Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nicki Minaj: Makeup & The Influence

I love Nicki Minaj. Im 25 years old and I will say that over and over. I know everyone hates her and think she is pretty weird. I wont lie, I think she is very strange when she interviews but I still have a great obsession with her. I like the fact she takes risk with fashion and make-up..So I thought I would so a Nicki Minaj impersonation with my makeup....

My favorite makeup to use is hands down is Urban Decay

its not too thick, it goes on smooth not powdery..
Its is perfect and blends colors amazing...
Mind you...
all the pictures of my eyes are "without" primer...!!
Urban Decays colors are that bright.

I can't go on and on enough about how much I adore her. Rap needed her so bad. She not a hoe (Lil Kim) and she is not a rough tomboy (Eve, well...kinda..) Eve admits she was always one of the boys. I just LOVE girlie girls. I just love them! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a lady.

Nicki Minaj shows that..

The eyes are awesome. I know I know! My eyebrows are a mess, but hey, Im scared. LOL! I love the makeup... Its always fun doing her expressions as well, right? How fun is that!

Here is Nicki in OUT magazine or It might be COMPLEX magazine.
She is so pretty.
I adore her...
I would so date her...how gay right?
I don't care, why lie...
Favorite Nicki Verses:
1.) "Monster" Kanye West song
2.) Hello Good-morning" P Diddy's song
3.) " My Chick Bad" Ludacris song
4.) "Massive Attack Nicki Minaj song
5.) "Lil Freak" Usher Raymond Song

I still believe her ass is fake...

Dont Ask Dont Tell

What does everyone think about the whole Don't ask Don't Tell policy? I know some one who is an ex marine....and that person thinks that its dumb because she knows some people who do not want it to be an issue while they are in the military. Like some people would like to keep their sexuality in the closet. Which is kinda, I dunno, a choice. I think its good people like Lady Gaga is fighting for it. Greg, my husband, says he knows gays and they are open about it and alot of people actually don't really care, I mean, its is 2010..right?

I love Lady Gaga, she is so much more then a bitch in a pretty dress and a microphone..

And speaking of gays...
My friends know what I say, behind every great woman is a amazing gay man..
Lovez it!

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