down a road and you see whats ahead of you, and you want to run. But you CAN'T run because everything around you is fenced in. Everything is gated and barbed wired for you to go down this fucking path. You have no choice. And just when you think you found a hole to get out this winding road, you just realize it was a hole you couldn't even fit in even if you wanted too.
Then what?
Do you go down the path? Hell, for me its not a question anymore. I feel I have been directed for something and I have no idea why this idea chose me. Of all people.

I think Im a selfish person. I am. Because I noticed in my "ordeal", its all about, me. I make it all about me.

For the record:
My miss my mom...and Im going to call her soon. For honestly the first time. I need to talk serious talk to my mother. Like seriously. About life. I usually do not, because me and her differ on alot. But for some reason. I need "blood", "wisdom", and "true daughter mother love" to tell me..
"my options".
Even if she told me something that I dod not want to hear, I would do it.

Music I Rocked Over The Weekend:
1.) Rolling In The Deep by Adele (LADIES! DOWNLOAD!)
2.) Mine by Taylor Swift (reminds me of Greg and I)
3.) Enchanted by Taylor Swift
4.) Ur A WMN Now by Otep ( Otep,... )
5.) You Are The Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne

We'll its almost six here, about to get ready for school, and the gym. Rolling with my girl Mary today. Im going to stay positive as much as I can
As much as I can..


  1. Love your shirt, very cute and I want those nude bow shoes too :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Cheeky peek of the lace - I like it! Amber Riley looks stunning those Essence photos but I wish they wouldn't Photoshop so much. It looks like she has no knees!!
    I loooove the black 'gothic hems' shoes. Stop posting shoes I'll never own! x

  3. Your top is cute. EACH of these shoes give me FEVAH and Mercedes is doooope and Adele is amazing. Good post!!

  4. I love Target. Those shoe are HOT.