Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Under Math and Over 25...

I found out my grade in math right now is, well, could be better. Im not going to get scared and frightened from all this pressure. Im going to keep calm and have a cupcake. My birthday weekend was very calm for a 25 year old. I wish I could have partied it up, but at the same time I wanted to stay inside. I found out the chick who lives below me has the same birthday! How cool?

Top Thing I Learned So Far:

1.) People will treat you the way you want to be treated.

2.) Guys are stupid. That has not changed, married or not.

3.) Diets are not for me and WILL never be for me. I commend all who works out but, that will never be me unless, i need do or Im dying..slim to none..

4.) If you let a man or friend, anyone walk all over you, they will continue to unless you yell "stop!"

5.) Don't plan out your life, I tried it, and it laughs at you when you do...*side eye*

6.) There is no such thing as ugly, someone wants to bang you..I Promise..

7.) There is a difference between being a bitch and being someone with high standards...

8.) Kids are no joke...Im not ready.

9.) "Dating is the happiest you will ever be in your relationship, marriage is a whole other ball came. Look at your relationship now, if its good then get married, if its bad, run..!" Bruce Jenner from the Kardashians. Brilliant quote!

10.) Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? I love this quote....because its true. Never give the goods up seems as if guys can get it that easy thats all you can become. Its so easy to become a piece of ass unfortunately...

Besides working with math I tried drawing...never worked out. I started a piece and never finished it. I can't seem to find my nitch. I am so confused. I actually bought a new sketch book and still I create unfinished pieces. What the hell? I tried to then play the Sims but that got boring as well....I have no hobbies anymore! What the hell! I made some chicken for Greg, and I can not stop coughing. I added to much fucking hot sauce, now I feel like I have to take night quil to stop the constant hulking.. *fuck*

Who knows where my inspiration went. Either way its not here. Im going to just live and love life. Why not?

If I was a man,this is what I would look like...

So, all the Twilight fans just got dicked. Eclipse comes out in fucking December. Are you kidding me? It came out in July! I thought this was such bullshit. But come December I will be in that Walmart line, trust and believe.

Im ready for that new album Gaga, waiting on you..

oh my

eat that meat Drakey...


  1. I love your hair up in a ponytail. Thumbs up for light colored roses!! I love your drawings. I would like one someday

  2. :D I returned the love.

    Your illustrations are amazing.. and so much life Fafi's - who is my all time fav artist.

    And you loving Kanye just sold your blog to me. hahaha...