Monday, November 22, 2010

My Dark Twisted Pink Monday: Everything Is Okay

You will all have to excuse me.
Im very ill.
The world crashed last friday for me. My mouth is aching. My body has given up. I found out as well that my root canal was rescheduled for the 14th..which SUCKS, because I leave for Maryland the next night...

Life sucked so bad...
Not only that..
SPRINT charged an extra 89 dollars BU ACCIDENT TO OUR ACCOUNT!

Besides vomiting, tooth pain, and queasiness...
Im okay.

So I been in the bed a lot. I was looking at one of the people I can not stand "Kim K" and loved these freaking pants!
I hate her guts but these pants rocked!
I been taking pictures today and trying on clothes but all the pictures look horrible because Im still sick. Sorry people! I still feel like shit! As soon as I stop feeling vomity I will post some outfits I have! I got new stuff which sucks because its all still in the bag!
I been stuck in sweats and night clothes...

Glee tomorrow!

My teeth are caving in and your complaining about a man....
*side eye*
So the music awards was last night!
Not the good ones, just The American Music Awards..
I watched for Gaga but she never showed..
Here Jada, Willow, and Jaden.
Hot Family!
Oh so I was watching The View as I do every day...
(I know, so grandma...)
And Beyonce was on showing her monster curves and her moms clothing line for ALL SIZES!
Hell yeah!
More respect to Bey and her mom for putting out sizes for the thickems!
They did not mention where it would be sold...
Sizes range from 2 to 20.
All under 20 dollars....
Can we say fuck yeah?

Please excuse my love hate relationship with Kim Kardashian.
I was drawing alot because I was sick. So I thought I would show some work.

Not done any of them yet. I was trying to draw Rihanna but, for some reason my hand does not like her...

So I did My Review of the Albums Today
Kanye VS Nicki!!!
I always get the ugliest still frames.
Press Play if you want..
If not read along...

So speaking of Nicki
She worked the red carpet at the AMA's
Most hated it but I loved it, shes the black Gaga..she can do what she wants.

Tay Swift looking grown and HOT! Love her hair!

Miles and Kelly O

Rih Rih...
You do it everytime mama, everytime....
Love her...wish I could draw her!

Her performance was awesome!

Greg said Chris brown fucked up to let that go..
I agree..

Beiber and newlywed Katy Perry
Is it me or is Justin Beiber getting ..ahem...older...

Go Tay!
You guys here she is dating Jake Gyllanhall? Hawt..

So I have a wonderful story...

I was depressed.

In horrible pain, and scared of not knowing when or if I could get my root canal. Money was short. Sprint fucked out account. My head was a mess. I was crying all weekend. I stayed and my room and drew all day...depressed..

A week in a half ago I saw Toys Story 3...
before the epic fall of my teeth and my hardships..
My favorite part was Chuckles the clown..
It made me laugh so hard. My favorite part of the movie.

So when Greg sees me sad.
He tries to cheer me up.
Does not work.

He kisses my forehead.
I just roll over.
He leaves the room....

And comes back as Chuckles..... from Toy Story...

Well, his!!!! @ the aluminum foil!
My first smile all weekend!
He even used my Kat Von D makeup for his nose!

Basically cracking me up for the first time in days...

Honestly, Greg..I love you..
That was the sweetest simple...but perfect....
I know I hate you all the time...
My life is nothing without you..
Thanks for that laugh....:)
By he way! Everything worked out and I get my root canal for the 9th of December.
Thanks for loving my dramatic crazy ass baby!
My Sanity...


  1. Awww I hope you feel better soon. That's pain I wouldn't wish on anyone.
    *Mama Tina's line is being offered at Walmart, everything is $18!!

  2. Girl I truly hope you feel better soon. What your b/f did to cheer you up was so cute.

    your drawing are amazing. Also that so cool about bey clothing line.

    I hope you have an amazing day.

  3. awww love it!!!!

    Can't wait to get hold of Pink Friday :D xxx

  4. Hahahaha awww that is so cute of Greg! The resemblance is uncanny!! Get well soon x

  5. Greg is fucking Hilarious yo see I tell you all the time be nice to that nigga yo he got ur back no matter what thats love yo cuz I wouldnt have done that shit I would have been in the living room with a forty ounce playing black ops lol sike naw lol

  6. Nice drawings!