Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Along: New Ikea Bed & 2011 New Starts


Its been a bit. But I have amazing news that rock for me! My camera resurrected! I was losing my mind and decided to try it one more time. And it works! It is still a piece of shit and I need a new one. Im thinking about getting a professional when taxes come. For what? Just to have one. I love taking pictures. So Im stoked that worked out. New clothes pictures very soon. Greg and I officially got the bed now. It feels like butter! We got a california king.
We love it.

My teeth are cool. I feel strange shit sometimes, like a metallic feel. But, Im saying for the crown. And soon, this weird metal mouth feel will be gone. The pain has gone away, for now.
Piece of shit long sucka!
New Comforter....bitch
putting him to work..
whooo hooo!
Greg got a medal by the way, for being a good boy..
My little NCO
Im a little worried. What else is new right? But Im noticing things..
I'll leave it alone. If it happens.. it happens
Im a woman. And if its time, its time.
Im stoked because this week I can post pictures again. Im sorry my blog had become for of a diary or reality blog than a fashion blog. I been looking at other blogs and noticed wow....I don't have a lot of cool shit half those ladies have. Im sorry I have been slumping. I have been busy as well. From traveling to Ikea hopping and registering for classes. But back to fashion.

Love Floral shoes

If I was short....

Leather madness

Im into feathers now...yet I think I always have...

(OOOH GOD! I know this is off subject..but don't you hate those depressing sad ass animal cruelty commercials?! They play Angel by Sarah Mclaughlin and show them limping with one eye. That shit is fucking sad. I always change the channel. But right now i can't because Im blogging and across the damn room...)
Ohh god!!!!
Okay.........okay...........Its over *yesh*...

I am buying this as soon as this drops.
I love Rihanna so much..
Its called Rebel Flower...
omg...she made it for me!
I wish..
I wrote her on twitter and told her if I was a lesbian I would be all about her..she did not respond....

I hate this broad....
Im a hater honestly, but Im being honest when I say that this ass is so fake. I hate her lies! But I will be tuning in this January for the new show...
(Im such a hater)..

Janet Jackson:
Im feeling this.

Taylor Momsen:
Hot rebel bitch

Im so tired of her but I am feeling this dress..

My British Baby:
Emma Watson

Im sure everyone has this picture on their blog..
but fuck it..
I love them both

Pretty Little Liars:
I missed the first one, but not the second one! I will be there!
Also...even though its shows come on today.
Real Housewives of Atlanta come on today! Finally! I miss my NeNe!
And Kendra comes on tonight as well! Whoop Whoop!
By the way..Jersey Shore rocked last Thursday! Yes!
This picture describes the show...perfectly.
Who ever reads this blog. Thanks. Im glad you stop by. Seriously. I love expressing myself to who ever, you guys are...if that makes any since. Lol! Thanks for always reading..
And being there..
I lov you..
Even if you don't know me..
And shout out to Amy! Love ya girl! You know who you are!


  1. Congrats on the New Bed. I bet you are sleep nice again. I just got new pillows and what a different it sleep. Also congrats to Greg on getting a medal. That is so Awesome and great.

    People at work where ask me if I watch pretty little lairs. I told them no but I going to have to check that show out now. Special since everyone is talking about it.

    Thank girl for the Shout out.

    Have a great day.

  2. Congrats to Greg for his medal :) I love that you love Emma Watson - she is too beautiful for words! x

  3. ey thanks for the pictures