Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top Musical Movie Moments

Its a normal sunday for me. I have a bad toothache and a headache. My teeth are laughing at me. But my weekend was not all bad, I got new stuff for myself and all my favorite shows come on tonight.

I was watching 500 Days of Summer and realized I love a good music moment in a movie. I love that! I always rewind to the musical part or the outburst of tunes that people begin to sing. We all have one musical movie moment that we love, whether its from a musical or from a normal romantic comedy. Music helps a movie bring laughter, joy and even tears. So I wondered what was my most favorite musical movie moment. I wrote a list and realized I had alot down!
I narrowed it down to fourteen, because I had way too many.
The TOP 5 has video
So here are my Top Best Musical Movie Moments Ever..(in my opinion)
What is yours??

14.) The Five Heart Beats
What a movie. I don't remember what happened, but I do remember in the movie when they first started out. They got booed so much. All the girls in the audience laughed at them and made them feel like losers. Then all of a sudden they grabbed the crowd back and had the best standing ovation ever! It gave me chills!! The same chicks that were booing then started...well...crossing there legs. Tee hee! Best part in the movie for me! You can watch the Five Heartbeats on You Tube.

13.) 10 Things I Hate About You
Beautiful romantic comedy. I own it actually! My favorite musical moment was when Julia Styles got drunk and got on the table and started dancing hardcore to Biggie Smalls. Julia is skinny, white and very goodie goodie in the movie, but when she got on that table at the party she went OFF! Girlfriend became black real quick. I loved it! I remember rewinding that part over and over! The best PG-13 strip tease ever!

12.) Grease
What is a awesome musical movie moment list without Grease? Yeah, it won't happen. I own this movie as well. Rose actually turned me on to Grease when I was 11. My favorite part was when Sandy and Danny performed Summer Nights. What a song! And at the end when they sing together is...epic. Its funny because they both were singing about the same event when they met, but both stories went a bit differently. Ha! Great scene. All Hail Grease!

11.) The Wiz
I love the fucking Wiz. Those who do not know, The Wiz is the black version of the Wizard of Oz. All the musical moments are good and its so hard to pick just one. But my favorite part was Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow. Till this day when that song is on I sing it out loud. Classic! I went to best buy and bought the 10th anniversary a year ago. The who movie is one big musical orgasm. Every part is great. But Michaels part was the best..hands down.
Download: :Can't Get Out Of The Cane

10.) Cadillac Records
The movie did not get rave reviews but the music was great. My favorite musical part was when the singer Howling Wolf came in to record his song. The guy was a tall and huge black guy with a deep raspy voice. Everyone was pretty much scared of him. When he sung it was epic! Blew me away. The song he sung was "Smoke Stack Lighting". Even Greg loved that part and claims thats his favorite musical moment. Im not gonna lie, the guy was kinda old, but his swag was on six hundred. Hawt..

9.) Say Anything:
If you have not seen this movie, please go rent it. Or buy it at Target for 5 dollars. Everyone knows this scene. I should have made this one at least number six. So romantic. The guy holding the boom box just got dumped by his girl and stood outside her window holding up the boom-box which played the song they both made love too. Man, thats love. He just stood there. And the song really matched the mood. *Sigh*...Great movie moment!
Download: In Your Eyes

8.) 500 Days Of Summer
When the main character finally gets laid by the woman of his dreams, he plays it cool and walks out her apartment. He strolls down the street acting normal and calm until all of a sudden he breaks into a dance. The whole neighborhood around him dances with him and it becomes one big street of people dancing away all at the same time. I wish life could be like! The song they danced to was "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oats. Great song and Im sure everyone has heard of it. And of course a cartoon bluejay lands on his finger, how good can it get with that? Hahaha!

7.) Sister Act (the first one)
The second Sister Act was good, but I liked the first one better. Whoopie made my list twice I see, she is always in awesome movies. My favorite moment was the end when the did the song "I Will Follow Him". The music is so good and STILL gives me goosebumps at the end. Those nuns tore it up. One of my favorite moments in musical history ever, my opinion. And that red head nun was so bas ass, I wanted to be her when I was little. The whole movie had great musical parts but that one is still and always will be my favorite.

6.) Chicago
Bad ass musical! But the best moment was when the ladies in cell block 6 had a tango going on in the jail. All of them describing how they kill their husbands. If you are a woman and have not heard this song PLEASE download it, its super funny and exciting. All the women explain their situations in song. One woman said her husband ran into her knife ten times! Hahahaha! PLEASE YOUTUBE THIS SONG! Im sure you can watch that exact scene.
Download: Cell Block Tango

Top 5 Best Musical Moments!

5.) My Best Friends Wedding
When Juila Roberts is at dinner with her gay best friend, whose is pretending to be her fiance to make her best friend jealous, he breaks out into song. "I say a little prayer for you" was the song that got the whole dinner table singing. I remember rewinding this part over and over as well! Its so fun and makes you wish things like this happened more often in the real world. Great musical moment to date.

4.) Pretty In Pink:
The movie is cool. Molly Ringwald is the star. But when her best friend Ducky (who is in love with her) busts into her record store job, he starts to sing Otis Redding, and I swear history was made. The way he broke down this song, was EPIC! He owned that song and he looked bad ass doing it. The song is called Try A Little Tenderness. How can you not fall in love with him after this amazing scene. Ducky is Jon Cryer from Two in a Half men by the way.
Check it out:

3.) Almost Famous
I. Love. This. Movie. The emotions rule me in this scene were everyone is on the bus pissed at each other. The movie is about a band in the 70's and a rolling stone reporter following them for a interview. The movie is all about sex, drugs and Rock n roll. It shows how close friends or band-mates do not always get along. But it also shows how one song can break the silence and make people become happy again. Everyone on the bus is pissed, sad, and silent. But then Elton Johns Tiny Dancer comes on and the whole bus starts singing it. Beautiful. The touching part was when the rolling stone interviewer tells the groupie (Kate Hudson) he needs to go home. She puts her hand in his face and brushes his invisible worries away and then begins to say.."you are home..."

2.) Dreamgirls
Your Gonna Love Me made me cry in theaters. Jennifer Hudson shot me in the heart with that song. It has to be number two. The pain she screams out is epic. I swear I remembered every bad relationship when I saw that epic scene. What made is so powerful was, it was a strong big black woman who never showed her feelings, breaking down. Effie who was played by Jennifer Hudson was a strong woman full of attitude and you couldn't knock her pride down. So to see her begging for this man to stay with her, took me somewhere, very sad. That moment was honest and relatable. The last few seconds at the end of the song, shes crying and holding her gut to keep always has me at a lost for words...

1. The Color Purple
Number one. Is when Shug Avery sings "God Is Tryna Tell You Something". Now Im going to be honest. Im not a religious person nor am I spiritual. To be honest, most of my holy friends would be shocked that this was my number one. Its a gospel. But its not the fact its a spirtual song. It was the scene. I've been watching this movie since I was 5 and know it by heart. But this scene still makes me cry. Shug who is the woman in yellow in the picture, is a singer in town who is known for being slutty and a hoe. Her father is a preacher and they have not talked in years because of her choice to sing "sinner" music instead of church music. He disowns her. And when she is now older, in her mid fourties, she busts into his church singing a gospel she once sung when she was his little girl in his church years ago. She runs up to him and holds him, and then his arms wraps around well.


  1. I love the Movie 10 things I hate about you.

  2. You picked some good movie moments there. The Wiz and My Best Friend's Wedding being my two favorites.