Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I wrote a fucking essay on my damn birthday and it all got deleted..Thanks Blogger. Yeah so, Im gonna sum this up. I wrote about my thoughts, my growth, what I belive..what I don’t believe...I am not sure I can do that all again. The first post was alot better, not that I have to write it all over again...thats just..*sigh* ..wrong...

I turned 25 today. The morning was cloudy and perfect. My yesterday was awesome. Right now I do not want to party at all. I feel amazing just staying at home, eating pecan pie and waiting for the VMA’s to come on. That sounds like a perfect birthday to me. Lounging around with the hubby and watching television. I feel good being 25. I like were I am mentally. And physically I must say.

Im going to celebrate this birthday all month long. Yes, I am. Next weekend I might go dancing. Or maybe I will actually get sushi this time. Who knows. All I know is that 25 is a big number for me. Im half way to thirty. And Im enjoying my life as of right now.

Headband from AVON

Thanks Rose!

Okay....Greg just walked in here with flowers...I gotta go...I guess I'll continue mt thought later. Maybe they got deleted for a!

So basically to make this quick. I bought a whole bunch of stuff from H&M and it that was fun. All my birthday money is gone. Oh well. I felt pissed about it but Im getting paid soon.

So yes! The VMA's are tonight and I am ready! I will give a quick review about it tomorrow. Im stoked. Gaga will be there...Taylor Swift will be there... Nicki Minaj (my lesbian fantasy) will be there...
who else???
Kanye will be there...Im just so excited! Plus Jeresy Shore will be coming on.
Im pretty excited

The Top Things I Learned About Me So Far At 25:

  • I will always love horror movies. That will never change. Ever. I know people thought I would grow out of it but thats not happening.
  • Pop Culture will always be a joy and love of mine. I love gossip and celebs so much its sad. I go on Perez everyday and stalk my favorite celebs. So not changing.
  • I have mental relationships with celebs I have never met. Holla Back Robert Pattinson...

H&M was good to me...

Gaga as a man

I love these shirts..All of them at H&M I think. I bought some over the weekend, I would kill to get the shirt with Snooki on it. I love her.


Nothing Special...Just Us..
press play :)


  1. Happy birthday I wish I was there with you all in the back seat with gregs marine shit singing lol yall are sweet and very special to me enjoy your day you deserve it


    Happy Birthmonth!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Chica!! Since I am almost 5 years older let me see what kind of advice I can give you. As lame as it sounds Education is such a gift, its something NO ONE can ever take away from you, so embrace it!! Enjoy life everyday, because it truly is short and you never know from one day to another. Don't stress the small stuff, be happy and grateful for everything you are given, your healthy, your loving hubby!!! Just be happy!!!