Sunday, September 12, 2010

Born This Way: The VMAs "My Superbowl"

Gaga ruled the whole thing, I mean duh. She looked amazing as always and even had the balls to wear a meat dress...made of meat...raw meat. She rocked Alexander McQueen. She looked epic and of course, showed love to the gays as usual. She told her fans that she her new album would be called “Born This Way”, and she sung a bit of her new song. Her voice is, beautiful, her song is beautiful. I can’t wait for the new album and the new videos she will produce.

Rihanna told everyone that she would be there and surprised us all. :)

Katy Perry and Nick....they should do a song together.

Taylor Swift wrote a song about Kanye and it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful... Im buying her new album as soon as it hits...

Overall the show was great. I wish Taylor and Kanye could have kissed and made up. I loved her song to him, it was beautiful.

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