Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sex Pistols Paradise: December With & Without You

I got a lot of compliments with this outfit at school. Everyone said I looked cute which surprised me because "cute" around here is considered skinny and short shorts. Ekk!
So not me.

But its getting pretty nippy around here. So Im more in coats and blazers daily.
I got this band tee for three dollars at Hot Topic.
I went pretty crazy in there.
I got perfume for a dollar.
Hair jewelry for 99 cents..
Hair clips for 2 dollars..
The sale was amazing and here it is.
The pants are leggings, they just look like jeans, but nope, they are not...
My curves are killing this picture and Im feeling that...
*self esteem went up 2 points*

The shoes were 4 dollars at the Thrift Store in Maryland. Im sure you seen these shoes in other posts. I feel my home town has the best thrift stores. When I get back to Maryland again, I am so going Thrifting.
Its funny to think that last year, around this time, I was in Maryland without Greg.
Funny how...
things change...
Tomorrow, life gets back to normal.

You know I love my celebs. Especially the stylish ones:
Heres looks and outfits from designers that look epic.

Nicki Minaj:
I love this...

Angela and Vanessa Simmons:
Do they ever fuck up?

Nicki Minaj:
Yeah this a little strange but she gets a free pass because she is, well...Nicki

African Influenced Fashion:

Emma Watson:
All hail the queen...

Kelly Rowland:
Im not sure if this is her, but, nice look...

On the cover of GQ

Greg and I always ask each other what would we do if we had a million dollars.
Of course he would buy cars and me, well...I think I would do alot. Because when you have money you get the power to do whatever you want..honestly. What would be your paradise? I do not mean what would you buy. I mean, what would be your moment. What would you enjoy with your money. Would you be living in a southern house in the middle of nowhere on a farm, or would you be in a penthouse in LA watching the view of the hollywood sign. Would write books? Would you get married? Would you have many affairs..?
What would your life be like if you had money?

Heres my paradise:

To Do Graffiti On A Wall
To be able to express my art on a wall and have it always be there would be awesome. By no means am I a graffiti artist. But to express myself of a huge canvas that is actually the wall behind a coffee shop, that would make me happy.

To Have A Rose Garden
You don't have to be a millionaire to have a rose garden. I know that. I saw an episode of Cribs when I was sixteen and noticed in Pam Anderson's house that she had roses everywhere in her house...
I would that.

Walk Away From You In Nice Shoes
I would so so so so so..many shoes...and I would break hearts with them on.
What a moment.

Go To A Fashion Show In Paris
Front row. With shades and a straight face. I would love fashion week.

Sushi Nites
I would go every night and get sick from raw fish. I would go every single night.
Loud bar, laughter, and drinks building on my worries.

Beech House Modern Style
* no words*

In A Bath Tub
Unwinding after a long day... I wish, and to look out at that view....should be illegal.

Own A Warhol
Thats means I made it.

This looks like me now, blogging.
Tee Heee!

To Wear This Look
Something about a soft pastel ballerina dress and punk rock shoes, makes me melt...

Enough with my imagination...
Walking Dead comes on tonight!
Have a good week you guys!

"Life too short so love the one you got.." Sublime


  1. Cute outfit and you found some AWESOME deals.

  2. Love your outfit and i love the sex pistols!!! Wow I agree about the lace and punk sneakers, it does something special to me too!!! Love your blog!!!

  3. You are NOT lying about the thrift stores! Even when I was in New York it was damn near impossible to find a thrift store as great as the ones in Maryland.