Monday, September 6, 2010

Pink Wig Thick Ass Give' em Whiplash!

In these pix my favorite shades break, so I punched the eyes out and played with them..EEE!

Labor Day weekend I chilled. I was pretty depressed because I wanted to shop and could not. I have no money. So that was not happen. All the labor day sales went to some one else, who maybe needed it more then I did. Its bad when the workers no your name. Is it?

Greg and I watched "Why Did I Get Married 2". It brought us closer, to know that we are normal and its cool if the other person gets on your nerves. We both loved the movie and we related to all of it! It was awesome. We kept looking at each other when every part related to us. It was awesome.

The thing with marriage is there is no privacy and basically, you got to really love the shit out that mother-fucker. And he has to love you the same, or he will leave you. And you have to love him the same because, you will leave him. It has to be a huge mass of friendship and strength. Togetherness and love. Its a huge challenge.

By the way...

Who is ready for Nicki's album?

I am!
Im ready for a new rap female artist! I honestly feel she is gonna be a legend. The next best thing. I know everyone hates her. Alot of guys can't stand her even though her ass looks like a apple on steroids. She is very hated in the hip hop community. People think she is to dramatic and too theatrical. She claims she has six different personalities. People just think she is crazy.
And guess what..
Im crazy!
Thats why I love her. I did not grow up in brooklyn like Lil Kim. I did not go hard and tote guns like Foxy Brown. I never really could relate Eve very much because I did not hang out with dudes aka "ruff ryders" all the time, I was always a girls girl. Never a tomboy. I was not even a toddler when Queen Latifah and YoYo was out, so...that never happen.
Missy Elliot...
Is she considered a rapper? I'll say yes. If I had to pick anyone who was totally awesome besides Nick its her. If you consider Missy a rapper.

But Nicki. I relate to her. Everything she says makes me stop. She talks about being a girls girl. I can relate. She talks about wigs and hair and high heels.....I can relate. She talks about her freakin MAC concealer! I can relate! I just love shes not trying to be this hard tom boy..she is being a lady. And she loves the color pink....I defiantly can relate.

So I crimped my hair last week. Its all fucked now. But it looked amazing freshly out. Greg called me Arbys fries.

I love Taylor Momsen. You can tell she does loads of cocaine.


Look how normal she looks. This is Gaga.
What a geek..*smiles*

This chick looks epic with that damn pink hair and bow!

So hey, a cool buddy of mine who has the same sense of humor as I do just started a vlog. He is freaking awesome and funny. Check him out here. His videos are pretty...true. LOL! Shouts to Loren! Better known as the Krayze1.

Beautiful quote below...


  1. Love yourr makeup :DD and omg i love nicki minaj and taylor momsen! they both are so feirce, badass and independant! its about time women are portrayed as in charge! :)

    Great post girl :D

    You should do makeup tutorials :D or like a fall makeup post :D

  2. nice post u look amazing can I holler

  3. I actually like Nicki. I was shocked I did, because I'm not a girly girl. You know that though. She's pretty creative and she's got a great sense of style. I am old enough to remember Queen L, and Yoyo, they were just okay, the Queen is a better singer than a rapper I think. I was more of a MC Lyte fan back then...