Monday, November 1, 2010

Midnight Shimmers: Look Of The Week

School is tomorrow. I had to watch real housewives tonight. Lately that show has me rolling. I laugh so much. Greg and I are gonna try and get these tickets for Maryland. My brain is so stressed from thoughts and worries. I have a lot on my plate. Maybe too much. Every week there is a new problem that comes. Mainly life. Im dealing with life more then anything. This is nothing new for people. Its just different for me. Having to be an adult.

Outfit of the Week:

This my favorite shirt ever. I got it from Torrid. I adore it. Its plain yet its sexy at the same time. Its a sweater thats off the shoulder with rhinestones and lace. Its so me. It came with a tank top under it, but I don't wear it.

I have been writing more..
But its becoming a waste of time everyday.
I find myself back spacing every five minutes..
Drawing only comes when I hear a Kanye song.
No inspiration what so ever..

Here is Vanessa Simmons, looking fab. Im a huge fan. She looks amazing...

Weezy will be free soon. I adore him.
I find him so sexy.
Mainly because I can tell he has a way with words...
and he is a genius...
nothings sexier to me than a man who is good in art and music..

How cute!!!!!

So I was on Twitter...
And this girl says as her status/tweet that she is happy Lilly Allen had a miscarriage.
Lilly Allen his pretty big in England, and she is a singer.
Anyway, the young lady said, she was happy that Lily miscarried her baby at six months...

People go hard on the internet...
They really do not care..

I think this world is evil as hell. I really believe this is hell. This world is hell. I believe the only demons we should be afraid of are the people we know. Humans are so evil. Who has the gull to say that about someone who miscarried? Thats why I can not be a celebrity. If I saw that on my twitter that someone said they were"happy" I miscarried...
I would...

I would hire someone to off that bitch. I would go in my account. Take out some thousands from my last single or whatever made me rich, and get her shot. Because if you have the balls to say that shit then you have the balls to take six caps up your ass..

People are fucking evil. So cruel and evil. AND HALF THESE JACK FUCKS ARE CHRISTIANS!
thats a wholeeeee other story..
Not even going there tonight...

And people wonder why Columbine happened?
Just sayin..

People are jerks...
They go hard...
but as soon as they start screwing around with the wrong crazy person..
and end up getting shot and killed...
they act surprised..


  1. There is a quote from a writer or philosopher I don't remember his name but the quote is:

    "Belief in a supernatural evil is unnecessary for Man is capable of every wickedness..."

    Just remember that for every bit of wickedness there is some good. You just have to find it.

    Anyway the internet makes people bold because they can say whatever they want, and there is no face, no repercussions. You'll find them on x-box online or Playstation online, we call them x-box gangstas. They are only bold online.

  2. Cute Shirt. Also I know how you feel with having Problems in your life.

    Try not to worried to much about them. I know it hard to do. Hopefully soon things will calm down.

  3. i see why you are the queen of random!! i love your blog, you are so funny... and i hope you dont mind i took the last image of gaga, would love to post it on my blog?? I love your lace top, am into lace, hope we can be blog pals!! xoxo

  4. You're looking fab in that top! :) But I've got to say, I think I died laughing when I saw the kids dressed up as the Jersey Shore people. That made my night! Thank you! Haha!

    Oh, in relation the the girl on twitter talking about Lily Allen: I've heard that she said that because Lily Allen said something against Justin Bieber in the past. It is a cruel thing for someone to say in retaliation of Allen having an opinion about a certain popstar. :/ It's pathetic as well. No one deserves that type of treatment.

    xoxo sofia.