Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tooth Pain Going Away & Fashion Of Today: Update

"Till Death Do Us Part"

Still no camera and there won't be for a while. Given the fact I am paying for this root canal out of my own pocket. I might find way to make it work.Not that I have a lot of clothes up for display lately. I tried to take/borrow/steal Rose's camera but it was a no go. She was not having it. Which does suck but that just means I am going to buy a real nice camera soon. Plus tax season is here. I will get a nice Canon camera very soon, better than the rest. It feels so weird not having my camera so I can stalk myself. I found myself walking around talking to myself about the fact that I am camera-less. Pretty sad.

Right now, its 2:28 a.m.
Im watching Basketball Wives only because its recorded. I went to bed early due to weird stomach feelings and tooth issues. Im gonna save the money for this crown my way. These fuckers are "claiming" I cant keep the temp in for too long because it will fall out, Well, NO SHIT! Im not trying to live with this shit in my mouth, I just need to save up. Geez! Like seriously, if I had money I would make it rain on you Dentist folk, but I don't. You think I want a temp in my mouth?

Off subject but my inspiration is back!
This is not my drawing but soon I will post new drawings...Im all juiced up!
Thanks to Maryland...
So I been thinking about going on an actual diet.
We shall see. Because I am totally against the norm of things. I am all about being healthy. But something about trying to be a size 2 makes me wanna gag. I feel that over the Christmas break I gained way too much. And given the fact Maryland has the best chinese food known to man, I failed miserably. But I wana get a bit smaller. I asked the hubby what he thought but he was smart and answered like "any other guy".
"Babe, you look beautiful the way you are".
What a lie..
Maybe he is telling the truth. He sure acts like Im Beyonce walking around this place.
So I am gonna go on a diet. Maybe. I bout this!
I am going to change my eating habits and whatever happens..happens. I hate diets.
I just hate them

Back To Fashion:
Nicki Minaj on New Years

Still don't like the album..
It went platinum though!
Congrads to Nick

I just love her regardless

This book called Water For Elephants is under my bed holding up the mattress because it broke. Dont ask why...
But that book is being made into a movie and my boo is in it...
Rose says he looks like he could be someones daddy..
I think Rose's taste in men is..

Mary Kate or Ashly looking bad ass!
Where can I get an umbrella like that!

Chris Brown is hot.
Hands down
You don't have to be twelve to wanna bang him...
my mom even said in her day..
she would have hollered.

Before I end my talk on the Diet thing...
Mary and I are gonna take a workout class together..
Im excited, Im on the waiting list so..hopefully I can get in and enroll

Fashionable Celebs:

Cassie (Diddys Side-line)
Her hair still makes me smile


Tay Swift:
I wish she would step her fashion game up, just a bit..

Emma Watson:

Guess what came back on Monday!
Yep! And I missed it. Mainly because of traveling. I'll watch it on Hulu later. Its sad but, I don't even remember what happened last season. Even Greg was watching this with me, Im not sure if its going to have the same effect it had on us like last time. We shall see..

I think the extend shows way too long...
For example, The Walking Dead comes back on next Halloween

Keri Hilson

I don't have her No Boys Allowed album. But i think if Beyonce sat her ass down, this chick right here will rise up. I really do. Not a huge fan of Pretty Girl Rock but I do think she is the next best thing.


New photo of Lady Gaga for her new album Born This Way
Im am so ready!
Should be out this Feb..
*crosses fingers*
I think she is just so powerful and different.
Seriously, the fact I saw her live is...
still an utter shock to me.

We'll the pain had died down from the tooth. Im still stuck eating mash potatoes. It weird eating with this temp tooth. Bout to un-pause basketball wives. I don't feel sleepy at all. I have alot on my mind. My parents for Christmas sent us money for a bed. I forget that Cali prices are no joke and that I might not be able to get the King size bed I wanted. We will see. We are suppose to hit up Ikea tomorrow.

I can't wait to draw. So much inspiration has builded up! Im shocked. A month ago i was just sitting her with artist block.
Can't wait to create!
Recipe For Great Artwork:

1.) T.V on but muted
2.) Bam Radio playing
3.) A inspiration picture on the mac screen
4.) Smudge's and pencils out
5.) New cd in the Itunes playlist..
Preferably King Of Leon or Duffy

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  1. Glad You tooth feel better. That sucks about your camera. If you have a cellphone with a camera you could use that for the time beaning. Just an Idea. I love what your mom said about Chris Brown.