Friday, July 9, 2010

Nasty Friday!

I love this picture. It does not say "love" to me. It says to women who think fat girls will never get a man..."FUCK YOU"...WE GET D&%$# TOO!" Oh yes, we get it in.

Happy Friday. Its a good friday. This week was sick but today was calm and relaxing. But for some reason is so can not sleep. I tried napping and I am so on and off. I will go to sleep at 2:50 and I will wake up at 3:45. My body is like screw you bitch, I aint sleepy. So now I am super bored. So I guess this week is still lame, but at least the week ended with a low key afternoon. I might see The Last Air bender. Greg and I been wanting to see this for a minute! So finally yes, tonight will be the night. Im listening to Howard Stern right now. Yeah I like Howard. Why? Because I like his interviews. He is so off his rocker and real. Everyone told me he was racist all my life, then when I watched his show on E! 12 years ago, I saw his side kick was black.
Side Eye.

I love him. I also have twisted humor. Rose is getting sushi tonight. That bitch. I want sushi! Rose sent me money for a smoothie. Aint that funny? I wanted a smoothie at McDonalds and could not afford it because I was paying for my McDonalds in dimes. She thought that was poor of me and wrote me a check. HEY! Im a girl with a shopping problem and I have alot of dimes! Big Deal. So she sent me money to get a smoothie. She such a funny person. I love her so much. LOL!

So last night I got a super great facebook message from this wonderful girl in Australia named Anne. She wrote me a nice message and it pretty much stated that she loved my blog and she pretty much told me to keep my head up and do not let haterz get the best of you. It touched me so much. So I want to tell Anne thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how that made my night when I read that. Very touching. I take nice comments like that seriously because people these days find it funnier to be asshole and not to give props. Especially women. We bring each other down so much, its a damn shame. So getting her message really made me happy
Thanks so much Anne.

So now onto my pictures of inspiration

I adore her in this picture. Very beautiful.

This must feel amazing. I always kind of had an obsession with attention like this. Being eye candy. Heroin for the ego I guess.
Marilyn Monroe

I miss them.

Tara Lynn

If Kim Kardashian was goth I would like her more. I would love it if she was one of those emo girls who smokes a pack a day and doesn't shower but wears heavy raccoon eye liner and sweaty oversized Van Halen tee shirts. I would worship her then! But no, she is just Paris Hilton with an ass, boring.
To me this is the prettiest she ever looked.

my girl rih doing the damn thang!

So I love these clothes I found on this website called Nasty Gal. Vintage and funky clothes all there. Loves it!


  1. great post! we sure do get great men! LOL Love the studded heels :D

    xxx Anika

  2. The thing that i didn't like in the first pic is that he doesn't touch her and stay destined

  3. hahaha "Paris Hilton with an ass" - so funny

  4. We are awesome. You are awesome. I want those long lace up boots but I think they are longer than my actual legs heh heh.

    Keep it up, keep the happys because that's what makes all the haters drop and drool. They don't get how we can be happy. <3