Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Urban & Decayed: Charcoaled Smudgez & Grudgez

Art class was actually fun for once!
We started doing charcoal and I really forgot how fun it was.
We learned about this artist named Chuck Cross and what an inspiration he was...
I love learning about new artist.
It always humbling.

So I realized this morning that we all should be thankful what we "do" have and stop worrying about what we don't have. I think my life would be much happier if I thought that way. This week was a little crazy. Not bad crazy but good crazy. Gregs foot is getting better from the surgery he had. We have no school on Veterans say. Im going to a birthday party, I think two actually. I get paid soon. All and all, things are looking up. Besides the weird tummy aches and bad headaches, November is treating me well. Im drawing again. Chuck Cross said to never wait for inspiration. So Im kinda free-styling with charcoal. Its something to do. It will help pass the time.

Mary, my girlfriend is actually kicking ass with the charcoal...
Mary Berry
When I got home I just started going Crazy.
After seeing that documentary about Chuck Cross I thought about myself.
Its all in fun.
Im just doing what comes to mind..
No anatomy..
No correct way..
No rules..

Just me. And my sticks..

The last one is pretty picaso...
but I like it.
Its fun drawing to see what happens verses just drawing to make things correct...
So over in Maryland, my best friends Rise is starting to do the smokey eye more and more. I love it on her. I love when she uses darker colors. I got her into Kat Von D's palette a while back and we both kinda fell in love with Urban Decay at the same time. I saw it and tried it and then we both started buying at the same time.
I love Sephora. Its so expenseive but I love crazy looking eyeshadow boxes. I will pay fifty for a good set. I love them. So right now Im getting into Shadowbox. Urban and Kat are my fav but I think Urban has alot more personality these days...Love the palettes..

Urban Decay:
love the Mildew and Smog

This was limited time and I never got it..sadly..
Alice and Wonderland Shadow Box:

Vegan Box: Urban Decay:

I went to Sephora and they were all sold out..fuck...
Urban Decay:

Naked Shadowbox:
Limited Edition

all sold out as well...girls don't play with their makeup round here in California...
get in where you fit in..

Urban Decay:
Not sure what box this is..but love the murky colors..

So speaking of Rose, she cleaned out her closet over the weekend. She also got some new purses as well. The first one was a louie fannie pack. Ha! How bad ass? I would love to see Rose rock this. Im sure she will make it all rock.
Pretty cool.
She also got a Coach bag for only 75 dollars..
and nicely purple
Coach bag...

And to my surprise..
She also had this top in her closet! How GAGA OF HER!
(watch the dumb broad not wear this..)


  1. Great Drawings.

  2. your drawings scared me HOLD ME lol

  3. Your pic or your friend's pic is being used to promote a scam book on Wix called "Urban Decay Replica".