Monday, January 24, 2011

And scene: Feeling Swell

"and scene.."

School was today. Thank god for Mary coming to my door. I was totally not gonna go. Yeah, I said it. I was so not going to school today. I been sick all week. I was so tired and worn out this weekend. I felt nauseated and sick for days. Sitting up in the house looking out the window wishing for my demise. So dramatic but its so true. So sunday, I texted Mary Berry that I was gonna stay home and rest up. I did not hear from her at all, then the next morning my phone blows up. I forgot who I was dealing with. Mary came to the house and picked up, forcing to go to class. And I went. Best choice ever. I felt better. I was doing things today. I got fresh air. Mary bought me lunch, Sesame Chicken to be exact! I got free donuts. Saw my girl Jessica. I had an amazing day. Was it because i just had to go out? Was I sick of my own environment? I felt amazing. Oh, and Im about to have a T.M.I moment. So If your squeamish, please stop reading now and go to the next paragraph. I was so fucking constipated. I drunk orange juice and finally took a shit. I felt AMAZING! I haven't dropped a load in like, forever. Thank god. Even Greggie told me "Congrads". Yeah, yeah, he still thinks Im cute, believe it or not..

spring 2011

Jess my friend from school, she is in the pink up top
Mary is in the grey
So when I got home I felt amazing, I feel great today. I should have put on the clothes I bought weeks ago and showed some pics but I was enjoying life way too much. I will post fashion again. Im surprised I have not lost any followers. My stats actually went higher. Someones reading. Im glad. Even though this is my fashion memoir, it is also my life's memoir. For me, there is nothing like looking back. Rose actually lost her phone this weekend in Dave & Busters, so contacting her had been a bitch. Facebook and us have become besties.
Right now its six o clock. Not exactly. Greg's doing his thizzle at work. Mary always asks if I worry about what he is doing. I don't. I don't know why? Actually, I do. Tee hee...
I just don't worry about shit like that.
Tee hee..
Best Part Of My Life: I took an amazing shower the other night. It was hot and steamy! It was better then most showers. Oh man it was good. I have these catholic bracelets in my shower stall and after I washed I wrapped the bracelets around the shower head thanking god for the lovely shower! I was yelling all through the bathroom about how good the water felt. Maybe I was just happy my body felt normal for once...
Rose did her nails over the weekend:
thought I would share

Color: Easel Me
Color: Revlon Mint

These are not Rose's but lets be honest, they would be...
Nicki Minaj's Versace Shoez

My girl Nicki was everywhere this weekend, all over London:
Nick Over The Weekend

I love this so much...

just because she did it..


love her...duh...

Enough with the celebs:

where can I get that clutch....

Is Lea from Bad Girls Club a celeb? I think not?
Love her hair and style

You can't tell me she ain't bad can't

Very Lisa Bonet esk


I would rock this look so hard! RED LIPS?! CHAIN NOSE RING?! One feather earring..


I want a pair of Oxfords damn it....
preferable these....

Now thats different....
My favorite blogger:
Hell, everyones favorite blogger right? Damn right! I seen her in alot of looks this month but this one is my favorite right now. Sh equals perfection...

Ready for Born This Way?
Coming Feb:

Still haven not seen Kim and Kourtneys show, gotta press play on the DVR...

"Say it wit flowers.."
Whos ready for Jshore?

So In all life's respects:
I listened to Grenade by Bruno Mars today and loved it
I ate little donut holes and orange juice and that made me super happy
Today was the best day I had in a long time...Excited about Pretty Little Liars tonight and the fact Glee is on its way back to fox. Making Meatloaf this week with mash potatoes...

and scene...

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  1. I glad you feel better. Don't you just love hot shower. I love Rose's nails. I really need to paint mine again.