Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decembers Hurricanes: Bleached and Distressed

Good day at school.
There was many laughs. It was refreshing. I needed it. Being sick sucks so bad. I feel my teeth ache going away. Makes me wanna forget the pain was ever there. But I can't. The thought of getting a root canal makes me more and more scared as the pain goes away. Mary, my friend from school got two root canals in one day and they gave her antibiotics for the infection. Me and antibiotics hate each other. I hate them. I knew one day I would have to face the dentist.

Back To Style:

I wanted these pants before they went on sale. I actually walked into Torrid and saw them hanging there for 52 dollars. I tired them on and was pissed because I did not have 50 dollars to get them. So, as time went by, they were in clearance. Ohh yes!
The jeans came up to only twenty dollars.
Plus they are my favorite brand of jeans "Source Of Wisdom".

Since Im such a Twihard (Twilight addict) I got the perfume spray at Hot Topic.
But I got it for only three dollars.
It smells good actually..
Even though I just bought it because....well...Its Twilight related...

So I am drained from drawing.
Fuck it.
Im kinda over it.
I have no more drive to make more naughty girls.

This the view from my car which was parked by my class.
The ocean was bluer then usual.
Thought I would capture it.
Oceanside is beautiful.
Eye candy for beach lovers.

They put out the first picture from the Breaking Dawn movie!
You know I almost peed on myself in joy!
This scene is the sex scene.
Hence the feathers and bed sheets..
I kinda talk about in the video below:
But, this was taped before I saw this picture.

I watched Nicki Minajs Documentary on sunday and I enjoyed it.
She talks about her split personalities which made me laugh a little.
She mentions that little boy lives in her. His name is Roman who is angry and mean, and was created by people who make her pissed.
I think she is brilliant.
Her album is growing on me very slowly.

Speaking of albums
Gaga is new album Born This Way is coming very soon.
I think that her new album will make Kanye's album runaway and cry.

Nicki Minaj rocked an afro the other night on Jimmy Kimmel, loved it.

Rihanna's album is growing on me as well.
So far Im feeling this song called Complicated.
Very beautiful
Download immediately!

Music I Jammed 2 Today:
1.) Hurricane by 30 Seconds To Mars
2.) Mojo So Dope by Kid Cudi
3.) Hey Soul Sister by Train
4.) Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars
5.) Fireworks by Katy Perry

Before I go...
Jared Letos band 30 Seconds To Mars new video is pretty epic. I loved it. So I got there album and I love it. Greg and I can not stop playing Hurricane.
Ultimate download!
Check out the video..
Heres a picture of Leto in...well...nothing..but his bare chest..
Jared Leto..
*licks lips*
damn boo...


  1. Cute outfit. I so can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out.

  2. Jared Leto is one of two reasons I sat through that crap ass Alexander movie... The other was Angelina Jolie.

    God I love his eyes...