Friday, November 26, 2010

Loving, Is What I Got: Remember That...


I miss the Rated R Rihanna so I thought I would wear this in memory of that period in her career. I like the new Rihanna as well, but, hey, just saying.

Im still stuck in the house. Sick. Massive headaches. I get the root canal thursday. Still feels like a shovel hit my face. Thanksgiving came late. Greg actual waited till black friday to throw down in the kitchen. I was so sick. My eyes would not open. Im still feeling kinda off.
All this sickness makes me sleepy, all the medication throws me to sleep every day. My mom leaves me pissed off messages about how "I do not call her anymore", and I have not been able to talk to my bestie for more then 10 minutes a day, she says. It sucks. What sucks the most is that I have no control over it. It seems like Im abandoning everyone when in all honesty I have no control over the situation.
So not only am I sick, Im feeling guilty...

I took these last week before the demise of my teeth..
Everything Im rocking...
is from Torrid..

Check out my nails from Walmart. Thanks for the tip Jess...

Here is Gregs ham which he is really proud of. Sweet goodness.

I saw this picture and I loved it...
thick chicks get it love too...
So I have been super artsy!
These pictures are the next in line to get drawn..
Inspiration is all over these pictures...
The only good thing about being sick and stuck in the house is my creative side is ah' booming!
So doing my own version of this painting:
Forgot who the artist was...
A pin up always does the trick...
Lately, Roses have been inspiring me..the folds, the color, the dew drops..
Sooo drawing her, her outfit rules....
This is just...hardcore to me..
If I was rich I'd blow this up and hang this above my bed....

When your having life issues..listen to Sublime..
It makes me feel better when life sucks!

"I can play they guitar like a muthfuckin riot!" - Sublime

off subject but..
Willow is the shit...
My girl from one of my favorite punk bands:
The Distillers

If you like punk, please download...
she is hot.

Music Im Jamming Too:
1. Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perry
2. Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke
3. Belief by Gavin Degraw
4. Hey Soul Sister by Train
5. What I Got by Sublime


  1. The ham looks DELICIOUS. I thought of you as I was downloading Kanye's new album! x

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I'll be sad if you won't be able to make it to maryland this christmas. One of my goals was to hang out with you before the year was over.

    Sublime was amazing. Santaria is my favorite song.

  3. your ham look great. Glad you are starting to feel better.

  4. That is such a cute photo of you and the hubs!!

    Also, I LOVE the Distillers, Drain the blood is one of my favorite songs!

  5. I hope you feel better. Been trying to get a hold of you. Watch out for the pillow! LOL