Friday, November 5, 2010

Im Coming With Ya....

Have you ever went in the back of your closet and seen something you use to wear? You try it on and it still fits? Great feeling. Plus you also wonder how you forgot that certain item because of how much it fits. Where have I been? The feeling of something old becoming new again. Thats what this shirt is. I saw it and said to myself "Holy crap? I remember you!" I got it from a store called LVL X a few years ago. Its not a plus size store. Its actually one of those stores that is not plus size, but the shirts stretch so well that it can be worked. This is one of them. I feel being plus size or not, you can still wear cute clothes, not all. But its always good to hold out whatever your buying and see how much spandex it actually has. This shirt is a large, but because of the stretchy material, its actually 2X.

I found this as well. From the same store as well. I love military buttons and army green type looks. Have you noticed? Its kinda funny because I never changed about myself.

Shoes I want but will never have:

Loving Hair:

I kinda wanted to do this post show that, well, I like my hair. So many people think black chicks do not like their hair. I love my hair. But there was a time were I was apart of the pact. I relaxed my hair and loved the fact it was straight. Mainly because I felt that straight hair was beautiful, and I truly believe that. But as I got older, I loved it. I then started to realize black hair does so much....what not to love. We have options. Tryst me, I love a good weave. But I think its good to celebrate black hair. Its good to embrace what you have. Good hair is all hair.

Naomi Campbell:
this is what happens when you do sooo much to your hair....this is pretty sad looking
Here are more styles black girls wear on a day to day:

This sounds so weird, but I love the song on this commercial. I have been trying to find it so I can download it but Its no were to be found. I love this song.
Strange huh?

check it out, even though Im sure everyone has seen it by now
I wonder if the song is even out for download?


  1. I Love your shirt. I know actually what you mean about having thing in your closet and not wearing them in a long time. I also love spandex. I just brought girl tight b/c I wasn't going to pay 10 and up for a pair of woman tight. For a 1.99 for girl tight is a much better price. I was just prayer that they would fit me and they did b/c of the spandex in them.

    Here a blog about letting you hair be natural its a friend of mine friend.

    Sorry that this is such a long comment.

  2. wow, i love your violet make up!!!! Loving the shoes! :) :D

  3. Girl I always re discover stuff in my closet that i forget about lol Great Post

  4. The song is "A New Day" by Scouting for Girls. You're welcome. :)