Friday, November 12, 2010

Cut It Out: Swag with Hair & Needing to Care

So first let me say, that I went to the mall for veterans day. I found nothing. Everything was so wack to me. And that never happens. Torrid was, okay. Hot Topic was ehh. Forever 21 was okay. Basically I ain't buy anything. Oh well, maybe next time.
Tomorrow Greg and I are buying a rug for the apartment.
So I might stop buy Marshals and get some Yankee Candle
and maybe a lamp for the book shelf..
Wow, Im becoming my mom.

So surprisingly, I noticed online..
That Emma Watson's swag is on 100 thousand right now..
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter..
I mean I see her at all these premieres looking so bad ass. I have never noticed her as much before but I think I know what it is...

She cut off her hair..

For some reason, when a woman chops her locks off, she becomes this fashion icon for some reason. She becomes bad ass and everyone loves her. They get more fashionable, more cocky, more sexy even..
Ive never even noticed her like that until her hair was chopped...I LOVE IT!
Lets face ot, you swag will go up 100 if you cut your hair. It will. I know it will. But girls are too in love with their hair to chop it. I understand. Its kinda crazy how obsessed we are with..our hair..

I remember being in Kindergarden and you were popular if you had long hair. I remember that if you hair was out and not braided, you were cool. And I remember begging my mom to let my hair out so people could see how long it was. I think it has to do with men as well. Guys claim they want a woman with long hair and figure we wont be sexy without it. Which is not very true... *cough cough Amber Rose*.

Its almost liberating..
looking at a girl with shaved hair...

Check Out Emma Watson:

Did she come a long way or what?

The pixie cut:

More women whose swag went up after chopping their hair:

C'mon, Rih Rih was so ordinary with that weave. She never stood out, ever. Then all of a sudden, she was rocking the boy cut. Then she dropped her douche boyfriend and then her style and swag went to a billion. Now Rihanna is a fashion icon and rocks the covers of french Vogue and other editorials...
My god...what a woman..

Well, she is apparently a singer, but we all know that she is just P Diddys side piece. She is very pretty but when she shaved the side of her head she became more bad ass. I loved it. It made her ugly in a good way and it balanced out her beauty. Yeah I said it.
She looks hard.

So boring...
So bad ass...


This looks like an average light skinned girl with light brown curly hair. Right? I see this type of woman everyday. She would never catch my eye at all. Don't get me wrong. When I look at this picture, I think the girls pretty. But she seems very average to me. Nothing special you know?
But this bad bitch chopped her hair off and became Amber fucking Rose! I love her. She is a stunner. A 10 all the way. I love her more and more because of the fact she breaks all the rules of what a sexy girl is suppose to be. People would usually say she would sell more mags if she had hair down her back, but nope. She rocks blonde hair thats shaved like a dude. That takes balls. Her swag is a killer. Plus her look landed her a superstar boyfriend. Long hair is out, shaved hair is in..
Im so gay for her..all homo..

So I hope everyone had a good Veterans Day.
Music Listened To Today:
1.) Dark Fantasy by Kanye West
2.) All Of The Lights by Kanye West
3.) Lost in the World by Kanye West

Basically Kanye's Album leaked...and its so good!

So Im listening to Kid Cudi's new cd right now...
I think its safe to say he was on cocaine and weed the whole time..
Its strange as had african drums and..
I think I need to be stoned to love it. I don't love it, but its growing on me very slowly..
Must be some good weed.

Well, Im sorry to leave this as a downer..
But when I read this, I cried yesterday..
Reading this made me feel like an asshole.
Who ever your in love with, whether there in the military or not...
hug them and tell them you love them..
Life is short..

“Katherine Cathey was expecting a phone call from her husband, Marine 2nd. Lt. Jim Cathey, so she could tell him if their baby would be a boy or a girl. Instead, she got a knock at the door — the knock every military family dreads. When his body finally arrived at the airport in the Marine’s hometown of Reno, Katherine never wanted to leave his side. ‘You take for granted the last night you spend with them,’ she said. ‘I think I took it for granted. This was the last night I’ll have to sleep next to him.’ She said about her all night vigil by Jim’s casket the night before his burial. Major Steve Beck prepares for the final inspection of 2nd Lt. James J. Cathey’s body, only days after notifying Cathey’s wife of the Marine’s death in Iraq. “

The night before the burial of her husband’s body, Katherine Cathey refused to leave the casket, asking to sleep next to his body for the last time. The Marines made a bed for her, tucking in the sheets below the flag. Before she fell asleep, she opened her laptop computer and played songs that reminded her of ‘Cat,’ and one of the Marines asked if she wanted them to continue standing watch as she slept. “I think it would be kind of nice if you kept doing it,” she said. “I think that’s what he would have wanted.”

Life is short, Love Tia


  1. I so had to take a double take on Emma Watson but she does look super cute. I could never go that short with my hair. I had a hard time when I got bangs.

  2. Love short hair, but I wouldn't dare!

  3. that marine shit at the end was deep yo and it is so true thats how you know that she really loved him not for the money ad not for the benefits but with her whole mind body and soul thats the kind of love people wish for AMAZING

    Emma Watson looks amazing she better be happy Harry is all filmed lol Kanye and Amber had matching Jordans how precious can you say pretty bird

  4. Such a sad story. (the marine I mean...)

    As for Emma Watson, most women cut their hair when they are trying to separate themselves from their past. It's a symbolic severing of old things (Julia Roberts character in Steel Magnolias, Demi Moore did something similar in GI Jane shaving her head to separate herself from the weaker her so she could fully become a Navy Seal...)
    In Emma's case it would be her separating herself from the character Hermoine. Since they are done with the last movie it's her bridging herself from that child like image in a most drastic way.