Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scorpios Revenge: Month of Music & Milestones

Talk about a hard month. October is finally fucking over! I hated October! Everything went fucking wrong. But its over finally. I had money issues up the ass, I had to plan all this upcoming shit, I kept failing math like usual, I was with my tutor zoning out because I knew at that moment I needed a plan b. Im not smart when it comes to math. Im not. The side of brain is an idiot and Im not ashamed to admit it. English was my shit in college, passed it with all A's. Then there was commercial art class and digital illustration classes, I got all A's. There was the speech classes and that hard psychology class, and that hard ass history class...all A's and one C. Im close to graduation and then...
At this point. Im seeing thing very differently.
Plan B Pill..

Back to fashion and shit I buy, because this is not a diary. Right?

I was colorful today!
I like polka dots alot, no joke!
Shirt: Torrid
Pants: Torrid
Bag: Journeys
Layered Shaw: Marshalls

I have so many bags, its sad. I loved the colors in this tote.
I know skinny jeans are in.
But I can't stop loving my super big bell bottoms.
I love shit that covers my shoes.
The back:
The front:

So Tonight!
Sunday T.V ROCKS!

Since Glee is on hiatus right now...(wtf?). All my favorite shows migrated to sunday. Kendra comes on around ten I think. I adore Kendra. She is so real about her life. The only woman I know who would do a reality show with baby fat still on her. She makes me feel sane, I mean seriously, she is so amazing. Her husband is sexy as hell too. My god! So I guess this season is gonna be about her hard times with Hank her husband. Can't wait. I like how she shows the real side of marriage and not the fairy-tale side.
New Housewives of Atlanta come on tonight! What a t.v. orgasm! Lately that show has been having me on the floor cracking up. I love it. Its really awesome and filled with drama. I love silly shows like that. Makes me laugh.

The last show coming on tonight is Greg and I's new show since LOST!
YES! A show that has us focused like LOST!
We never heard of it before nor have we saw commercials for this show..
Its called The Walking Dead
We assumed it was a movie premiering on AMC because of Halloween. So we record it thinking it was a movie....and when we watched it, we realized it was a show. And it was fucking GOOOOOOOD!
We loved it!
So now we have a new show. Its about zombies and Greg LOVES zombies..alot!
And me, anything thats decaying...Im down with.
So that comes on tonight...

Pictures That Grabbed Me This Weekend:

Rose and I have different styles, but we would both rock these...
I love Juicy...

I love seeing Glee Stars hanging out

Hermione Granger?
Harry Potter gone fashion icon....
damn she looks good...
Believe it or not: I would love this as a wedding dress...
Oh my god...

So November is starting off amazing. But its really the best month for music. My god! Everything is coming out this month. I am going to be grabbing cd's left and right. I am very eclectic. I love everything from Taylor Swift to Lil Wayne all the way to Slipknot. Music is my everything. Its another form of art and expression. So here is what's new and coming out soon. Taylor Swift is already out, but I will her add her to the list as well. She sold 1 million her first week. There goes to tell you Im not the only person buying Taylor Swift.

Here are my Top Most Anticipated Albums of November:
Lets start with her

Taylor Swift
Speak Now:

Idea Of The Album: Well, the album is out now. I like it. I have not been listening to it as much because I am so busy these days. But over all its a beautiful cd. Taylor is good with expressing her honest emotions. To be so young she sure understands love very well. I adore the songs which are very soft and not very country to me. I consider her pop but, I guess she is country given the fact you still hear a banjo in the background from time to time. This album is about revenge, love and most of all dumb ass men..
Most Likely To Be Favorite Song: Innocent, mainly because its soft and sad, and its about Kanye West. The fact she forgives him on this track is very sweet...and ironically innocent.
Favorite Lyric: "Who you are is not who you've been, your an innocent."
Release Date: October 25 2010

Idea Of The Album: Its not out yet, and to be honest, Im not sure how this album will be. I loved Rihanna's dark side. I loved her smoking her cigs and wearing all black clothes with spikes on them. I loved it. Her album Rated R was AMAZING! I don't care what anyone says. This album his very happy and less dark. I can tell shes getting fucked now. Her video for "Only Girl In The World" was so colorful and...happy...*side eye* o_O
This album might surprise me. I will still buy it. It might be like Katy Perrys cd which I thought was gonna be crap but turned out to be a banger...we shall see..
Most Likely To Be Favorite Song: Love the way you lie part 2 (probley)
Favorite Lyrics: N/A
Release Date: November 16 2010

Pink Friday
Nicki Minaj
Idea Of The Album: I know this albums gonna rock. She makes love hip hop. She makes me love being a girlie girl. I just love this chick. I think the albums gonna be crazy, filled with split personalities and issues. I think its gonna make history if its hasn't already. Already a few songs have leaked and from the sound of them they all sound like another person. She is off her rocker. She is nuts. Thats how I know the album gonna be awesome. At the same time she has alot to live up too. Thats alot of pressure being the "new female rapper". But I think she is gonna do great. This is one c.d. I have waiting for. I can't wait!!
Most Likely To Be Favorite Song: Romans Revenge IS my favorite song. She is a her alter ego Roman who is actually a man. YES!!!! DOWNLOAD IT!
Favorite Lyric: everything she speaks is my favorite lyric....seriously.."Oh she mad that I took the spot? Bitch if you aint shittin then get off the pot!"
Release Date: November 22nd 2010

My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy
Kanye West
Idea Of The Album: Hands down this is gonna be the album of the year. Yeah I said it. Because Kanye was nice enough to put snippets of his whole album in that Runaway video, so I already know what to expect, greatness. His album is dark. Very lonely and sad. I love albums like that. He brings in pianos and violins. He makes hip hop an opera in a matter of seconds. Its all about his ex girlfriend Amber Rose if you ask me. And nothing better then a musical genius getting heartbroken..because that album is gonna rock. If you liked 808's and Heartbreaks then you will like this. Less singing but still very very good. I bow to you Kanye..
Most Likely To Be Favorite Song: Right now its Runaway, but It might be replaced with the very last song, which was at the end of the video...i was feeling it.
Favorite Lyric: "I can be with a good girl and still be addicted to the hoodrats.." Nothings sexier then an honest man.
Release Date: November 22nd 2010

Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys
My Chemical Romance
Idea Of The Album: I always liked My Chemical Romance, they have evolved so much. Nothing was like their second album Three Cheers To Sweet Revenge. That album was epic, I liked every song. But after a while, they kinda changed for me. There newer albums never grabbed me like Three Cheers. I still am a fan though. Im ready for the new album still because I just might like it. I really like morbid music. If you have not downloaded Three Cheers please do! I borrowed my friends c.d. at the time and fell in love with it, it killed me to give it back (thanx ada!) But, eventually I bought my own.
Favorite Lyric: N/A
Most Likely To Be Favorite Song: n/a
Release Date: November 16 2010

Don’t ever fucking bully anyone and just so you know..... Karma has everybody’s address and a mother fucking stamp!
Lady Gaga


  1. I love the outfit, but the top is my favorite piece out of them all! :) Too bad Torrid probably doesn't carry it in stock anymore. It's totes adorable!

    Emma Watson has been one of my new favorite fashion icons ever since she did her first Burburry ad. It was absolutely stunning and classic.

  2. I love your shirt and very cute bag. I see all you twilight books. If you have showtime New Moon is coming there in January.

  3. lovin the bag! <4
    and i wanna hear taylor swifts cd!!!
    i love ur blog!

    follow me <3

  4. Emma Watson is one of the most beautiful people ever, in my opinion!
    I have tagged you for an award on my blog! x