Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keep It In The Dressing Room

I passed my math quiz. I could not believe it. I literally thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Tomorrow is the best. I should be okay if I passed the quiz with flying colors. So obviously because of my recent posts I have not been able to take any pictures of me lately. School is a must right now. Passing math is a ultimate must right now.

So I left it to my best friend to fill in my shoes.

Rose went shopping over the Labor Day weekend and tried on some of the clothes. I liked all of them. Rose can rock a dress, any dress. My favorite is the tube top dress. One time we went shopping at NY& co and she tried on something similar to this tube top dress. It was bad ass and had pockets. This is really similar.

Here is Rose's dressing room bonanza:

The Sexy Black dress:
Like I said this is my favorite. Even the shoes she has on rock the dress as well. All women usually own at least one good black dress. This is epic.

Black & White Surprise:
I like this dress as well. Especially the roses on the side of the dress. This also bring out her curves more which I love. People say stripes going across makes you look bigger but not in her case, she looks amazing.

Moroccan Rhapsody:

Im feeling this. I love the color of rusty turquoise all over the dress. Great summer dress. It looks great with her skin tone.

Breezy Opals:
This looks very sophisticated. I love this one alot as well. You can wear flats with this as well, not just heels. It looks very light and soft.

Miss Monroe

By the way, check out my friends blog as well. She has been featured on my blog several times and now she has a blog of her own. If you like cute plus-sized clothing and make-up art, then follower her immediately.

Celebs, Inspiration & Fashion

Im so ready for Nicki at the VMA's, I do not think I will ever grow out of it.
She will be performing and so will Lady Gaga and Drake..
Sounds like a date

Miley and Ashlee Greene from Twilight
Rocking the all black

Im still on a Katy Perry's cd. It is always playing. I can not stop. She did an amazing job on this record. Check it out you guys if you like pop music.

Top Favorite Songs on her CD:

1.) Circle the Drain
2.) E.T
3.) Not like the movies

The couple of all couples.

It took be several minutes the realize this was the real Runaways. Kirsten and Dakota looked just like Cherie and Joan Jett. What a match. The blonde one (Cherie) looks just like Dakota.

This art sculpture moved me so much. I do not know the artist but the art is called "Freedom"..
How moving...

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  1. Good job on the math quiz!! I am glad I am not the only one playing the new Katy Perry CD non-stop. I LOVE LOVE it!!! I've always had a crush on her, but this CD has made me fall head over heels for her. Right now I can't get enough of "One that Got Away" and "Peacock"!