Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toothless: Chaotic Cries and Preparing to Dye

Im getting a root canal Tuesday.
Well, I have to give myself credit. The dentist is something that terrifies me.
It was not bad when they were looking around in my mouth. The dentist gave me weak ass pain pills. Figures.

The root canal and the crown is expensive as hell. Yeah, I mean, our insurance pays for most of it. But its still a huge chunk of money. Im dealing with that, paranoia, and school.
I find myself being more edgy day after day.

Mary and my friend Jess (in picture above) told me I should go to Tijuana to get the root canal because its cheap...
No. F-ing. Way.
So for Veterans Day I went and grabbed some amazing sales. I actually bought these really nice jeggins (leggings and jeans) at Ross. Only ten dollars. I was pretty proud of that since Im usually the last one to get deals. I bought some boots as well, they were on sale for 10 dollars! I was super stoked.

I also saw these amazing cat daddy shoes at torrid. I would have bought it but I thought about all my clothes and could not find a way to make it work. I love them! They look so vintage and retro. Only 28 I think. Either way, Im coming back for these.
Torrid sales were awesome as always. I loved this tube top when I saw it and then realized it was way too big. It fit horrible. I wanted it so bad. But then again, I have many corset tube tops that I have never wore.
Over the weekend I also got the Sims 3 new expansion pack. That game is a piece of shit. It always crashes and its always fucking up all my work on the game. Im so over it. Maybe its a sign that I should move on from it. The game erased all the downloaded outfits and hairstyles. Talk about being pissed. I think this is the last of the Sims for me.
I saw them and thought they looked awesome, thought I would post it. The girl with the hat is doing the damn thing. I was leaving the mall when i saw them.
Awesome street fashion

So Im ready to dye my hair again. I want to bleach it so bad but I have not idea what to buy. Nor do I know the freaking process! I want my hair to look edgy but at the same time I do not want my locks to break off from dryness.

I would love purple on the sides of my hair. A dream come true!

Celeb Candy:

Amber Rose...*sigh*
Ready when you are..Nick
Willow, child of one of the most talented couples...
Katy Perry and her awesome outfit
Rihanna in red
Rihanna can get away with murder, she looks amazing no matter what she does...

Video about my new love for The Walking Dead:
Bored? Press play...


  1. Good luck with your root cancel. I have to get a crown too so I know how you feel.

  2. Try manic panic dye. That's what I used last and it worked out pretty good. They have a whitening kit too to bleach your hair.