Friday, January 14, 2011

The Red Rose Reader: Fashion, Movies and Books

Holla Amigas & Amos!
So yesterday I went to Torrid like a dumb ass. They are having that 50% off clearance now, so I made a appearance. Mainly because I saw this shirt I wanted on sale. I saw it before it went to clearance. I was going to buy it flat out but good thing I decided to wait. Im a big corset fan, so this shirt was a must. The best part about it is the fact it has a built in bra.
Oh yes...

Here is my new favorite store. Its like Sephora with good deals and sales. It also carries all the cheap goodies like Nyx and Elf.
Ulta Cosmetics:

Any who, this is the shirt of my dreams. I paid 17 for it.
Lace + corset + silk= Tia Card Swiping

Heres more pics:

New Polish!
Found it on sale at Ulta. I love beige muted colors
This one is called "Breakfast In Bed"
Not sure about this one, forgot the name, but beautiful murky color!

During the week Netflix brought us the movie Easy A. It was actually super good. I loved it. It was actually funny. Who knew? Theres actually many movies I wanna see this year.

Top 3 Movies I Gotta See:
Blue Valentine:
I heard the sex scenes in here are outrageous! Plus I love a good love story. I love films that look like a reality show/indie or just looks more real and gritty. I can tell thats what they did with this movie. I really wanna see it. And the controversy helps.

Country Strong:

Im not a huge country fan but I am a huge fan of movies with music. I love Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood which helps. This movie looks amazing. I can see myself downloading the soundtrack as soon as I get home. Most likely I will see it video.

The Dilemma:
I have no idea why I wanna see this. Usually I am not a big comedy goer. But I feel this is going to be really funny. I mean, can you really lose with Vince Vaughn?

This morning while watching The View, everyone on the panel talked about the best books they have read. I love learning about new books. Its so hard to find a good one these days which sucks. I seem to never have any real good luck with books. I always end up shoving it under the bed or tossing it in my closet. There has been a few books that I will never forget but very little.
Heres Books I either heard of, loved, or completely got lost with...

An All Ages Book:
I saw this on The View. This is Barbara Walters favorite book. Its a children's book but she says its meant for all. I wanna check it out. Seems cute and sweet.

Favorite Romantic Book:
No shocker here, I hated vampire books but of course, this one made me melt the whole way through. Many will say that Twilight is crap and it sucks. But the connection between something totally wrong for you seems so sexy to me.

Book I Couldn't Get Into:
I must have tried to read this book a million times. Over and over. But I just could not get into it. I bought it three years ago, and now its becoming a movie. I'll just wait to see it in theaters. Ironic how Rob Pattinson is the star of the book turned movie. Ha! But the book itself, was not for me at all.

Favorite Coffee Table Book:
Sometimes its just nice to sit back and look at pictures. I do. I love this book a lot. The pages look worn and antique and the photos are stunning. Great book for the table.

My Best Book Of 2010:
Epic book. I loved it. Its a feel good book about female bonding. I recommend this for everyone. Great read. Sad I can't find books like this all the time. But it kept me on my toes and I was always excited to read the next chapter

My Favorite Childhood Book:
All poems I use to enjoy. The cover brings back so many memories.

My Super Drama Filled "Oh no she didnt" Book:
Craziest and best book I ever read. It was crazy. I loved it. Super page turner! I love a good scandel and a house of family secrets. I wish I would find more books like this as well.

If any of you have any suggestions about a great book you read please comment and let me know why you liked it. Any book, it does not matter. I need a new read. I love drama books and family secret books. To be honest at this point, Im not picky!
Let me know peeps!


  1. Very cute top! It looks lovely on you!

  2. Thank you for the comment and follow,
    Love the nail varnish and I loved Easy A too :)

    Ella Jasmine

  3. I love books so much, I miss Where the Sidewalk Ends...I used to read that sooo often.

    Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey is one of my favorites because it's about a masochistic prostitute. It's an adventure fantasy but it's so neat. The Heroine is one of my favorites, she's got qualities I want.

    Another is Rose Madder by Stephen King. It's about an abused wife with that Stephen King touch, lol.

    You should see all the books on my freaking shelf. I've got some I haven't even read yet.

  4. Super Cute Top. Ulta Has great coupons 3.50 off a 10.00 purchase. Also thank for let me know they sold Elf.

  5. You look so hot boo! I love Ulta too! I have one right around the way from my house.

  6. I am OBSESSED with Ulta, that store is beyond amazing! I always find so much makeup there :) And I am in love with your hair!!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  7. Hi!
    This is the second time that I see you telling how much you like Taylor Swift.

    I've Done a cover of Sparks Fly anf I posted it on my blog thinking maybe it will please you...