Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like I Drew You

I sit in front of a blank sketch pad and can not draw anything. Drawers block I guess, but its getting annoying. I want to create a separate world were I can escape in. But it seems impossible. My eyes can't seem to capture my vision like it use too. I can never fully draw what I want without looking for inspiration which is like gas to a car. I am severely lost in my head. I just can't draw or can't finish. Im guessing this is normal. Maybe because Im forcing myself. I have no idea. But I do know I am running out of hobbies everyday, every hour.

I play The Sims and then end up getting off 15 minutes later, I try to draw and I end up sitting there, I try reading books I never finish and end up getting bored even more. Talk about dead. There is no talent oozing out of me. I just can't. Its fine, it always comes back, but it sucks when your body wants to create but your brain is like "fuck you... Im on vacation".

So I got combat boots from H&M...

I got a new Kat Von D palette from Sephora last weekend and I love it, its her best one yet. Only 24 dollars right now!

Bag from Torrid...20 I needed anymore bags...*looks around shamefully*

Oh what a palette. The black and red and the shiny silver are like liquid. They can smear one without a brush. The texture is like eye liner. Thick and goes on easily with just your finger. I prefer to use my finger instead of a brush these days unless Im lining my eye. Does great if you like the smokey eye look. Great job Kat!

I got a militant shirt over the weekend as well, on sale for 15 dollars. I liked it when it was not on sale so I had to make it mine. I adore it, and it looks great with leggings. My combat boots might do this shirt some justice as well.

H&M had all these weird shirts on sale, so I bought them all. Im gonna cut the shoulders to make it more edgy. Only 10 buckaroos...

Music Listened To Today:

1.) Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
2.) Katy Perry's whole album..still on repeat...
3.) Florence and the Machine "Lungs" album....not that great to me...

"I'll erase you like I drew you..." - Anonymous


  1. Loving those boots girl! And that top from H&M...super cute! How adorable is "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith? Loves it!

  2. When I get artist block I fall back on drawing music lyrics and poetry.
    Like I'll play a cd and draw the first things that come to mind when I hear it. I do something similar with Writer's block too.

  3. I wonder why I can never find shoes at H&M???!?! They really need an online store, im sick of this shit.

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the wonderful comments! Glad that you like it :-) Thanks for following doll!!!

    <3 A