Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Season Of The Witch: Halloween Day

Last night I got a surprising guest at my house.
This is Crystal.
I have known her since I became 18, and I met her through Greg. Greg's best friend was dating her at the time and was actually engaged to be married. It did not happen and they both went there separate ways. Him and her are still cool and still talk. They were high-school sweethearts. But anyway...a few years pasts and she meets Kyle. And he is awesome I can not lie. He adores her ass so much.
Its very cute..
and innocent...

So we chilled with them and talked for a bit. It was cool. They did not stay too long.
Crystal is a tom boy.

So seeing her in heels and skinny jeans was...
thats what "good" penis does...
tee hee

Wow...its crazy how young love is...
and fresh..

So Im watching Rocky Horror Show right now...
Life is bla.
Nothings going on right now.
Numb life.

Im going to nap after this. Halloween is bla for me this year. Guess thats normal, sometimes.

Im a huge fan of horror films even when its not Halloween. Maybe thats why I don't feel as stoked. I watch horror everyday, on my own watch. All the time.. So heres another list of my favorite horror films, for different reasons. Fashion starts back next week I promise...

Favorite Horror Musical:
Rocky Horror Picture Show

I remember seeing it when I was in the fourth grade on VH1. Even as a kid I loved it. I remember one of my friends said to me that they thought it was stupid. So I had to turn it off. And I made it my duty to find the movie again one day...

Scariest Movie of ALL TIME (according to me):
Paranormal Activity:

I know I know, it should be The Exorcist...I agree. But according to the fact of sleep, I got none. I could not sleep for a week without the light on. Seriously.

Favorite Old Time Horror Movie:
Pet Sematary:

I have many to be honest, but when I was it fucked with me.
Till this day, with the weak ass effects, it still disturbs me...

Favorite Horror Japanese Movie:
The Ring

The Grudge was really good and was a runner up. But I remember me and Rose was freaking out a bit when the phone would!
C' know you wanted to shit yourself when you saw her climb out the tv..

Favorite Horror Director:
M Night Shamaylan

I like his movies damn it....IM SORRY!
Sixth Sense anyone?

Favorite Forein Horror Movie:
High Tension

Its not in English but you don't even really it. Great movie and awesome twist!!!
I own it. I should watch it today.
That was a bad bad bitch...

Favorite Horror Comedy:
Young Frankstein

My dad and I love this movie, the first movie EVER that made me fall in love with monsters. I was 5 years old loving this movie. Me and my pops still quote the movie till this day.

Movie I Watch Every Night before Bedtime:
Black Christmas:

Im not joking. Every night I pop this in. Doesn't everyone have a movie they like to fall asleep too? This ones mine. The story line is awesome. Crazy right? lol!

I thought I would post this pic of Lindsey because she looks like a Halloween costume...look at her face. Man she looks bad...she looks so bad...

I want what shes having..
then again...


  1. yo lohan face is scary enough yo you got some classics posted yo i miss you im sorry that chic came to you house yo she looked a mess

  2. I agree with almost all of your list except one thing. M. Knight...he's not really a horror director. He is more of a suspense director...

    Six sense is the only one of his movies I really really liked though.

    I love Young Frankenstein mother's fault...

  3. You and me both! I am incredibly addicted to scary movies! I saw paranormal activity 2 the other week and I definitely slept with a flashlight near my bed (yup, I'm a dork). & Thank you so much for following my blog, I truly appreciate the support. I'm following your blog now too :)